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Canon is putting a lot of energy into Cinema EOS. Is there an opportunity for Nikon in the professional video space?

When we made the D800 we got a good response from the market for the video functionality, which naturally leads us to consider our next steps in terms of what we should do with video. We are considering various options, and we’re listening to the voices of our customers. But it’s not really about what to do to compete with Canon.

We have paid lots of money for Nikon D4 - this is high-end system and you can't even fix damn video on FX mode - where we can't take advantage of FX lens. Certainly you have made worse on D4s FX video is very mushy compare to D4.

The big question is did they really listen to D4 users regarding video issue? well i guess NOT!!

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On article Nikon D4s First Impressions Review (1027 comments in total)

I do not see any difference between D4 & D4s especially in RAW format, yes i can see small margin improvement over WB especially shooting JPEG mode in D4s.

Again - i'm glad I'm not buying D4s. I'm hoping D5 will have 135 focus points - that would rock my world lol

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RC: Why are people so upset with Canon/Nikon pricing? If they can sell each and every camera at the price tags they are asking for, I don't get the problem? Of course I would love to buy a Ferrari for 50k too but unfortunately they ask more money for it. There is a market for certain high priced goods and as long as people are willing to pay...

Relax, guys. You can't afford the D4 or D800? Take it down a notch and buy something less expensive. I just don't get the whining.

Lets put this way, what if tommorrow Nikon decide to rise the price even higher then Hasselblad h4d-31 because got it got freaking 36.3 MP wow...

it's only few thousand pounds more, would you buy it?

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Debankur Mukherjee: Nikon needs more money to renovate their Thailand Plant after the flood hence the additional increase in price. 8-))

Maybe you are right but however there is something we don't realise that Nikon did file insurance (Thailand and Japan) to claims for the compensation.

Obviously it is not fair that UK have to pay for this compensation - if i was the manager of the company - i would think all the factors such as clients, company, present situation and long terms... i would force and rise the price for the international market by £80.00/$130.00 for both Nikon D800 and D4..

i think it is reasonable amount that we all share as equal opportunity, but £200.00 or £500.00 that is bit extreme isnt..

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If the "internal systems error" was there for long time - does that means we all bought at the wrong pricing for Nikon D700, D3 or D3s? Basically you don't have any real explanation why increase the price by £200.00 and £500.00 but just blame on the systems error - hey computer don't make any mistake!!!

You expected people are damn fool, it's only £200.00 or £500.00 no big lets talk about figure how much you gonna make out of all of us...

Sold D800 for 100,000 items * £200.00 - extra revenues is £20,000,000.00
Sold D4 for 70,000 items * £500.00 - extra revenues is £35,000,000.00

not only that figure but also add top of their profit margin as well - im sure it will be 3 or 4 time higher then above figure...Sure that's hell lots of money, what you gonna do with that much extra money for?

Nikon, please stop confusing the market! make sure that your pricing supports your marketing claims. You’ll enjoy greater revenues, higher margins and greater customer loyalty.

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