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William O Brian: I like the addition of 5K. Its nice to be able to crop or better position a subject or perfectly level the video and still have 4K left.
I think we are going to see 5K or greater be the standard for new video cameras because of this. Not because the final video will be 5K, but because the final 4K video will be a lot better.

The final 4K video will be good if the bitrate is high enough. And let's hope there's no overheating.

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armandino: Time for Gopro to get a bigger sensor. I have been wanting 1" action cam for ever, do I have to strip it out a Mavic Pro II?

Sony RX0 II... 1" sensor.

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(1) I hope it doesn't over heat.

(2) If it work great, I hope it hits the shores in the US.

(3) Once it's determined that there's actually a market for this, Sony might want to consider converting their FDR-X3000 to something similar to Canon's monocular.

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forest dream: Are the statement "decided to not include a fan within the body of the camera to maintain the ‘compact size, lightweight construction and weather resistance’” means reliability not so important?

@NexUser: "...which will impact maybe 0.5% of R5 users who need to take continuous 8K video"

A professor of mine used to say, "I don't believe that number until I see the raw data."

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4REEE: I'm hoping for incredibly awesome frame grabs from the 8K videos! Now if I can only find a good 8K video editor that will handle the ginormous files...

@dnscott645: For my application, I don't plan on viewing 8K video itself. I just want to grab a few precious snapshots from the video for print:



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forest dream: Are the statement "decided to not include a fan within the body of the camera to maintain the ‘compact size, lightweight construction and weather resistance’” means reliability not so important?

@Franz Kerschbaum: Good point, however I don't think it would have to be twice the size nor 3 times the weight to cool the thing down.

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Andreas_F: Basically, we are outraged that Canon was unable to suspend the laws of physics.

@Wezre: "... when it has better video specs than 90% of people need."

Better video specs are meaningless if the thing overheats.

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I'm hoping for incredibly awesome frame grabs from the 8K videos! Now if I can only find a good 8K video editor that will handle the ginormous files...

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Orim_70: So it will basically be on par with modern smartphones. Ok impressive ... the smartphone not the R5. A smartphone is still way smaller.


AbrasiveReducer. lol

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sh10453: I hope that there will be a version without the 8K video capability and more emphasis on performance and action.
I would think that many potential buyers of this camera don't care about 8K video.
Personally, I'd rather have a higher frame rate as well as stacking capability (like the RP), than 8K Video that I'm not willing to pay for an 8K monitor to match.
Anyway, beware of the elephant when the elephant wakes up. His kick or stomp can be crushing.

@sh10453: With 8K video at 30fps, that's like having a 32MP camera with a burst rate of 30fps. See:



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"Ultimately, the Inouye Solar Telescope has the largest aperture of any solar telescope in the world..."

What would that be in terms of f-stop?

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Battersea: hot photo

That's because it's always the "Golden Hour" up there.

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tcphoto1: You never know what is going on in a persons life and I hope that I treat others with kindness. I watched the first couple of episodes of the Netflix series and Aaron seemed to have separated many aspects of his life. In particular, it made me wonder why the people at Florida football coaches chose to ignore the violent acts. I found it interesting what Blair thought about the encounter after the fact.

@mcshan: I think I get what tcphoto1 is saying. I can get cut off on the freeway and reactively look at the driver and say, "Jerk!" But if I were to take the time and be more responsive, I might just mellow out and let it go. "Just do it," isn't always the case if I'm tired or irritable that day.

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TORN: Here are three things which the camera industry is wrong about with their current pricing:

- we do not want to buy „positioned“ aka crippled cameras or minor upgrades for premium prices
- many of us do want a great user interface but do not want to pay for maximum performance; unfortunately a good user interface is often bundled with top models only
- many of us want portable and affordable lenses for compact mirrorless cameras (even full frame) but instead we get big chunks of glass with insane prices to deliver 3x2 yard prints

I understand that companies need to make money. But I do not want to be seen as lemon that can be squeezed infinitely using marketing crap instead of substantial offerings. I want to be taken serious as a customer and I want a serious, portable mid price camera that does not resemble a little kids toy but a real camera instead.

