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  • Also remove the Nikon DLs from the list of Nikon cameras.

    Whenever I see it I keep imagining how life could have been together...

  • Decrease in compact sales?

    If you are referring to my not buying the TZ80 or LX15; it is because I, like many others, are waiting on a successor to the LX100.

  • I'm going to take this question literally, so consider the following:

    1) This is the last focal length/lens you can have for the rest of time. Those in their early 60s now may live another 40...

  • Is this not the successor to the 760D? That is where the number 77 comes from. It looks like it was meant to be called 770D but they accidentally left out a zero, just like they forgot to add 4K.

  • I don't fully buy the 'has to be done by hand' story. It sounds more like they are trying hard to show that there is still some human involvement to protect the status of the brand and to justify...

  • Created discussion thread DIY pixel shift
    As most here know, the pixel shift technologies of Pentax and Olympus cancel out the moire caused by the bayer sensor and increase the resolution (and probably the low light performance as well). I ...
  • Commented on article Fujifilm X100F Review

    There has been much dislike on here about smartphones damaging the camera market. But, when it comes to demanding 4k, which is a fairly common smartphone feature, the majority here will...

  • Commented on article Fujifilm X100F Review

    No, but 4k should be the standard on a 1400 euro camera right now, in the same way 1080p was well over five years ago. So, while it may not be the most useful camera for video, I would want the...

  • Commented on article Fujifilm X100F Review

    Very beautiful looking camera, but it would look nicer with a 4k sticker.

  • @dppmetro;

    If you think that the mentioned damage is noteworthy to the photographic community, consider the following:
    a) It was not even a photographer who done this, just a vandal.
    b) The...

  • snob

  • Trying to think how this is digital photography related...

    Maybe the photograph of the van? It looks like something you expect in an episode of Breaking Bad.

  • Not doubting the Leica viewfinder, which is most probably one of the things they do best. Just saying that, if a more fun photographic experience is gained by handicaps, why not go a little further...

  • (1) Just checked all my modern Canon lenses - they have depth of field scale (not to say some manufacturers dont have it anymore).
    (2) Like stated in my proposal, no viewfinder is allowed. I say...

  • You could have the same fun with a dslr if you turn off autofocus, don't use the viewfinder or liveview, and turn the lens manually 'by estimation'.

    Only major difference is that it doesn't have...

  • Sony can also produce sensors which it does not use for its own cameras.

    Other manufacturers cannot keep up with Sony's tech, and they eventually start using Sony sensors. Sony is in effect the...

  • I am disappointed.

    Pentax K-1 is a quarter of the price, but delivers much better results.

  • I don't think it encourages you to buy lenses from another manufacturer as much as it encourages you not to buy the body from the other manufacturer. The target audience of FF mirrorless is those ...
  • Canon makes APSC mirrorless that competes with their own APSC dslrs lines. And they keep pumping out more of them every year, so I don't think they are worried about competing with themselves. If ...
  • Using the argument that, because Canon is not into somethng, it must not be worthwhile, is not really a fair argument. Canon is the conservative manufacturer where you go to for a reliable product, ...
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