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  • The review records unheard of optical qualities: as far as resolution is concerned, the sample they tested wipes the floor with the O 4/300 and of course all other M43 lenses. I repeat: their ...
  • Replied in DxO - DT
    I find detail better with DT, however, I fully agree about noise reduction in DxO. Peter
  • FF will give you much better IQ and more and better lenses to choose from. Sony APSc is somewhat neglected as far as lenses is concerned (but there are the excellent Sigma lenses!) and the sensor ...
  • Replied in Darktable
    I just started to love this software again after an excursion to DxO v9 (only use it now for ISO 1600+) and RawTherapee. And now DT is available for Windows, too. And, of course, DT is free, like RT! ...
  • Replied in 2 bodies
    GX7 + O 40-150 and Ricoh GR for 28mm; the latter is just 240g in weight, not much more than an extra lens and IQ is superior to MFT in most situations I personally need. Peter
  • What I consider myself: O 75mm - expensive, excellent, no WR, long MFD (0,85m), a little too long P 1,7/42,5mm - no WR, good MFD, too short for my taste O 2,8/60: macro, tends to hunting, a little ...
  • Replied in Smoking
    Yes, great pictures. Agree: don't know, if it is the left hand; the model looks a bit hunched in this pose. Agree: the model leans more against the wall and so looks more relaxed. Right. Yes, perfect.
  • There is supposed to be some sort of focus adjustment for DSLRs, perhaps you might need that? This, however, is no problem with mirrorless AF. You always have life view with mirrorless cameras. ...
  • Replied in Great pictures.
    I like the last but one most. Well done, but obviously with the wrong lens. This is no F0,95 thread, if I read the OP correctly. ;) Peter
  • Great pictures! Well worth the expense. Peter
  • Replied in Future proof??
    When I wrote 8K and 36MP were just waiting around the corner, it was meant as ironic exaggeration. All I wanted to say is, that NO, better: NO consumer electronic device is "future proof", if ...
  • You live in the north of the US at about 45°N. I live at 49° N and find the F4 limitation to be a problem for a lens, that is heavy enough to be an only lens, an all situations solution: in winter ...
  • Replied in Darktable
    Try this free raw developer - first use default settings, then start fiddling with the different sliders. Also enjoy b/w conversions. Peter
  • Replied in Sorry.
    Your sample photo looks quite soft to me. Similar to my 4-5,6/40-150mm at lhe long end and closer distances. Perhaps it is better at longer distances. Peter
  • You might not believe it, but I find this interesting. And I find it a challenge to photograph it in a way that shows the characteristics. If it is possible to stop at the side of the road and ...
  • With a heavy heart I just have given up my plans for Tasmania, but now hope rises again.  Love picture, btw. Thanks a lot. - Peter
  • (1) Use one with a tele lens, the other with a WA. I use the Ricoh GR as WA and the GX7 with 40-150 (or macro or, rarely, the Samyang 7,5 FE).
  • Created discussion thread Australia in August
    I plan to visit Australia for about 4 weeks, but I can only travel in August, so that will be winter. I don't expect this to be a problem in the northern parts of the continent, but what about the ...
  • Replied in Future proof??
    With 8k and 36MP just waiting around the corner? Don't fool yourself, you just want this state of the art instrument right now. This is just normal GAS, wait a few months and it will go by. Peter
  • Two thoughts: (1) Your only fast lens is the 25mm. You might want a fast wide angle lens like the 1,7/15mm to photograph inside churches/monuments, where you are not allowed to use flash or tripods.
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