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  • Great pictures and helpful captions. I like the last one most for it's lovely colors. Peter
  • Now you have an excuse to get a new and better camera! - Are you sure, you were not secretly hoping for that? ;) And even better: if the familiy member is the sort who doesn't offer to compensate ...
  • I hope you have a lot of fun with your 100mm Macro. But why didn't you get a 2,8/60mm instead of the 30mm and the MF monster? It is just EUR 430 at the moment; well I see, it would be just a ...
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    How about a G85 with kit 12-60mm - this could give you more reach and the lens should be ateast as good as the 14-42. Peter
  • Replied in Rather:
    Follow your brain and wallet: not one thing is built to last forever, and Olympus is notorious for parts falling off their top tiers products. Hope for 3 good years with the body, 10 with the lens. ...
  • The 2,8/40-150 is great for portraits, well no, it is phantasic really, but this big lens never will be unnoticed and might even be a bit intimidating for some people. Peter
  • to make the 35-70 really shine ;) Read this: https://phillipreeve.net/blog/minolta-md-zoom-35-70mm-3-5-review/ BTW the author also loves the MC 1,7/50mm. I myself also have the 3,5/35-70 (non ...
  • What have said on this forum before: if MFT doesn't have 24MP or even 36MP sensors, they can't compete with Canikon. It needs easy to see numbers to convince new customers, not complicated ...
  • If price is no problem: 4/12-100 and 1,7/20 (wider, better IQ and close focus) Probably what I would use, ideally with 2 small bodies to avoid changing lenses. For better close focus I'd exchange ...
  • Darktable is a great tool; I find it easier to get good results than with RawTherapee; however, for my GX7 this only applies to files with ISO up to 1600 and little shadow noise. If you don't use ...
  • Replied in Another article
    More peole seem to experience this: https://photographylife.com/the-death-of-beautiful-rendition-and-3d-pop-on-modern-lenses Mansurov's article is not quite as convincing as Khong's, too many ...
  • Replied in Thanks!
    +1 Add the experience with the Rokkor MC2,8/35 descibed in my older post here in this thread. Peter
  • I use it 99% at F2,8 for indoor sports and theater photography and the hit rate is much higher on the GX7 than on the EM5.2, where it hunts a lot, too. Peter
  • Everyone who says microcontrast and/or pop is BS is one of the poor guys who hasn't experienced this yet. I had a Minolta MC 2,8/35, which produced incredible colors. The reds and yellows seemd to ...
  • There are several models of hiking sticks that double as monopods available in Europe ranging vom EUR 20 to 90: Hama, Manfrotto, Leki etc. However, to firmly attach the camera to the stick and ...
  • Replied in PL vs Lumix
    Mirrorless Comparison is the only site, that sees the 2 lenses in the same class. Check LensTip and Photozone: they both find the slow cheap lens excellent at 12mm, but then degrading fast to a ...
  • if you think this lens is small and light. But yes, I love the capabilities, but wished for a F4 version with the same qualities as an every day walk around lens. Peter
  • I'd love a f4/40-150 with less than 500g but the IQ of the fabulous 2,8 version - or, make it a 4/30-150 lens. Also included shoud be the close minimal focus distance of the PRO lenses. Perhaps the ...
  • Lovely. Thanks a lot. Yes, these pictures give quite a different impression from what I saw in late summer - beautiful as dry grass is. Peter
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