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Istina: Out of curiosity, does anybody has experience with topaz? Is it any good?

Gigapixel AI is quite good at enlarging images, in stages, at a certain point it can't enlarge any more and the more enlargement done the smoother the surfaces are in the image.

Sharpen AI is OK, but certain types of blur it cannot sharpen; usually camera shake, camera movement, or soft misfocus. If the images are just off a bit i can make them quite usable.

The biggest issue even on a very fast multiprocessor workstation is that Topaz is slow, quite a bit of culling needs to be decided on before processing as averages a couple minutes per image or more.

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errebe: Just another gadget that has nothing to do at all with true photography...

Currently its a good save to low resolution photos and with good editing skills can have some nice results. It cannot fix everything, but does a decent job of enlarging on photos where the parameters are correct for enhancement. Enhancement is the key to the software its not post focusing which seems to be the expectation of many.

I have used many of Topaz's software packages and had great results when root photo is solid.

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Unknown Camera: Were those buying Leica cameras really worried about an extra $50 a year?

i thought when they were charging $50 that the new app would have great new features, instead it took most of the features away from the previous individual camera apps

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The Fotos app has a much improved connection process, but overall the individual apps had much more features.

The old apps had controls that showed the available next setting, Fotos does not, just a blank slider.

The standalone T (701) app had full manual control over the camera, including all shooting modes, not just an EV control. Flash mode was also selectable.

The CL app had access to every major setting on the camera, most of that is not there in Fotos. Unfortunately the CL cannot autofocus with the old app otherwise I use it for the CL.

Fotos really has taken control of the camera away, Leica used to have the best remote camera apps.

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FrithjofA: OMG. MP+MP = MP^2
The big question is whether such a large MP image really contain additional information that is relevant. Apparently, a bit can be gained but such MP counts a utterly useless for 5k screens, web images and A4/A3 size prints. It only makes you cloud provider or HD manufacturer happy since you use up 1GB for less than 10 images.

Quantity does not always imply improvements in quality! Having said that doe not dispute that the Leica SL2 is a very nice camera. I stick to my CL since 24MP is more than plenty even for larger prints for my purpose. Other peoples mileage might vary.

A great addition when needed. Its too bad this isn't in the first SL. 24 for most shots, but sometimes need it, especially with product like photograph.

I use a E-M5 ii for it multishot, but the dynamic range does not change, only the sharpness is increased with the resolution. nice for landscape and product shots

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Bigsensorisbest: I’ve got the function on an Olympus E m1iii but I’d never use it, I’d prefer to shoot with a higher mp camera if the situation needs it.

I use it often on my E-M5 ii, but thats why i purchased it; much of its use is that than my E-M1. Also for onsite photograph it more convenient to carry for still life / tripod type shots than my A7r or Hasselblad.

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mitchell66: My Canon L-series lenses are too big and heavy so I don't take my camera out much these days. I was going to switch to m4/3 for travelling. What should I switch to now? I just want small & light interchangeable lenses that take good quality photos

Panasonic micro four thirds ?

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mfinley: All of that R&D wasted on that HUGE hunk of metal called the E-M1X , designed to appeal to a niche audience already in a niche market. Let's spend 4 years and how many millions of dollars investing in a giant camera body in a niche market that revolves around smaller is better. Whomever it was in Olympus that 4 years old green lighted that project gets full blame for this.

E-M1X is my top pick for my next Micro Four Thirds camera. Main reason is the body size for telephoto work. The handling of the camera is wonderful. The smaller lens for equivalent reach are superb at a lower weight than a 135 format camera.

Complaints usually come from pairing it with a tiny lens and why it doesn't fit in a pocket... which Olympus has other models that do that quite well

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TerryV81: 1" sensor has a 2.7 crop factor. For honesty and comparison, it should be presented as a 25-400 f7.56-10.8.

What is really trippy for people who make a big deal of using standard measurements, is when using a smaller 1/3 or 2/3 sensor or, various Medium Format sizes to 135 format conversions

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Eugene CH: I'm sorry, but I really don't understand. This FZ1000 II came out 14 months ago. Why are you publishing this test now? Or am I missing something? Best regards.

