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Been tinkering with electronics since I was 10, 30+ years in the photocopier, printer, fax, computer industry. Photography about as long. Also LOVE anything to do with WW2 aviation, history.

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  • Created discussion thread Whatcha lookin' at!
    Nikon D7200, Tamron 70-300mm lens.  I'm sure in cities where these Canadian geese hang out, unfortunately, people FEED these critters, making them pretty oblivious to people.  Most will come right ...
  • Replied in Go for it!
    I went from a D5000, purchased in 2010, to the D7200, purchased in November of 2016.  The first few shots I said WOW!  The dynamic range difference for me was a HUGE leap!
  • I know friends ask me all the time why dSLR lenses are so expensive. When I tell them what goes into making one, they have no idea. I think they are more amazed by how many elements are inside...

  • Created discussion thread Bluebird, ducks, Martins
    The little bluebird was camera shy.  I'd just get set to take a photo, he'd fly off.  He did that three times, so I just said screw it and pulled out my 70-300 zoom, shot from about 20 yards ...
  • My first camera, old brownie I got from my dad in the late 60's. Opened from the side, had those billows on it. Used roll b&w film. My first "real" camera was in the early 80's. I wanted to learn...

  • You only have to have internet access to use photoshop about once a month.
    Otherwise, it works without an internet connection...unless you are using their cloud services that is.
    I've used it on my...

  • Same here...it was a no brainer to sign up for the monthly subscription.
    Way cheaper than shelling out for a new update every year or so.

  • Created photo thread A few from Saturday
    D7200, Tamron 17-50 lens. This is a small pond behind a hospital complex. Couple tree and flower photos.  The tree & flower photos are with a Tamron 70-300 lens. I didn't have my tripod and the ...
  • Optical is way better obviously than digital zoom, but in some of the "tech blogs" you find, anyone else get tired of seeing "just as good as a dSLR?

  • Replied in D5000 to D7200
    I recently picked up a 7200 to replace my WELL USED D5000.  Although the 3300 is a little more advanced than the older 5000, it was, for me anyway, a quantum leap.
  • Created discussion thread A BEAUTIFUL "winter" day
    In southwest Missouri...if it is going to be in the SEVENTIES, you DO NOT stay indoors! Ever since I upgraded from my Nikon D5000, to the D7200, the weather on the weekends has been terrible, ...
  • Created photo thread half moon
    One of these days I'll invest in a GOOD lens.  Just updated from a Nikon D5000 to a Nikon D7200.  Lens is a 2009 model of the Tamron 18-270, a bit soft on the long end but still not a bad lens.  ...
  • Commented on article OnePlus 3T camera review

    The problem I have with the whole Oppo/OnePlus company is lack of quality control & service after the sale. At least here in the USA, it's hard to get them, hard to send back and their phones...

  • LOL, still gets me that people fall for this.
    It's a pinhole sensor, with VERY TINY sensor elements. Granted, they aren't bad
    for a "snapshot" camera, but it still cracks me up when some tech blog...

  • Well, lets just say I had used a gray market version, and leave it at that, but
    the price point at 10 bucks a month, it was MUCH easier to pay it, than risk the gray market version not working,...

  • I use to hold onto CS6 until finally this spring, I did the "trial" of the cloud version
    and the next day opt'd for the photography plan. 10 bucks a month, all updates, no hassle, for me it was a...

  • Replied in Had it once
    Just got a 7200 a couple month ago, coming over from a very well used D5000. Had that glitch on the 5000 once.  I'm in the habit now of formatting the SD card in any device I use, with the format ...
  • Replied in too small
    I guess I'm old fashioned.  I LIKE big cameras, BIG phones. As long as the full frame and ASP-C bodies remain, I'll probably stick with those.  The mirrorless may be nice, but they just look too ti ...
  • Got 3 I carry in my backpack. 18-50 2.8, a 70-300 for birds, and a
    18-270 as a general purpose. For my use, it works for what I shoot.

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