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Pseu_Pseu_Pseudonym: Is Irix a manufacturer or a brand?
Does anyone have any info?

I believe they are a brand. I have two of their lenses, which I think are manufactured for them in South Korea. Their website has better details.

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roteague: Where is the everything we know about the Nikon Z9 .....

The Mad Kiwi It's not Nikon I'm questioning it's the seeming bias of DPR.

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Where is the everything we know about the Nikon Z9 .....

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User1234567890: That dslr are still priority.
Zero chance sony sells the A9 tech to anyone.
Sensor is why AF is too good compared to other Alpha.
Sensor is also used by cine cameras.

Current Z6ii sensor can do 24MP 12bit@19fps ...
Just needs stronger processor ..

How do you know that? The Sony sensor division is a different division from their camera division.

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bmoag: I have no doubt these are excellent lenses and that Nikon may need to charge these prices. But those prices will limit sales to a subset of a subset of remaining dSLR buyers . . . unusual marketing strategy for a company supposedly on life support.

Nikon isn't on life support. According to Thom Hogan:

"Much to the chagrin of the “Nikon will disappear” crowd on the Internet, the company overall booked US$5.4b in sales, and made US$62m in profit. No doubt there’s bad news in Nikon’s results—much like that of most big companies at the moment—but the financials they just reported show a lot of effort and control over their continued retraction that leaves them with reasonably healthy fundamentals. They have US$3.7b cash in hand and an equity ratio of 54%, with lines of credit still open should they need it."

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Not a fan of any of them.

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Regardless what the article seems to "imply" this is not tied to Apple. A little more research would have found this:
Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.x, and 7, macOS 10.7 and above, Linux Kernel 3.2 and above"

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Clicks don't mean much. I've read about the Sony a7 III, even after buying the the Nikon Z7, mostly just to keep track of what others are doing in the mirrorless space.

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I see nothing in the a7R IV that would lure me away from the Z7.

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Fergus Ferguson: I travel a fair bit, so I use an anti-theft Pacsafe Carrysafe 200 strap that is nylon and neoprene around two steel cables, and doesn't rip the sheet out of my camera body with huge metal fittings or take up the tripod fitting. I wear it across the shoulder so it takes the weight off my neck. When I wear a backpack I attach it to the pack itself with a carabiner, so the pack supports its weight. To carry extra lenses when I am walking around I have two cheap neoprene lens pouches that I bought in a set of four for $10 on Amazon. One goes on my belt, and the other hangs off the other with a carabiner backed up with a couple of cable ties. Super comfortable, secure, and I have three lenses at hand without having to dig around in a backpack or bag. When I wear a jacket you can't see the camera or the pouches at all as they are covered and kept dry. For travelling I use a Venturesafe X 40L anti theft backpack with a Camsafe PCI-M Protective Camera Insert. Total stealth.

I dumped the Peak Design for the Pacsafe myself. Great strap, love it.

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I hated the Peak Design, sadly. I wanted to like it, it's so highly rated and quite a nice design, but the loop that is formed between the camera attachment and the slide was constantly getting caught up on something and just became a general pain.

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Nikon Z7. It's a no-brainer.

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Michael1000: What is this program used for?

I haven't used it, but it seems to manage IPTC metadata (copyright, rights usage, etc.) that is embedded in your RAW files. Lightroom will do the same on import.

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ArnaudG: This is really great news !
I was not sure I made the good choice with the Z6 (went for the mount, glass and ergonomics rather than AF performance that could have been improved in future bodies) but now I know I did.
Thanks Nikon !

I considered getting the Sony, but before I made the decision to, the Nikon Z7 was announced. I've been using Nikon since 1975 and the announcement was good news. As a software developer, I'm thrilled to see Nikon upping their game with regards to firmware.

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Kharan: Hah! And then people have the gall to mock Fujifilm for releasing cameras with half-finished FW.
Anyways, this makes the Z6 even more attractive now, while the Z7 is still an overpriced dud.

I'm extremely happy with my Z7. I'm dumping all my F mount stuff for Z mount equipment. Best purchase I've made in years.

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Considering you are reviewing a camera with a very early version of the firmware, I suspect you will need to greatly revise this upon launch, especially in regards to battery life, burst mode, buffer, etc. :)

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The Sony is just too small for my tastes, but I'm sure it's a fine camera regardless.

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