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Been tinkering with electronics since I was 10, 30+ years in the photocopier, printer, fax, computer industry. Photography about as long. Also LOVE anything to do with WW2 aviation, history.


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On article iPhone 7 Plus real-world sample gallery (280 comments in total)

Another "snapshot" cameraphone, big deal. Yeah, these things are replacing your typical point and shoot, but that's it.
I love it when I see tech blogs for phones tout every new cameraphone that the quality is "dslr" quality. You try to explain to them the sensor size and glass on the front, it's like talking to someone that has the deer in the headlights look.

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On photo Playing goofball... in the Animals that look stupid funny challenge (14 comments in total)

THAT'S funny!

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On article 6 tips for shooting fall color (108 comments in total)

We have an old cemetery that was established in the 1800's, still active, called Maple Park, and as it name implies, it's full of sugar maple trees. One of my "always" walk through in the fall parks.

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noflashplease: The dual camera concept is going to be a depreciated gimmick before Apple brings their own rendition of the concept to market. As it is, the pseudo-bokeh of this Chinese smartphone looks dreadfully artificial and the price seems rather alarming for a phone with a Mediatek processor. All the same, it's interesting to see any new concept in the increasingly dull smartphone market. Maybe the concept will work better in succeeding generations, or maybe it will be dropped? Either way, this seems like a lot of money for Chinese hardware.

I've been using a Huawei Ascend Mate2, for over 2 years. Camera is FANTASTIC (using Camera FV-5 app). "Only" a SD400 processor, but that 4,050mAH battery is what sold me. It's a tool, mostly used for work. Ton's of phone, web, messaging, weekends, MP3's in the car. Fast, flat out stable. Best phone I've had since my old Motorola Star-Tac phone. It was cheap, but not cheaply made.

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I work on wide format KIP printers. Granted, the color ones aren't really for photographic work, but they weigh 1200 pounds and run in the 80,000 dollar range. At least you don't have to worry about anyone stealing them ;)
It takes around 2-3 days just to level them out, but they can print around 5,000 feet per day.

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On article Quick review: Nextbit Robin camera (44 comments in total)

I keep a backup of photos on my phone, as I do with my dSLR photos (which I keep on the home, work, backup HDD, thumbdrive, several dvd's...I'm paranoid).
I don't like the idea of my photos on the "cloud". I'll keep them on my phone, on an SD card. Not to mention, the data required to get them to/from the cloud.

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I was hoping that this stupid obsession with more and more pixels would have run its course, and now they would work on LARGER pixels instead of MORE pixels.
As we all pretty much know, with these pinhole sensors, about all the more megapixels do is make it better to zoom after the photo.

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EskeRahn: Now this sounds wonderful!
This MIGHT be the solution for the thinner and thinner mobiles, with more and more processing power...

With of course, smaller and smaller batteries.

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rrccad: james bond would approve of this.

That's not his name.
It's Bond James Bond ;)

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BillFS: Jolly good. Still not touching CC with a ten-foot barge-pole.

From a technical standpoint, I see very little wrong with the set-up (provided you can get online now and again); what I really object to is paying a load of money to Adobe and having nothing to show for it at the end.

With CC you commit to pay Adobe for ever and if you ever stop, your software ceases to function. I'll stick to my old (paid for) CS-whatever, which will continue to work as long as there is an appropriate computer to run it on.

I stopped upgrading. Last one I paid for was CS6. I don't like being held hostage on "the cloud".

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I'm pretty good with photoshop, but this is nuts!
I wouldn't have the patience for SEVEN months.

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On article Nikon D7200 Review (644 comments in total)

I prefer the larger cameras myself. Some of these mirrorless cameras, I'm afraid I might break them. On my old SLR, I kept a battery pack on it, just to have a little more to hang onto.

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On article Oppo launches R7 and R7 Plus (32 comments in total)
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LensBeginner: Why is that that to get good things one has to buy the king-sized device?
It's the same for Xperias and Galaxys... and I don't want another tablet in my pocket, 5" should be enough for a cellphone IMHO.

Well, I don't like phone screens smaller than 6", which is why I currently have one that is 6.2", which remains on a belt clip on my waist. CHOICE. You like smaller screens, I like bigger screens. :)

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HowaboutRAW: Just a Photographer:

And the paid for PhotoShop CS5 will remain amazing (like world's best) photo editing software for years to come. It just isn't real useful for extracting raws from cameras released after late 2012.

Sorry but I'm not going to give Adobe $1 dollar a month to keep my programs active. This is why people are looking at other raw extraction software--no not ACR 8, running within LightRoom 5.

Adobe has made the same mistake Microsoft made when MS released the unstable Windows Vista:

Unlike 20 years ago, people who have been using computers for 30 years are now in positions to say: "We'll buy something else or make do with old hardware." Or still from the OS point of view: "Get a Mac or use Linux".

And people who have been regularly using programs of any complexity for the last ten years just say, "Well, let's see what competing programs are out there to download as trialware--they should be easy enough to learn if you can use a computer at all."

I'm the same with CS6...I don't want to pay a monthly subscription, plus, there are times, I don't have "cloud" access...just make it a downloadable installed program, and I'll buy it.

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On article Samsung introduces Galaxy Note 4 phablet with OIS (75 comments in total)
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Valiant Thor: As I observe people and society I am 100% convinced that the smartphone is the worst invention in the history of the world, bare NONE. It has turned a once observant and interactive society into pathetic, electronic addicted, anti-social zombies who walk around with their glazed empty eyes affixed to those crappy little LCD boxes glued to their hand, their thumb frantically pushing stupid little chicklets around the screen with the look of a meth addict on their face and mortal fear in their mind that they would accidently miss one non-essential, meaningless message from an emotionless fellow zombie that is doing the same thing. What used to be meaningful family social outings have turned into four people sitting at a table lifelessly and listlessly staring hypnotically at the endless supply of meaningless pixel propaganda which never leaves their hand. Other than that, nice phone!

And people thought the zombie invasion would never happen. These people can't put the darn thing down. When I travel past a college campus, they all have their heads down, ear buds jammed in their heads. I think it's playing a loop...breathe in....breathe out...breathe in...breathe out, least they forget while they check twitter/facebook etc. No wonder so many people crack screens, they never leave their hands!

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On article Sample Gallery: LG G2 smartphone images (48 comments in total)
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garyknrd: I have a friend that uses the Samsung S3. And uses it instead of a dslr now most of the time. Many shots quite good for the internet.

Must not be much of a photographer if he uses a pinhole camera instead of a Dslr. Snapshots, maybe, but the dynamic range of a APS-C or larger sensor will dwarf anything from a smart device.

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