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Tequila MockingjayBird: Where did the author get these details that are privy only to the web administrator?

"Visitors in the last month viewed 4 billion photos and pressed the download button 17 million times. The average Unsplash photo is viewed over 600,000 times and downloaded over 4000 times."

The visitors who viewed 4 billion photos in one month are made of lines of code

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Ok, let me blow your mind: what if I download let's say 100 photos from Unsplash, then I open an account and upload them as if they were my photos? Would anyone notice or even care? All I have to do next is to wait for the call from the big client, right? 😁

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(unknown member): Very nice photos !!!!

@Shengji: are you serious? What law are you talking about?

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HawaiiVolcanoes: Gypsies....if you ever visited Romania or Italy ( a country they are trying to destroy)..maybe you wouldn't look so kindly on these "people"

Shengji, if you would like to educate yourself, watch the "Gypsy Child Thieves" BBC documentary on youtube. I have lived in Romania for almost 40 years and I am familiar with their lifestyle and their culture.

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Shunda77: Because pictures of girls menstruating are just so progressive?

"the future of art is depravity"

The future is bleak.

What if she is just saying " I am having my period, I have no towels/tampons and I don't feel uncomfortable"

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BeanyPic: As expected the negative ones have again raised their head from the sludge to slag off another new Camera as they believe they know so much about it. This is the camera that Canon had to make well. They've done that as they at least understand the camera world, more than many of the commentators here. A small designed camera that offers high IQ with new "innovative" features. Now Anyone can capture good image's and video and not have to carry a DSLR all this time. Well done Canon for understanding what the market needed right now and not making something that uses old technology that many of the commentators on here seem to request. EVF's & built in flalsh are things of the passed and the sooner so called Pro-Sumers realize that the better for photography moving forward. I and I know many of people who love capturing high IQ and video understand what the man on the street wants and this will cover a vast market out there.

Now I'll await the onslaught from the unwashed on DP Review.

"Now Anyone can capture good image's and video and not have to carry a DSLR all this time"
Correct. Wait a minute, it's 2010, right?...

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One advantage of SD1 mentioned plenty of times is "smaller and lighter". Really?
D800: 146 x 123 x 82 mm; 900g
SD1: 146 × 114 × 80 mm; 790g
I see they have the same width (which is the biggest of the 3 dimensions) and basically the same height.
The weight factor is true considering the lens.
SD1+ 17-50 = 1355g
D800 + 24-70 = 1800g

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SaulTh: That is not 16x the resolution, it is only 4x the resolution i.e. resolution in each of its two dimensions -- it is 16x the *area*, or 16x the number of *pixels*. It is best to talk in resolution terms, that is the width or height of the sensor in pixels, since that determines the true ability to resolve detail, or crop/zoom while maintaining detail -- the total number of pixels is of lesser use as its relation to resolution is affected by the aspect ratio of the sensor, and resolution is proportional to the square root of pixel count -- silly to talk in total pixel count.

Yes it is 16x

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bajanexile: "OneGuy has not uploaded any photos to their gallery yet.". So many opinions from so many people, yet not a single image posted and this seems to be true for most of the people contributing to these posts. It would be interesting to see some images from you all. We might take your comments a bit more seriously. I value opinions from people who can actually take a half-decent picture. As it stands, this is open to debate. The way to overcome doubt is to supply proof. Any salesman will confirm this. Let's see some of your pictures on line.

I just checked the blonde hair you're mentioning in the ISO 100 RAW and it's softer than the neighboring feathers, therefore I'm assuming it may be OOF.
I'm not sure what's wrong with the blue VW print.
And I hope no one is forcing you to buy the NEX against your will...

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dariusk: Megapixelwar is like other wars not the right way. @higher iso iq of the nex7 is worse than nex5. So what is ist for? For all the newbies that buy their first cam and think higher megapix= bette iq??? Eeryone who needs 24 or more pixels will choose mediumformat and not apc. Good idea with the evf but missed the chance to be a real goal. Defenatly a step back in terms of iq. Only for newbies and dummies.


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D200_4me: Holy cow...look at the size of that thing. You'll be carrying the lens rather than the camera. I guess that's my whole turn-off for the NEX system - the big lenses. I'm liking my Nikon V1 decision more every day.

LOL! Nikkor 10-100 is 77 x 95 mm (Diameter x Length), whereas the Tamron is 62 x 97 mm.
Now, the weight: Nikkor 515 grams, Tamron 460 grams.
I must say, quite a turn-off :)

Not that anyone cares...

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Ivanaker: all the talk about m43 was about lightness, well this is smaller and lighter.
``m43 has a bigger sensor`` you say, well nikon dx has bigger sensor then m43.

nikon just makes cameras like no one else. great in every aspect.

tell me of one camera (not talking about medium or large format pro cameras 20k+) that nikon can beat.

d3s: the king in quality
d700: full frame lightweight king
d7000: aps king
v1: lightweight king

Are you obsessed by royalty? Cut the king thing as well as the cr@p.

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Geoffrey Kitt: I don't know why we are all obsessed with sensor SIZE. It is sensor performance that is important. I expect in the future we will see smaller sensors with the capability of today's full frame sensors. We are not there yet, but Nikon's and Pentax's decision to launch small sensor ILCs might be the start of a new direction which will focus R&D on getting better performance from small sensors. After all, the computer industry has managed to put processing power that would have filled a large room fifty years ago into your smartphone today. And nobody is now saying that we need bigger computers!

(Shallow) DOF and diffraction limit are two things favoring the big sensors.

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