The six year old, 2014 FZ1000 is still available new

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jaykumarr: It is more like "FZ 1000 v1.02" ..not like FZ 1000 II

maybe it should be FZ1002 or FZ1100 or...

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zzzxtreme: can ya use the camera while charging?

Not always, and if it is, a review validates those numbers

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Sirandar: Irresponsible reporting from Dpreview....

They are not considered furloughed until they actually return to work ..... if they do not they were terminated. Even the Cambridge dictionary doesn't specify whether they get paid or not in their definition.

In our current employment climate the word furloughed should probably be abandoned as it is unverifiable.

In Canada quite a proportion of "furloughed" are actually specified terminations .... from accountants to plant staff .... permanently laid off.

Is this just a viral pandemic or is it another kind too?

Furlough is when someone will likely return. In the US a lay-off can mean both, a furlough and a termination

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Gesture: Do I have this right?

Full frame club: Pentax, Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Leica, Sigma.

Full Frame is the professional go to, and with most professional equipment the stable profit s companies are after

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rcl100: I have “vintage” sigma lenses from an old Sony a700 camera. I cannot imagine a single scenario where this nice old lens could possibly, remotely, be better than what I have now, a Nikon z50 standard zoom lens. Better in every respect, have a nice day. Greetings from 2020.

Depends on what old lens is being used. A mid 2000s Sigma lens for a DSLR likely wasn't the best resolving glass in its day or a unique look to return to.

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On article Why Leica's M10 Monochrom is more than just a gimmick (666 comments in total)
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Michael Firstlight: It's a gimmick. Get a real MF or LF camera that shoots film and make fiber-based silver gelatin prints - far more satisfying, far better prints, far less costly. It's less about film vs digital and more about the printing material that matters for many of us.

I have a Sony A6000 with the color layer removed by MaxMAx, a very different look to photos then a black and white conversion

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stevevelvia50: There appears to be a clear bias here! No mention really of focus stacking, in camera, hand held high res mode RAW, 80mp high res mode in RAW, pro capture feature, the best video stabilization! What do Olympus have to do to get the attention of dpreview? The EM5...meh.

Phones are successful because phones with cameras and the smart touch interfaces quickly took off because they are simple like an 110 or fixed lens & focus 35mm camera; i.e. turn it on, compose pictures, click shutter. Point and Shoots became too complicated with too many button, features, and were slow for the average person.

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phatgreatwall: Nikon not just killed the grey market, but also their used private market. who in the right mind would now go through the hassle of looking for a used Nikon camera online and have to call in Nikon to verify its serial number, eventually Nikon will stop answering their phone calls with the huge amount of phone calls asking for serial number checks. if used market depreciates like a tank, new market will be almost non existent.

Looks like Nikon just stabbed themselves in one foot while the other foot is already gone.

trungtran - "Who are all these people calling to verify a used camera": buyers of used Nikon cameras

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Craig from Nevada: Consolidation and centralization of repair services may make sense for Nikon.

While, this is certainly not good for the independent shops that participate in this program, but it is not necessarily bad news for consumers other than "photographers who don't want to ship their gear halfway across the country for a repair".

I live outside a major metropolitan area. The UPS/FedEx stores are down the road less than one mile or so, as is the post office. Put the thing in a box, off it goes and back it comes repaired. It is certainly less stressful than driving across a major metropolitan area in search of a shop. You don't need a brick and mortar shop to buy a camera in this day and age and there is certainly no reason why you need a brick and mortar shop to have it repaired.

As Nikon states, the climate in which it does business has changed. Nikon must change with these times. This is probably a sensible business move. The bottom line does matter.

I live in a major metro area that I can easily drive to an independent authorized Nikon repair facility, nice and convenient

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kpaddler: Leica M8 was the first high end production camera to dare and omit the AA filter long before it became the norm. That was leadership from a company that had little experience with digital, compare to all the big players.

Kodak was the sensor manufacture for the M8

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