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  • Ok thanks. I ran the calibration again using the software from Benq. In addition to writing to the Monitor's hardware it also created a .icm file So I guess I use this .icm file in Windows and all ...
  • ok thanks. So, the display profile is used to make sure that the colours are being displayed accurately by the monitor? This monitor has an option for hardware calibration, would that be a ...
  • Thanks for that, I do shoot in RAW. If I use the ProPhoto Colour Space, will other non-adobe applications like DxO or Google Nik recognize it? And any other alternatives to Tiff for archiving? (In ...
  • Thanks for that. I borrowed a Spyder 4Pro and I ran a calibration. There was no option to choose Adobe RGB or sRGB in the software and it created one profile file. However, it did report 100% sRGB ...
  • Ok... So do I set the monitor to Adobe RGB and then create a profile? And repeat the process for sRGB?  So I will have two .icm files which I can switch to in each app in the workflow as required?
  • Same here. Olympus Viewer 3 shows Colour space info in a RAW file, but Windows doesn't seem to have access to that info. Windows File Properties Same file as seen in Olympus Viewer 3 Same RAW file ...
  • I shoot in RAW and then convert to JPEG. Thanks for clearing that up.
  • About this. The monitor is a Benq SW2700PT with a Hardware LUT, and I choose a Colour Space on the Monitor itself. So, assuming I am editing in Adobe RGB, do I choose the generic Adobe RGB Profile ...
  • Thanks will checkout ACDSee
  • Yes, but without the need for manual  tagging. Isn't the colour space information already embedded into the photo? Windows picks up Exposure, ISO etc from the file anyway.
  • Created discussion thread Workflow for Wide Gamut Monitor
    Hi everyone, Just acquired my first Wide Gamut monitor, a Benq SW2700PT. Trying to setup everything properly, and would appreciate some help on the following (1) Enabled 10 Bits per channel in Catalyst ...
  • Hi all, Is it possible to add Colour Space information in the "Details" view of Windows  10 File Explorer? There are options to add exposure, or focal length, will be nice to be able to add Colour ...
  • Thanks. I ordered the Benq SW2700PT, hope to get it by next week.
  • Thanks for that. Even that shootout is inconclusive! :-(
  • I chose these models because of the 2560 x 1440 resolution which I believe is the most optimal for a 27" monitor. I read somewhere that higher resolutions at this size would not be good for test ...
  • Ok thanks, but I prefer to stay with these two models. Don't want to start researching all over again :-(
  • Created discussion thread Choice of 27" monitor
    Hi all, I am not a professional photographer, but I think I would benefit from a better monitor then the ones I am currently using (Dell 2007WFP and U2412M) I have lined up two choices, the Dell ...
  • Bought the Horizon, and it fits just right with the battery grip on. However, the tablet will be a tight fit.
  • Ok thanks.
  • Thanks for that. Looks like the Panorama will to be just enough for Body + 2 lenses; but I need to be able to use my camera with the grip on. Do you have the HLD grip to try on? The Horizon does ...
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