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Kit Lens Avenger: Swell.... say it with enlargeable stills or all higher-count megapixellage means to me is gargantuan file size. Obviously goes for conventional cameras, too.

What is the problem with larger file sizes? Honestly?
Given todays secondary storage speeds and sizes, what does it matter if your image is 12 or 50 megapixels?
My problem is time. Time to even look at and appreciated my images, much less sort, or God forbid, edit them. That’s only for the very few and select images, and processing time for those images is an absolute non-issue.
Low resolution is always an option if you want it, nobody forces you to save your images at full resolution. But for the images I do care about, I’d like them to contain as much information as possible.

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starbase218: Following up from my previous post in which I stated a bit too strongly that “buying a new iPhone is not for me” (although it’s true till this day), can I ask why people buy new iPhones every year? Is it really because of some new feature that they actually end up using? I mean, not only are these expensive devices, getting a new one every year contributes to producing e-waste every year.

Or do you actually use the phone to do something like create video productions as is shown in the ad?

@starbase218 You're quite right. My father does his banking on an iPad that is more up to date. (In all honesty, his hearing kind of makes using the phone more awkward for calls than using FaceTime on the iPad, so he doesn't use it much at all. It comes along when he's out of the house though.)

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starbase218: Following up from my previous post in which I stated a bit too strongly that “buying a new iPhone is not for me” (although it’s true till this day), can I ask why people buy new iPhones every year? Is it really because of some new feature that they actually end up using? I mean, not only are these expensive devices, getting a new one every year contributes to producing e-waste every year.

Or do you actually use the phone to do something like create video productions as is shown in the ad?

"People" don't buy new iPhones every year.
All people around me use them until they meet a fatal accident. Hence, my father still uses an iPhone 4 from 2010, my daughters use an iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 respectively, their mother an iPhone 8, and I an iPhone 11 since my 6s Plus met its final destiny bouncing down a flight of stone stairs.
And the same goes for the families I socialise with.

If your perception is that people around you buy new phones every year, then I suggest that they are not smack in the middle of mainstream income brackets. And iPhones are pretty mainstream, there's over a billion of them in use. And since Apple only sells a bit over 200 million per year, you can figure out for yourself that no, "people" don't buy new iPhones every year.

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duchamp: I'd prefer an m43 bokeh master 60mm pro 1.4 instead of the 20.

The 75mm is dated?
It's hands down excellent. And its build quality is up there, check out Roger Cicalas tear down of the lens at lens rentals.
Of my ten m43s lenses it is, hands down, the top optical performer. I only lament that we don't have sensors that allows it to stretch its resolution legs.

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forest dream: Still focus on pricey "Pro' lens?
When OM Digital will release flagship MFT camera with Sony 21MP stacked CMOS Four Thirds sensor (IMX472)?

If they are both buying from Sony, they kind of do that automatically.
Historically, Panasonic has been more oriented towards video and Olympus towards still photography, but these days that may concern firmware and software features more than underlying sensor technology.
The difference between them is that OMDS does not have a larger sensor line of cameras and lenses to up-sell to their customers. They have no reason to hold back on their m43 products.

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forest dream: Still focus on pricey "Pro' lens?
When OM Digital will release flagship MFT camera with Sony 21MP stacked CMOS Four Thirds sensor (IMX472)?

Agree that a camera with updated sensor is more urgently needed than these lenses, even though they seem quite nice.
(The linked sensor doesn’t do a whole lot for me though - Olympus already did 60 fps with full sensor readout five years ago with the E-M1ii. Never used it for anything really. Would MUCH rather have a variant of the 48MP sensor.)

But building a camera with a new sensor and associated processor is presumably one heck of a lot more work in terms of testing and debugging - I can see that it may take a bit longer for the new company. It’s sorely needed though, and it has to be successful, releasing a dud is not an option.

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That owl shot….
I’m glad I’m not a forest dwelling rodent.

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Weia: As interesting as the previous articles, thanks! Minor point, the 'Ruined Gothic Colonnade' is romanesque, not gothic. And please add metric measurements when giving measurements.

Given the time period (the metric system was introduced roughly 1790 in France), and the fact that most of these guys are french, metric would seem appropriate.
Measuring systems were a delightful mess back then, almost on par with USB standards.

Personally, a wrinkle I find fascinating is that they achieved their results way in advance of much scientific understanding of the processes.

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HRC2016: Maybe soon they can do a review of neck surgeons sometime.

Putting too much weight on one shoulder is really bad for your back/neck, usually the C4-5 disc. It can lead to arm/hand nerve damage.
I have photographer friends who have either had surgery and/or given up shooting. Yes, they were all careful, too.

I would never recommend a sling or shoulder bag. I recommend a waist bag or backpack, both of which center the load on your body.

I don't know if this injury risk was mentioned in the video. But I know that losing the use of an arm will cut into one's ability to buy/use camera gear.

My upper weight limit for all day carry shoulder bags is roughly two kg.
I put mine on the kitchen scale 15s ago out of curiosity and it weighs 1.5kg with body, three lenses (one attached) and some filters/memory cards/charging cable/…
I have a larger, gorgeous Think Tank that never leaves the house because it’s too big, making its center of gravity extend further from my body, apart from also adding more weight of its own. It serves as lens storage.

