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  • Replied in Depth of Field
    The classical rule: 1. set your lens to F8 2. set your focus manually to a point between the 2 objects so that the distance to the close object is half of the distance to the far object. Result: ...
  • Replied in I had a GX9...
    on March 21 but sent it back. Seems to be no problem here in Europe. Peter
  • Not sure about distortion though - did the people like your pictures? Peter
  • Replied in A used Pentax K?
    For about 100.- and 200.- used you get a K100 or K200. I don't know much about K mount, but I think, your lenses might fit on the bodies. You don't have to give up anything and get a back up body! ...
  • Right, I don't really know what about this sensor size is 1 inch (the perimeter???), but I think that is what the industry calls it. Peter
  • Beautiful pictures and interesting text, especially since I just have come back from a similarly botanically oriented expedition. Peter
  • If you had posted the pictures at original size it could have hepled me in my decision to get a 1 inch camera or rather go some other not yet explored way... ;) Peter
  • Which part of your country is the shitpaper now? Peter
  • I am quite certain, the beauty of your pictures is due to 1. your skill 2. the outstanding lens 3. not so much to the camera body. Peter
  • Replied in PL12-60
    Make sure to buy from a seller with a good return policy (no problem in Europe), to exchange the lens, if you get a lemon. If you have a good sample, the lens is great: excellent micro contrast, ...
  • The GR doesn't seem to recognize sunsets and tries to correct to normal blue sky. Might be corrected with v.2. Peter
  • If you set it at 50mm and Mode on A, the camera will start to raise ISO to keep the shutter times shorter than 1/100; if you set it at 200mm, the same will happen to keep the shutter time below ...
  • Replied in I draw a line
    at Pentax colors like canary yellow or pink; also all white or blue (plastic) cameras look ugly to me. But I actually like the red/orange leather parts of your camera and some Fujis more than black ...
  • Replied in Ah!
    I have been admiring your photography for a while now, Roel, but I have to admit, I don't like these pictures. The first one I wouldn't even call a keeper (is is full of oof distractions in the ...
  • Replied in 17 or 25mm!
    If you want a walk around lens, these are the FLs I'd choose; except, if you only take portraits when walking around. Peter
  • 1. Avoid changing lenses: get a second WR body (used?). Even in sunshine, there might be drops falling from the leaves, but more important: you don't loose time when your comapny moves on or some ...
  • Replied in Excellent Idea
    I did some hiking with just the 20mm and missed the wider and tele lens only in very few opportunities. Right now I came back from traveling and used the 28mm FOV most, about 25% were done with the ...
  • Replied in WA portraits?
    Yes, sure. Obviously you take 75% frame filling portraits at 12mm? I prefer longer FLs for portraits - preferably 50-60mm, but sometimes I can't get close enough. But that is just me, YMMV. Peter
  • Replied in O and P
    My experiences with the 40-150 Pro lens is, that Olympus EM5.2 eye/face detect is all "over the face", most ot the time, you get the front, the nose the cheeks in focus, not the eye(s). The same ...
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