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ZJ24: I wonder if there are any plans to offer larger sensor sizes - the idea of connectable cameras is an interesting one.

That said, a lot of smartphone cameras are good anyway in decent light. I would have thought the big advantage of connectivity would be if you could have a higher ISO image with less noise (please no-one reply with SuperRaw stacking information, get that, very useful "sport" ISO ability if nothing at all is moving).

By larger I mean say 4/3 in this context (where the existing sensor is 1".

The "breakable wisbang" doesn't seem to be as breakable as you might think. I put mine in my pocket without remembering to retract it and when I removed it from my pocket I thought it was broken - rotated a few degrees and bent backwards. It appears to be made to withstand this. I was easily able to get it back to where it should be.

As for cameras like the Air01 and the Sony QX10 and QX100 (i had both) - neither of the Sony's worked well - way too much lag between zooming / focusing / composing and the results appearing in the phone's display, making them totall unusable for me. There's absolutely ZERO lag with the DxO One. I can't comment on the Air01's speed in this area but I can't imagine that I'd be happy having it + a lens hanging off the front of the phone.

When I bought the DxO One I wasn't expecting to ike it enough to keep but I had to try it. It's definitely a keeper and it goes with me everywhere!

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