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J A C S: "As I say, it'll never happen. But it'd be nice, wouldn't it?"

Yes. This is the way I use my M now, and I would be happy to have an FF version of that. And no EVF, please. OK, I will keep dreaming.

Try Leica SL. You'll change your mind about "no EVF, please".

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adengappasami: A7 III.

Say no more

Have you tried a Leica SL? You could – they let to borrow it for free, for a day (or even a week-end) at Leica stores in the U.S. Try it. It might change your attitude with "say no more" about A7III. I did. Still own A7R-III. But shoot with SL more, when not with Ricoh GR. :)

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(unknown member): Its not the price, but the utility. Leica know its days are numbered and that their own autofocus and add on any lens 4K video Leica SL is just SO much BETTER and also £1000 cheaper!! (Chief competitor to Sony's A7R series) Dumb-dumbs buy Ms now, dont ya know!! Why do you think there are so many desperate people making a big fuss here: they are all finding out all that the M series lack. No variable dioptre correction. No autofocus. Inability to use long lenses without additional EVF. Relatively noisy and only 24MP resolution sensors with bad rep for failing... Astronomically priced own-brand lenses , many unsuitable for the digital sensor, yawn, and now no video at all, at all, at all. And only £6300+ body only from Amazon now, with only 2 year EU guarantee....

I have both M10 and Sony A7R-II. For studio work I prefer Sony. For EVERYTHING else – Leica, because it's much more pleasure to use. They are not competitors, they are different. Both have their advantages and flaws, and it would be stupid to not use each where it shines.

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semorg: why not go .95 or eve .75 that would give them a lot more press coverage :)

The 1.1 lens has actually 55mm filter, not 52. I own 1.1, and it's 55mm filter.

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On article Fujifilm updates X100 firmware to v1.10 (108 comments in total)

My biggest issues are:
- it auto-focuses from infinity, leaving the object closer to me (which I most likely taking picture of) out of focus in too many occasions
- dancing with the menu items and the command dial is annoying: the "enter" button is too small and I often miss it pressing left or right of the wheel instead
- menus should not wrap (jump from the last item to the first with one extra step) -- it should stop at the last item!
- for real-life street photography it needs to be faster, giving back control while writing files to the card. Please learn how Ricoh GR3 does that. With a fast card on Ricoh it takes couple seconds to write jpg series of images and it's ready for the next one. Fuji dies for unacceptably long time between shots
- please, please add continues shooting mode. It's not the same as burst mode. It don't have to be 3 or 5 frames per second. 3 per 2 seconds would be OK, but it shouldn't stop after 10 frames, and die forever to write that sequence down

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siegfriedthieffen: Alot of money only for reason that is german! I preffer to wait the russian copy of that :-(

Pretty sure Russians could come up with a golden version. The same way they do with old leicas and FEDs. :)

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