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  • Indeed, it has been a joy to use. It is difference. I notice that the skin tones coming out if properly exposed come out perfect. It was pretty cheap actually, around $120 with everything even ...
  • Does this camera have global shutter? Hum.
  • I normally use manual AWB. I haven't tried the AWB extensively yet. Will do it at some point. Is this sensor a white thing on the front of the camera?
  • Interesting. I don't like to shoot at uneven ISO because the idea I have is that it is not 'real' ISO. Read somewhere. Like with the ISO50. May Not native is the correct way to put it. It is really ...
  • So far so good. I amorally enjoying it. Haven't touched y 6D since I got it. I ams loving the skin tones. That's what I was after. Also the punchy colours. I will post at some pics at some point. Y ...
  • Indeed, I felt the same. The 1DX MKIII is my ultimate goal before going to mirrorless :D I don't intend to go over ISO400 really. Yes ,I have been reading the manual on the free time but haven't ...
  • Replied in Canon 1Ds MKI
    Thank you both for your replies. The 1DS MK I is running at $200 with 1y warranty  and everything from box to cables, etc and the 1DS MK II at $170 with a small fault on the dioper adjustment ...
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    In which aspect is the 1DS II better in relation to the I? Thanks
  • Replied in Canon 1Ds MKI
    Thanks for this. I have tried to find this thing you mentioned about the color profile that we can load into the camera but was not able. Do you have any reference where I can look at? I guess ...
  • Created discussion thread Got an 1D classic - any tips?
    Managed to get a really good condition 1D classic. This thing feels so good and the images it produces look really different. Came with 2 batteries, DC coupler, charger, cables ,original box, etc. ...
  • Replied in Canon 1Ds MKI
    Hi Scott, here it is a sample. No post processing. Have used the 100mm f/2.8L macro with auto WB. Only used the profile correction for the lens in LR. What do you think? 1D, 100mm L macro
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    Just got a 1D in very good condition. Tried the lilac/purple/violet flower and there is no colour shift. Will post later.
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    But the green cast shows only at high ISO or also at the minimum ISO? Ok, I see. Not planning to use the camera past ISO800 with my f/1.2L lenses. That's a minor thing then. Thanks
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    Colour shift of the purples/violets and that green cast? Ok, Isee. Only in some sensors and only if overexposed - I guess in camera right? Not in post?
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    No, the sensor on the D700 was made by this manufacturer you mentioned. I am thinking about getting one to use on my MF lenses. In regards to the 1D, this colour cast is really awful. Does this ...
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    I see, thanks for your input. Didn't know the 1D sensor was made by Matsushita. The D700 (Nikon) was also done by them. Do you know if this Nikon also suffers from thee same problem?
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    Hi and thanks for sharing these. You have some nice photos there. Interesting about the weak LPF. One can see some moire in the girl's green jacket indeed. I understand what you are saying. My ...
  • Replied in Canon 1Ds MKI
    I see. I am not really interested in pixel peeping :-) I know that when we have a good lens with wide aperture you can get this 3d pop effect. However that's not what I am referring to. Basically ...
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    Wow, really? I came across this blog, a couple of weeks ago and was impressed with the IQ and colours: https://www.kieranelson.com/canon-eos-1d Does the camera have problems with violet colours? Is ...
  • Replied in Canon 1Ds MKI
    Since you had one can you share a bit more details? In regards to the colour reproduction, tones and sub-tones? Also micro-contrast and 3D pop? I think being slow for today's standard is ...
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