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Snaaks: Very good quality.
although i think the audio has been taken from an external source. As the film guy walks across the stage, the sound character stays roughly the same. At some point the filmer is very close to the drummer, you'd expect much noise from the drum kit but the balance of instruments is unchanged.
However the video quality is outstanding.

might the instruments be .. electric? ;) sound on the stage is very different from what the audience hears. The important thing to note about the audio is the dynamic range it records as well as the unheard of decibel levels coming from such a small device. Most cameras will cut out at concerts because they are just too loud.

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On article Concert Footage from Nokia 808 Pureview (256 comments in total)
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OttoVonChriek: Now I must say I find this phone quite interesting, what photographer would not like a phone with such a large sensor!

I must say though that I am a bit confused about the phone in general. It says it is based on Symbian OS, something I thought was dead. So then I followed a few links and it appears it sure is.

And so the whole thing ends in an enigma. You see I read in one place that they used Symbian OS because it is so much better for app development and apps run faster than on the newer mobile platforms. OK, I'll buy that.

But it seems difficult to me that application developers would be interested in developing image processing software for a platform which is officially dead.

I'm sure some of you phone experts can illuminate me!

Or maybe the next 'big thing' in the smartphone market will be a full frame dos based device :-)

This was already years in development before they decided to switch to Windows Phone so instead of waiting even longer, they chose to showcase their technology on Symbian. Pureview will come to Windows Phone 8 and as a developer of the platform I can say there is a lot of interest in the platform.

The power of directX with this camera sensor is going to be very impressive and desirable platform for developers of all backgrounds. I can't wait to see what Nokia has coming this October.

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