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  • He's got the front logo taped and a custom button screwed into the shutter release.
  • Lol, the little man in the hand shot isn't even forced perspective, its shopped! I thought you'd have to stop down to get the depth of field, then saw the f2 and thought damn, maybe micro four ...
  • Yes you can get 14 AV of dynamic range in a 12 bit readout. And if will have aproximately 292 steps of gradiation per EV. 14 bit would just give 1170 steps per EV.
  • The problem is that the term dynamic range is used to describe two related but separate things. 1. The maximum latitude (range) in terms of exposure between the sensor clipping at the high end and ...
  • Thanks for showing this lens in it's element: Wide open close quarters people shots in dim light. I always find it fairly pointless when people test fast prime lenses by going out in the day and ...
  • I’m not seeing anything ‘gotcha’ enough to justify your coyness. I’ll assume you don't think im dumb enough not to notice his left knee is higher as only a three year old wouldn’t understand that ...
  • There isn't anyone here who doesn't know that.
  • At what?
  • over a third of the width of the jean leg, (the left third) is not covered by the rock and underneath it there is nothing.  (Im sure you can see that this area underneath is the rock behind his ...
  • That's a really strange response.  I'm not sure what you think I was saying.  When did I say it wasn't behind a rock?  I was saying that its too obvious an observation to bother mentioning.  Read ...
  • I don't know why people think they are enlightening us by saying that its behind a rock. Anyone and everyone can see and understand that its behind a rock: That isn't the point!  The point is that ...
  • This isn't really about photography but my advise would be to ignore all her nonsense. Do not allow yourself to be emotionally effected.  This is equivelant to a kid having a tantrum in the store, ...
  • Nice to see some examples from this type of senario. I've had my eye on the gr for ages with this kind of thing in mind. Did you take any shots with the built in flash?
  • I can condense this into two words:  Perspective exists.
  • Surely for a fair comparison we should give the distance from the sensor, not the front of the lens, otherwise the adapter gets a massive unfair perceptive advantage by being physically longer. ...
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