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photo nuts: Great review.

Decent camera. Not as light as one hopes for the SLT design, but acceptable.

Took a peek at Sony store for some lenses... Ewwwww... far too limited. Cannot compare to the m43 arsenal, much less Canikon range.

Good effort. Try harder next time Sony, especially your lens department.

I myself completed what I want for my lens line up. I didn't get the experience of those like lens-problematic-people. What lens are you looking for that Sony doesn't have, that you have literally? If you can't find it try getting the Sony G or Carl Zeiss to compensate.

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cgarrard: Does sound decent afterall. I'll be honest, my first thought was "sheesh, really Sigma, yet another redeux of this lens???", but after reading the specs etc. it seems like a legit replacement/update and a decent performer.

I'd need to see its optical improvements (if any) and AF speed, build, before coming to a final conclusion, but on paper it seems pretty legit. Bit slow on the long end though, especially with Nikons recently announced 18-300mm f/3.5-f/5.6.


Commandment No. 7: Thou shalt let other have more options to choose from or update their old travel lens.

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The A-Team: Looks like a fun lens! Would be a nice upgrade from my old 18-200OS mk1!

Why would this be boring? It's good to have this lens when traveling light.

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36hike: Do us all a favor: If you don't know what the pricing is going to be, hold the press release.

their old 18 - 250 was about $450+++

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doctorxring: This thing sure looks a lot like my Sony SAL 18-250. Has an HSM motor though.

Is this better than Sony's 18-250 for having HSM? I'm thinking of buying this kind of zoom lens within this year. Thanks.

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mannyr: But does it have overheating problems??
I had to sell my A33 because it would overheat after about 30 minutes of being continuously on - not even video, just stills.
No good when you are shooting a concert or performance for business.
If that's fixed, I would reconsider an SLT - very good camera except for that deal killer.

it should not overheat within 30mins of shooting pictures. even at entry level overheating is a troublesome, even when not used in business and concerts...why o why...

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While installing the update, the instruction says that I should remove the usb via taskbar but I did not see any usb device on the tray. Instead, I just updated it without removing USB and it went fine.

Is there something I missed?
Thank you.

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