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I'm a little bit disappointed now that dpreview don't review shutter lag anymore. It used to be on the "performance" page of camera full reviews, now it's not mentioned anywhere.
Unlike big DSLRs, shutter lag can be a big problem for P&S, and it's generally not mentioned in the marketing material anywhere.

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cleverinstigator: I'm sorry why not put up a few satellite relays in between so we can get some decent images of the planet why spend that much money on a mission that is 8 years behind in sensor technology. 2mp is a joke for landscape shots.

If the guy had any idea how gravity works, he wouldn't have asked to "put up a feel satellite relays". Satellites don't just "sit" there in space like a cell tower...

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yakkosmurf: We use up-to-date Nikon still cameras and Canon pro video cameras on the ISS. In a few years, the space radiation environment kills a high number of pixels on those sensors (especially the video cameras), and we have to swap them for a newly launched one. That isn't an option for Curiosity...obviously. Likewise, we see issues with large capacity flash memory cards for these cameras as well.

From what I've seen of the impacts on consumer hardware (even once extra shielding is added) in the space environment, I completely agree with their design decisions.

@qwertyasdf: We're protected from radiation not just from our atmosphere, but also from our magnetic field. Mars' magnetic field isn't there anymore, and the atmosphere is 100times thinner than on Earth.

Anyway, I still think they would be better off with some microfiber wipers on the lens and solar panels (of other rovers with solar panels).

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HowaboutRAW: And does it shoot raw?

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Apparently with this camera, Fuji is targeting vacation-goers, not enthusiasts or pros. Having RAW mode will a) confuse user if the interface is not designed well or b) require Fuji to pay some more for coders to code that interface and RAW processing capability to PC software up with (what they thought to be) little gain for a bit wider market.
And remember, RAWs are bigger. Most P&S people don't buy cards based on speed - they only look at the size. Writing a 20MB raw file to a 32GB class2 SD card will only annoy people.

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