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    Panasonic realizes, that weight might be a factor. If this lens is better than the Tamron 2.8-5.6/28-200, I might finally know how to update my M43 gear. :-)
  • Sorry no Sony gear, but my recent thoughts seem to present an answer to the OP. For this very rough and fast comparison I used a Olympus EM1.3, the Olympus 12-100 PRO and the 15 year old cheap ...
  • When I bought my first M43 camera in 2011 it was the G1, because it was kitted with the 14-45. Still a nice lens. Here a rough comparison taken with the EM1.3 left: Olympus 12-100, centre  ...
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    I don't see much difference either. Perhaps some more sharpening in the second picture might improve it to an even higher (artificial?) detail level? BTW I like the picture a lot - they nicely show ...
  • Seen from today, probably the worst kit lens from Panasonic. Nice example - it is not the gear, it's the photographer. Great photos! That is street photography!
  • I myself feel drawn to the S5ii with 20-60. The A7Cii with 20-70 would be better, but the price is much higher! If you don't need longer tele lenses ( > 100mm) and weight is not the most important ...
  • Those guys look as if they would hop out of the picture any time. :-D Peter
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    So you have all bases covered. Nothing you can't do with this excellent kit! This sounds rather depressed. There might be some ways out of that, but I don't think FF is the solution. Here some ideas. (1) ...
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    My condolences, I feel with you after this loss. Great lemur pictures! I also looked at your excellent portfolio. I travelled Madagascar in 1988 (centre around Antananarivo, Toliara, Anfasibe, East ...
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    Sorry, I wasn't complaining. I am grateful for all the work you did! The noise comparison should be an eye opener for those, who thought they wouldn't need the higher res. It was for me with my ...
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    I only compared ISO 12400 and single shot vs, 8 frames. Noise is reduced a lot! DR differences I cannot detect, perhaps the subject shows too little DR tsself and of course all jpgs are the same ...
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    try the 14-140 combined with Ai sharpening and upscaling. Also use DxO or Ai NR and perhaps f5.6 at ISO6400 won't look that bad. I am in a test phase for this at the moment with no results yet. Peter
  • Sorry I didn't answer 4 weeks ago. My situation is, I have been using M43 since 2011 and at the moment I almost exclusively use the EM1.3 with 12-100. While I find AF on thise body not easy to use, ...
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    It was. Thank you! I was expecting "fashion" in the title.
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    to your post about the fashion show? I wanted to check, whether it was at the Plaza de Espana and don't find it any more.
  • Do you remember the spanish namesof these 2 locations? I'll go to spain this autumn and would really like to see that! Great photos!
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    That is interesting. I never heard of that, but I think Romans would have taken this utilitarian approach. Could you give me a link?
  • Improving not altering, preserving the core image - I wish I could see that with the remove function!
  • Not quite. This is a small crop ( < 10% of the total image). Topaz did a very good job in cleaning up the subject. The picture was taken in a crowded place, the background would never be clear. The ...
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