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Good intentions but my inner cynic is asking how much it’s going to cost someone like a small independent software developer to implement this. I don't imagine someone like FastStone shelling out one or two thousand dollars per year to be an "authorized CAI member" or whatever the functional equivalent ends up being.

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mick232: 1% reality, 99% imagination - like most astronomy images.

@Sirandar Stars can actually exhibit color even to the unaided eye. There are a fair number of variables at play which may need to fall in your favor but the color is there under the right conditions. If you go so far as scanning the sky with a simple pair of binoculars, then the colors are likely to be much more apparent. No cameras or long exposures needed.

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Mark9473: Careful with the terminology. Radio telescope data can certainly deliver an image, but it will never give you a photograph.

@ilza By what criteria do you assert that radio waves aren't light? Just because human eyes can't see them? Our eyes also can't see infrared and ultraviolet and yet we make images out of those portions of the spectrum all the time. Are IR and UV not light? What about X-rays?

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On the purely aesthetic front, I have to say that I’m surprised and a bit disappointed at the new splash screens and theming. In this day and age I don’t know anyone that prefers to have large areas of white blasting them in face from their screens. With the prevalence of dark modes everywhere, and people’s seeming preference for them, you would think this would have been a relatively easy design judgement call for Adobe to make.

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So far I’m four for four successfully using select and mask in Photoshop with GPU acceleration enabled on my NVIDIA-equipped iMac. We’ll see if it holds but that’s certainly an improvement. Previously, select and mask was about an 80% guaranteed app crash for me with the GPU enabled. I always assumed this was likely a result of the Apple/NVIDIA wars more than Adobe, but maybe Adobe has changed the way PS is using the GPU in a manner that’s pacifying the situation. Fingers crossed.

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I'm betting that there's probably quite a few people here on DPR that already have their own images of Goose Island at Glacier National Park. :-)

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For those that are questioning how the phone could somehow be unlocked, it doesn’t have to be. ‘Lost Mode’ of the Find My iPhone feature places a phone number and brief amount of text of your choosing on the phone’s home screen when it’s activated via the iCloud web site.

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dlb41: I wonder if these photos are in monochrome with color data embedded.

Geekrocketguy, where are you seeing that the emitted light from Jupiter is similar in magnitude to the reflected light? Also, is the light that Jupiter emits itself even in the visible portion of the spectrum? I did a quick search and only saw mention of thermal emission and radio emission. I would think that only light in the visible spectrum would be a factor in the limb darkening seen in images. I could be mistaken though.

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24Peter: Here's a photography related quiz: anyone know why there are no stars visible in the background? This is outerspace after all... ;-) (We will have to make certain assumptions unless someone knows the actual exposure settings for this image.)

The limb darkening terminology that tm8 mentions is, of course, correct. Just keep in mind that Jupiter is a reflective light source, not an emissive one like the Sun and stars as mentioned in the Wikipedia entry. So while the resulting limb darkening appearances may be nearly identical, the causes IIRC are distinctly different between the two.

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Krav Maga: Portrait:

1. a painting, drawing, photograph, or engraving of a person, especially one depicting only the face or head and shoulders.

Jupiter is not a person. It's a planet.

Just saying.

So I guess all those pet portrait photographers are illiterate.

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Leonp: What does it mean when NASA says "a more intense color palette’ related to the clouds visible in Jupiter’s atmosphere"?
Has a wider color gamut been used? Were the real colors not within the old one? Have the colors been enhanced for the picture? Or is this a "zeroed settings"-picture?
Million dollar question still is: is this what Jupiter looks like in reality? (I mean to the human eye, from behind a clear window inside a spacecraft flying by)

I've looked at Jupiter with my eyeballs through multiple telescopes of varying sizes up to 20 inches in diameter. If you were to put slider adjustment terms on it, I would say both the saturation and contrast have been increased in this image by about 15-20% over the "real life" values I recall.

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FarawayPictures: Found a review on YouTube that also gave a discount code. It worked. Also managed to get this working as a plug in with CS6.
Like it.

It’s apparently not just $100 worth of products with no other qualifiers. I own Adjust, Simplify, Glow, and Impression as (pre-Studio Adobe) plugins. Their site said that I am not eligible for a free upgrade to Studio 2 because I have not purchased any paid adjustments for the first version of Studio.

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Note to Self: Do not throw point and shoot out of cockpit while driving drag car.

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It will be interesting to see if the Fuji simulations will be present in C1 for all Fuji files or if the individual simulations will be tied to the cameras that actually have them. For example, will I be able to apply C1's Acros simulations to my X-T1 RAFs?

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Billiam29: Dear Apple, how about you reign in the fancy stuff and just give us the one simple simple thing thousands of people have been wanting for years:
The ability sort by f*&@#n' file name!

You've never had multiple images you've taken with a normal camera, processed them on your computer with LR/PS, and then wanted to put them on your phone so that you can show them to people? The ability to sort such a group of images in the order you want them is not an unreasonable request.

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Billiam29: Dear Apple, how about you reign in the fancy stuff and just give us the one simple simple thing thousands of people have been wanting for years:
The ability sort by f*&@#n' file name!

They certainly do when they originate from someplace other than the Phone's own camera.

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Dear Apple, how about you reign in the fancy stuff and just give us the one simple simple thing thousands of people have been wanting for years:
The ability sort by f*&@#n' file name!

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sirhawkeye64: Why doesn't Adobe take a page from Microsoft's book and give schools and universities the software for free. Get them hooked, and then when they get into the "business world" they'll buy the products. It has worked pretty well for Microsoft. Granted, more people probably use Office than those who would use PS or LR, but still, it's a great way to get people into your system. Of course, those who are paying for subscriptions ultimately pick up the cost of this in the end.

I worked in Higher Education IT for over 15 years. In my time Microsoft only licensed their products at no cost to universities for very specfic conditions usually having to do with programs teaching software development. It was very much the exception rather than the rule.

On a related note, the idea of licensing software for annual usage rights instead of outright purchases was commonplace with some MS academic licensing programs long before Adobe ever introduced Creative Cloud.

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“Processor: Intel Xeon”

In other news: “Car for Sale: Engine and Four Wheels”

Seriously Wacom, you're going to list a specific GPU but not the CPU generation or model?

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Billiam29: Unless I’m missing something, isn’t this just basically the “deep linking” principle except with images? I’ll confess to not remembering specifics but I thought deep linking has been ruled as being perfectly legal in multiple court cases.

So in this regard a Getty argument that people are seeing links to full/high res images on licensee web sites holds no water in the context of what is actually legal. If Getty doesn’t like it, then they should change their licensing terms so that licensees aren't permitted to post high res images online unless they’re behind a suitable paywall or other controlled access. Don’t play corporate e-thug and force Google to remove something that is likely perfectly legal.

If not Google, then what about the next one? Should no technology company ever be allowed to offer a publically accessible image searching service?

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