Desert Bob

Lives in United States Tucson desert west of town, United States
Works as a Freelance Artist
Joined on Jun 17, 2007
About me:

To go out and have fun with life, and to be as naked as the law allows..
Have been a member much longer than posted here.. I built a new computer, ASUS mobo M2N32-SLI Deluxe WiFi, 4Gb duel channel 800Mhz ram, w/AMD Athlon 64X Dual Core 6000+ CPU and started all over again.
Picked up my first 'serious' 35mm camera 1964 a range finder.
1st SLR - 1967 - Pratica Nova 1b - still have it
2nd SLR - Miranda Sensorex - still have it
First Nikon - 1972 - Still have it.
Army base (Germany) photographer and Stars n Stripes Military newspaper photographer 1970/1972.
Sales - Camera equipment - Quarry Photo - Ann Arbor, Michigan. 1974/76.
Sales - Camera equipment - Super City - Burton, Michigan.
Freelance Photography - Weddings - graduations - people - places - things - etc.. early 70's to today still..!
Moved to Tucson, AZ 1986
Sales - Photographic and digital equipment - NuArt Photo
Sales - Photographic and digital equipment - Sunset Photo
Personal Equipment -
Nikon F - 2
Nikon F2 - 1
Nikon F3 - 2
Nikon FE - 1
Nikon FM - 2
Lenses - far to many to list but all Nikkors, 16mm to 500mm.
4x5 - 3 - 2 folding field models and 1 rail studio model
Schneider lenses 90mm wide to 360mm telephoto.
Bronica S2a 6x6 SLR - sold
Pentax 6x7 w/ many lenses - sold
1st high end digital - Fuji S-1 Pro D-SLR 1999 - sold body
2nd D-SLR Fuji S-2 - 2000 - have
3rd D-SLR Fuji S-3 IRUV 2006 - have
4th D-SLR Fuji S-5 - 2007 have
AF lenses, many (but I now enjoy using my 'old' manual AI'ed lenses on the S-5)
16mm AF f/2.8
18~35 AF
24~120 AF non IS
18~200 AF IS ED IF
70~300 AF
50 1.8 AF
60 2.8 AF Macro
120 Medical Nikkor
Minolta Scan Multi Pro film scanner - 16mm to 6x9 film
Epson 1640SU Photo w/TMA head for film up to 4x5 - sold
Epson V750 Pro Photo - film formats up to 8x10
Epson 7600 24' wide format 7 color printer - in Giclee
Complete wet darkroom w/Beseler 23C w/color head
Durst Laborator 1000 w/450 color head - 4x5
Kreonite CPC16 - 16'' color paper processor
Ilford CAP 40 16'' wide Cibachrome processor now used for Ilford BnW papers
All darkroom equipment in storage or sold. Pure digital now.
2 - 500 watt/second studio flash units w/light boxes - umbrellas - barn doors, etc.. by InterFit
A gazillion filters, cables, tripods, small camera mounted strobes and 'things'.... and more....!

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