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For details on how this lens works and a look at a more modern version, have a look at the crypto museum’s Stasi version.

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Perhaps DPreview you could update your Voigtlander lens timeline page which has not been updated since 2017 !

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On article Have your say: Vote now for best prime lens of 2021 (115 comments in total)

Voigtlander 50/1.5 Heliar Classic has entertained me the most over the last few months so it wins here.

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LiNGo0: Besides the Leica M10, are there any true rangefinder digital cameras? Surely there must be an alternative. It's a shame Epson stopped making them.


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Very nice gesture by Epson.

Have to admit that looking back to the day, I wish I'd bought one instead of all the other digital cameras I tried in the gap before the M9.

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Now just waiting for the Leica CL2 with IBIS.

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Whoever has IBIS wins ;-)

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mais51: So another lens company selling a replica of century old designed lens for a mere $1,200 - Not bad going consider all they have to do is putting a Leica lens mount on the back of it - and the suckers will come with their credit cards.

Adding multi-coating to all surfaces probably went a long way in allowing the aperture to open wider, before contrast fell to zero, compared to the original uncoated Ernostars. He also has access to modern glass and brings a lot of design knowledge to the table. This lens is a homage to the old design, not one trying to out-gun modern aspherical designs.

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I read this is be based on the Ernostar pre Sonnar design.
The contrast looks very low full open, but increases until it’s practically indistinguishable from a modern lens by f5.6.
Comparing the data the Sonnetar looks that bit better full open, which tallies as it is Sonnar derived - one step up the evolutionary chain.
The main market for this lens is likely Sonnar aficionados who will buy this just for it’s historical connection.
I do own the 50 Sonnetar and 35 Apoqualia and use them when wanting a classic look, but am not feeling the need to add this new lens.
For similar money, a mainstream Voigtlander 50/1.2 is much better for general use, producing a modern sharp look wide open.

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User1234567890: R5 will keep you alive if you get caught by huge snow storm.
7s3 will let you freeze to death.

Quite the opposite - the R5 overheats because the heat cannot escape from the inside near the sensor to the outside. The A7sIII does not overheat because it can easily transfer heat from the inside to the outside world !

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