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newe: Bound to happen. Too many idiots have no clue how to run them. Canada just had a drone hit an airplane. In a few years you won't be able to fly one without a license and most with have some form of ID. It is only a matter of time...and this is a good thing. You do not like it, don't fly them.

You may have forget to the /s, but just in case you really is serious.

RC was never a problem but drone is a problem.

If you have a problem you solve it. Using a slippery slope argument indiscriminately is basically a lazy ticket of saying don't do anything. Don't speculate too much on things that may/may not happen. There is a a chance of you crossing the street today and get hit by a car, but that didn't stop you from going out of the door to do your business.

RC isn't a problem and wasn't a problem. Government isn't going to spend resource on trying to regulated it like how you describes. They don't have the time and the resource. You could argue they could make some petty cash on licensing fee but trust me, they can get way more money through taxing you.

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Bobthearch: They haven't answered yet, but many people have asked at their page, what is the thing made out of?
I'd be disappointed to learn the whole thing is craptastic plastic.

they have answered that it's plastic with metal trim.

look... at $125, what are you looking for? magnesium alloy?

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photosen: Windows over Macs:

Pro: Money, and that's before you take into account Apple Care. A 1080p IPS display laptop with an i5 can be obtained for $600-$700 USD (not at higher res though).

Con: OS reliability. Nothing like a tricked out PC with a BSOD, malware, ransomware just as you need to deliver the goods to your client: this risk can cost you big, and needs to be taken into account. This includes bad drivers and updates that break things. The client will blame you, not your tricked out PC.

Con: Hardware reliability; Macs are far from perfect, but since the white macbooks haven't reached the lows of bad hinges, sleep of death, etc ad nauseam.

Pro: Way more choice, for instance a keyboard you won't hate, sufficient ports, never mind graphics cards.

Pro. If chosen well, expandability: more RAM? New SSD? Can be done.

There is no right and wrong for everyone, but there is a further choice, even for non geek photographers: a decent PC with a linux distro.

Blue screen of death is a thing of the past after Windows 7. I can't even remember the last time I saw a BSOD past 2007, and I use Windows for a living, at least 8 hrs/day. There may be a reliability issue in the past (myth or not) but there is no more.

Malware/ransonware, tricked out PC: You shouldn't be visiting suspicious sites, opening suspicious emails on your *work* computer. You shouldn't be *tricking it out* for your *work* computer. That's common sense on work computers. I never got a virus/malware on my PC and the only thing I have is windows defender (free)

Hareware: I've used mac (but mostly desktop pc) for over 15 years. I've seen steady decline of macbook quality, while PC quality is improving.

Linus distro for non-geek? I lol'ed. You are worried about reliability for work computer but telling people to use an OS that barely anyone could support? The night before deliver to client, computer problem, who could you call to resolve your linux problem?

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uhh... it would be stupid for them to NOT be constantly in development of new products...

I would equate this statement as something from GM, like "While details are confidential, we are in development of a new truck."

Basically, no substance.

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Barry Grimaldi: I think you might find that uncle Bob is pronouncing "eye-soh" correctly! Eye-ess-oh is a common boo-boo among professionals....

If you ask my opinion, acronyms shouldn't be pronounced, haha.

try pronouncing FBI, LMFO, or DKNY...

of course, you could always try. I use to bug my friend by says dick-knee for DKNY. :)

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i can confirm this bag doesn't stand up very well and is very prone to be top heavy and flip over, especially if you put a lot of your items on top for faster access (by not needing to open the side all the way)

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no SD card slot, no dice

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willyucan: Maybe impossible want the IP and the design so they can finally make Impossible possible. And maybe produce/create new polaroid cameras?

@Boundless I was thinking that Impossible had to make their own chemical mix and such. Now that they may have access to Polaroid's IP, perhaps they would be able to see the chemical formula from Polaroid, instead of re-inventing the wheel. Or have Polaroid license the film pack manufacturing to Impossible.

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Maybe impossible want the IP and the design so they can finally make Impossible possible. And maybe produce/create new polaroid cameras?

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Oh my goodness, I remember owning one of this when it's released. It was the first digital camera I owned and I was quite amazed with it.

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Xentinus: This is amazing for the 100th anniversary!
oh wait...

i see what you did there.

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Woodyz: The regular Instax Mini can be had for as little as $0.60 per shot. Instax Wide is about $0.20 more. ~$1.70 for each Instax Square shot is a huge jump.

hopefully the price will come down later... but yeah, i agree the film is costly, and will be in shortage for sure.

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villagranvicent: I thought part of the charm of the Instant cameras was to process real analogue prints and get rid of the digital process at least for a minute. I guess most of their target find as main benefit the instant gratification regardless of how the process is done.

what Bruce said, and also not all instax users are adult/photographers.

Teens and kids with a low success rate on instax mini is a very big burden on cost.

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Marty4650: A nice toy for anyone who feels $1.70 per print for 3 inch square prints is a good idea.

And you better hope for a 100% keeper rate, or it could get a lot more expensive.

instax mini has the issue of keeper rate.

With this one, basically it's a digital printer so you can decide if you want to print or not. Keeper rate wouldn't be a problem (imposingly)

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LFPCPH: No selfie mirror ????

that's what the metallic ring in front is for...

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I hope they fixed the adjustment panel "black out" issue when switching modules. I was forced to revert back to a previous version because that bug makes LR completely unusable. it's not specifically mentioned but I still have my hope up...

reference to the issue: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2256515

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