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(unknown member): That's it. I submitted. Just ordered an A9 form B&H. Can we return to our usual programming?

"I don't see a need to flood the homepage with every adobe iteration-- especially since the A9 isn't shipping yet."

This might sound like nitpicking but the camera is shipping already; it's just not yet in people's hands. Also, since dpreview isn't specific to a timezone, it's worth pointing out that it's already May 25th in other parts of the world and people will be getting their A9s in a few hours.

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Marcos Villaroman: I wonder if Adobe is experiencing another security breach and more customer data is being exposed.

No, that is not the case.

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smatty: The CC renting software discussion aside, what serious photographer would really use an iPad to integrate a photo workflow?
We have color calibrated and profiled monitors and printes (labs) to get a consisten color and contrast results and now we want to trust an unpfofiled iPad display???

I got a replacement unit from Apple the other day and held my old and new (replacement) unit next to each other inside the Apple store. The new display was at least 800 kelvin warmer than the old one! This will seriously flaw your results when the file is loaded back to your Mac.

To me LR for iOS is a more of a toy than a serious solution.

Lightroom mobile isn't supposed to replace the desktop version. While I also have a color calibrated desktop system, I find Lightroom mobile useful for a first pass on a shoot. It gives me the ability to do something on an iPad that before I had to do in front of a computer.

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chuck1856: Not currently subscribed and don't see this compelling me to subscribe in it's current incarnation. (and I'm on CS6/LR3...so pretty ready to update LR).

However I am *generally* very interested in something that allows me to do first-pass editing away from the desk and on the couch/plane/train. For me, that would be much LESS about actual image edits (which are dubious with non-calibrated screen) and much MORE about metadata and file type items.

So not being able to do ratings, keywords, or captioning are glaring commissions in my opinion. In my purely-anecdotal research, somewhere around half of LR users do their *primary* "culling" with stars (not flags).

Having said that, it's all but certain that this is just the first stable release and additional features and functions will come.

You're spot on: this is a 1.0 release and we're eager to get feedback on the product and how you'd like to see it improved:


My use case is similar to yours: doing a first-pass edit without having to sit at a computer.

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arnzzz: Can't wait to hear the next great news about CC... Ahem. Oh, by the way, the CC sync service has been down for a few days now. Of course, Adobe doesn't communicate this via their site, as it still says services are online. But customer support and Adobe officials in the forums acknowledge the problems. Wow. What a great service. Guess we should just get used to it...


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PhoCam: Adobe has lost the confidence of consumers, their stock is worthless, and other companies have been waiting for a stupid move like this so they can overtake market share and watch Adobe become non-relevant.


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Combatmedic870: Soooo...I have ACR 7.0 for CS6....What cameras does that include??

Since CS6 isn't actually released yet, your comment seems a little premature!

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