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    You have lots of admirable gear already and a 2nd M43 body would not make the burden lighter. Living, not having is what we should have learned when we retire. (It will be my turn too soon.) Peter
  • 1. Colors I guess different colors come from different coatings and different glass. I even read once that modern aspherical lenses have normal glass lenses with plastic glued to them to make them ...
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    Pixel count. Compare Sony A7 and A7R models, Nikon Z6 and Z7, ... Peter
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    What coincidence. $ days ago I rediscovered RT after using DT duriing the last years. I found out it shows much better detail than the SOOC jpgs of my GX8 - even in default sharpening. So I dug up ...
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  • But then, I generally hate oversaturated colors, oversharpened details and too high contrasts. With my GX7 and 8, I don't like the greens SOOC ( too yellow and oversaturated), but this can be helped. ...
  • Thank you, but for me this is not an option. I don't think it would be a good idea for me, coming from M43, to spend a lot of moiney for an FF camera and then use it as APSc with a slow kit lens. Peter
  • Replied in The Roadmap
    Here it is. It comes from Nikonrumors. As you see, there is a 28mm f/1.8 S lens, but not the previously (non S?) shown compact prime. Also there is no 24-200 lens, instead a 24-120 f/4 and 28-280 ...
  • Created discussion thread News about the Pancake Lenses?
    I had been considering buying into the Z system since I first had a Z6 in hands. However I have been hesitating, gave up last year and got a 12-100 Olympus lens for my M43 gear. A great lens and ...
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    I just love this metaphora. ;) Anyway, I thought my 40-150R is a great lens and very sharp, but I did a direct comparison and now I know it is great for the price. Still, I treasure some of the ...
  • I don't know, what a higher pixel count means for IQ. But let's look into the grid space on the sensor. Let's assume for an easy calculation, that we have a square sensor with edge length a, which ...
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    Seeing that my GX8 + 12-100 is similar in size and weight to the Z6/7 + 24-200 and both lenses are quite good, I think you made a good choice. What could really convince me to change to Nikon Z are ...
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    If you mean the 40-150R like the OP does, then probably not. At least my 40-150R gathers dust since I have the 12-100 and in the overlapping FLs the 12-100 wipes the floor with the 40-150R Funny ...
  • Thanks for the explanation - I experienced this indoors with stage photography, where light sometimes is rather low. Peter
  • The 12-40 is very sharp, as you know, and extremely well built. But I don't know why, I never liked the rendering, and like you find 40mm limiting. I use it on a GX8 and yes, it is heavy. I don't ...
  • of your PL100-400? ;) Peter
  • Beautiful pictures! Specially the bee-eaters! Do you have some pictures of the surroundings? I'd love to have an impression of what Fogg Dam looks like. Peter
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    and very intense. And I am sure you have the permission of the parents to show their daughter with a running nose on the internet. Peter
  • Replied in next time ...
    1. Try to get the motive in focus 2. Beware of bright sunlight and deep shadows. Sunshine looks great to our eyes, but no camera can render that in any pleasing way. If you don't want to use ...
  • to this flowery disaster around her neck. ;) Peter
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