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  • Replied in No joke
    I use the Ricoh GR for WA  and the GX7 with tele zoom for hiking. No trouble with changing lenses and I am fast enough, if some wildlife should appear. Peter
  • No doubt, built quality of the Panasonic 45-150 is much better than O 40-150. I also like this range very much. IQ if the new O 40-150 was better than the P 45-150 at all FLs, after 1 year of use, ...
  • finally the back wheel stopped working. I sent it in for repair, they replaced the complete top of the body and I had it back after 3 weeks; no costs, because of the European 2 year warranty. Peter
  • Replied in The easiest way
    is a macro filter like Marumi DHG +5 or +3;  easier yet Raynox DCR 250 or 150. IQ is quite good, you don't loose AF and you don't have to take the lens off to insert the extension rings. Peter
  • Walk the streets and use this gear; many think the GR is THE street photography camera with it's snap focus. Others say, the O 1,8/17 is very fast. If you don't use it, you will never know their ...
  • Created discussion thread Digging up ancient threads
    This is holiday time and some of us seem to be rather bored. Right now I stumbled on a thread from 2010 about focus speed of the P 1,7/20, another one I had strated in 2014 ... Still I find it ...
  • Replied in Lateral movement
    I rather think, the second picture shows a part of the natural wing movement of hummingbords when hovering: the e shutter only produces distorsions when the object moves sideways. Peter
  • but for USD/EUR 200 very good value, and  less than USD 100 is an excellent price. Of course, IQ cannot compared to the better and much more expensive lenses. I use it for traveling, since the ...
  • What can't be said often enough: under good conditions, IQ is superb. Still ... see here: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/58112446 Peter
  • To me the FZ1000 pictures are definitely sharper. My explanations: 1. The FZ picture has more (OOC?) sharpening applied 2. The 12-60 lens is probably somewhat sharpness challenged at the long end. ...
  • Replied in Thanks
    ... so it obviously was the old G2 body. Peter
  • Agree with you. I would seriously consider going back into  OVF reflex stone age, if there was a small, light excellent WA DX prime, or even a small DX WA zoom for the D7200. Something with the IQ ...
  • I find all bodies without a grip uncomfortably ro hold for a longer period of time (> 5 min), the more the heavier the lens is, and the 12-40 is relatively heavy. I liked the G1, G2, not the G3 ...
  • Replied in Same exoerience
    Hello Peter I had the same experience (EM5ii + 12-40 + aftermarket grip) and made my personal grip with sugru, which works nicely!
  • Replied in I tried it.
    I got it, because I wanted a faster WA lens with better IQ than my kit zoom, the P 14-45, which I found rather soft at 14mm compared to the P 20mm. After reading some reviews (e.g. at admiring ...
  • How is AF speed with this combination? I once had a Sigma 60mm, but with the Panasonic G2 AF was hunting very often even in good light and with high contrast. Even when it had aquired focus, it ...
  • Did you handle the camera? If you did and ask yourself this question, then you do need the grip. For those small cameras like the GM5 or RX100 and the bigger ones like the EM5 I personally need a ...
  • Replied in Impressed
    These are great photos, indeed. While I think, this combination would be great for traveling and street photography, I am afraid, you will be missing resolution, if you print 40x60 inches. I prefer ...
  • Replied in Why?
    What you can't do with the cameras you have, you won't be able to do with the EM10. But if you are just collecting, I'd add the PL 1,4/12mm and PL1,2/42,5. If you actually take photographs, the PL ...
  • is supposed to be quite sharp. Peter
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