@Thomas A. Anderson: "... and leave the grown ups to talk."

Sir, respectfully, I disagree. eno2 has contributed quite a bit of grown-up talk on this issue.

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eno2: The problem is not with the initial price of the gear but with the insignificantly small iterative upgrades the camera manufacturers want us to spend money on nowadays!

@LevAizik: "8K video? lol. First, the additional benefits of 8K over 4K and even 1080P are questionable at best..."

I would love to have 8K video not to view on 100 inch screen, but so that I can do frame/still grabs at 32MP. With 8K video at 30fps, I would almost always be able to capture "the magical moment."

"A camera cannot know if you want to..."

True, but a camera should know that most people want to immediately share that magical shot with others.

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entoman: "a premium product isn't worth its exaggerated price to the person who doesn't care about prestige, scarcity, brand history and reputation or the degree to which something is hand-built, but it is worth it for someone to whom those factors contribute to the item feeling special, or more meaningful."


@entoman: Good one. I've always aspired to owning a Lamborghini.

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sunjester: If companies were doing a good job on pricing they would sell more cameras and make more money. They are not.

They are at the point where they are basically changing the color and selling them for more. The last model has 99.9% of the shooting capabilities when it comes to daily shooting then latest model.

Real consumers are noticing that. They are also noticing that other consumer devices are picking up the slack.

So no pricing is way out of whack.

@sunjester: Agreed. I get tired of tiny, tiny, incremental changes especially when the current technology can provide a whole heck of a lot more bang.

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Ken Tr: I have an a6300 because when it came out 5+ years ago, it for the first time offered oversampled 4k with s-log, good bitrate, and amazing (for the time) autofocus. Last year's a 6400 only improves on one important thing - the autofocus. Yes, I know the grip and battery are bigger, HLG codec is now available (it's BS because its 8bit), etc, but those are not meaningful improvements. Where are cameras with computational photography? Where are cameras that are able to capture RAW video? Where is the flip-out touch screen? I'd have to buy 3 different cameras to have those features.

I bought Pixel 3a on a Black Friday sale for $250 in November that gives me a mini computer in my pocket in addition to a borderline-a6300 camera. I'd be happy if the new line of mirrorless offered a significant overall experience improvement (at least 10-bit, all I codec, modern autofocus, stabilization, etc), but otherwise I'll stick with phones from here on out. No wonder the camera industry is losing money

Well said, Ken Tr.

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Protogonus1: Why is this in a "photography" web site? Thankfully, this is the year REAL updated MFT cameras (from Olympus) will be emerging, starting 24 Jan 19. You can bet (except for extraneous video capabilities, about which we care naught) these will be top-of-the-line CAMERAS for real photography and serious photographers who love STILL photography.

@Protogonus1: 8K at 30fps would almost be like shooting with a 32MP camera at a "burst mode" of 30fps. You will virtually never miss "the moment."

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marcio_napoli: I'm sure most people will not look things from the following POV, not even for a split second, in this consumer/specs obsessed, "buy buy buy, wow specs!!!!!, more, please, MORE MORE MOOOOOOOOOORE!!!!!!!" civilization we live in.

But I'm sorry guys, but to me, this is hypocrisy at its finest.

Not even Martin Scorsese, Spielberg, or the whole f#### Hollywood industry think they need 8K.

The mighty Arri Alexa is not even 4K.

Do regular people really think they need (or deserve) to make videos in 8K ? Of what? Backyards, Disney vacations, running toddlers in glorious 8K ?

Endless SSDs, Hard Disks, whatever storage you name it, all filled with videos of the most mundane subjects, in a resolution not even Hollywood really needs.

That's arrogance in my opinion. There should be a paused moment somewhere to question if regular people really "need" or "deserve" what even Hollywood doesn't.

Amazing the world we live in. It's all about "buy, more, and I don't care, I have money to spend"

@marcio_napoli: 8K would provide the opportunity to get nearly 32MP frame grabs. At 30fps, you will virtually never miss "the moment."

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