These days I shoot m43. But my old Contax G1/G2 systems weighed the same, as effectively did my EOS-5D and so on, I simply reduced the lens selection with my heavier systems. After some time shoulder straps invariably dig into your shoulder and/or the asymmetric weight distribution starts taking its toll on your back.
I’d never carry around as much as Chris and Jordan show here in a shoulder bag, other than to and from a car.

We’re lucky that shooting versatility can come in small packages these days!

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TheLinguist: LOL

Trash phones full of spyware.

DPR pushes Chinese products hard this year

It’s Android. The OS is literally user targeted ad-(spy-)ware.

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The size and to an even greater degree, weight, is what sells these lenses when comparing with alternatives.
It’s great to have options!

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dgumshu: That little red-head is seen a lot on this forum. She is darling and makes a great model... she’s a cutie.

The first shot of her is wonderful.
Even daddy came out unusually well this time around. 😀

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On article Fujifilm XF 50mm F1.0 R WR field review (307 comments in total)
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Samuel Lucifer: There is no sense into buying this lens and was only made 'because they can'. That's fine to use it as a marketing vehicle. Nikon does it with its F0.95 Noct. However this lens does not even render much different than the 56mm f1.2 and the 90mm f2.0, but weights and costs more than a FF equivalent lens.

So if you think you need this lens you have bought yourself into the wrong system or you could have saved yourself some money and weight by buying yourself the 56 or 90. Sorry if that hurts some feelings.

Maybe they are not looking to do just this one thing, but have opted for Fujifilms system due to its combination of size, video qualities, IBIS (these days) and so on. And then they find themselves with the desire and wallet where this lens would be nice. Should they then complement their system with this lens or go to the expense and handling issues inherent in buying a camera body and lens from another manufacturer?

I think you simplify the choice too much.
The Fuji APS system is quite nice (I mainly shoot another), and people will, quite reasonably, make a few compromises to get a whole that suits them.

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GreatOceanSoftware: “ While Hubble was launched in 1990, its telescope was built in the 1980s, meaning that the team required the help of staff from Hubble's extensive history, including Hubble alumni. Some team members had to dig through Hubble's original paperwork, reading through nearly four-decade-old documents.”

I wonder if they had to dig out their HP-41c calculators?

Awesome recovery!

@PentaxNick: Ack! Pfft! ;-)
One of the awesome aspects of that period of HP calculators is the mechanical feel (and shape) of their keys.

While the HP Prime is kinda there, the unabashedly retro HP 35s is probably the best example today. To use a calculator look alike app on a smartphone is like kissing your beloved with a sheet of glass between!

(I rocked a HP34c back in the day. A display that glowed red … )

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Honestly, while this looks like a nice sensor, as a 4/3 user I’d prefer them to use (a variant of) Sonys 47MP sensor. The main thing I would use the fast read-out of this one for is HR shots, but it is WAY more practical and generally useful to simply gather the data in one exposure! (And that other sensor offers the same pixel read-out speed, only its claim to fame then becomes 8k30Hz.)

YMMV obviously. We will see what products are actually offered to consumers, when, and at what price.

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Skromny Tomasz: Kind of on the topic here but more to do with smartphone cameras in general,

I don't have an ultra wide lens for an actual camera and I kind of want one, got one on my cheap Pixel 4a (the 5g one). So I tried to put a phone pic through the usual workflow, all the fireworks, sharpening, denoising etc. I tried that with samples from the new iPhone and the Samsung too just to see is there a big difference between them,

To the point (because I suppose there is a point to be made), I understand that phone cameras are a big selling point and so on, no arguments here, but pics from all recent phones look great when "consumed" on a phone, crisp and sharp. And at the same time, when viewed on an actual monitor and/or prints, they all look off (to be generous), even after editing wizardry.

So I don't really get the race for higher megapixel count and having 5 lenses, depth sensors, radar etc. What are the odds that someone will "consume" phone pics on anything other than a phone?

I don’t know about others, but I’ve printed phone shots at 60x80cm.
It really is about the image and being there.
Like - really, really.

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Is it just me, or is it a bad sign for an industry when news is about ”branding” or ”initiatives” and such, as opposed to actual product news?

I’ve seen such trends in stagnating markets before, and sadly currently in my own areas of interest.

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biggercountry: I think you guys overestimate the significance of LoCA. "Very distracting?" Yes, to the eye that is trained to look for it and is specifically looking for it. But even when you told the viewer to look for it, I didn't find it all that objectionable in your samples. There's no way I would have even thought about it without being prompted to. Perhaps I would with different subjects and lighting... but for what it's worth, I'm not aware of any other reviewers who consistently dedicate so much time to the subject. I'm just saying... it may not be a tree worth barking up. In my opinion.

I tend to lump it in with bokeh, insofar as it concerns out of focus areas.
Which for me personally just isn’t as important as the subject matter that IS in focus. If the viewers eye isn’t very interested in the subject, then the image has more significant problems.

I’ve looked at tens of thousands of images over decades, and not once have I rejected one due to either bokeh or LOCA.

That said, it IS a lens performance parameter, so covering it is appropriate.

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On article DPReview TV: Understanding diffraction (115 comments in total)

The comment about pixel size was a bit unfortunate, as pixel size doesn't affect diffraction at all. It merely samples the already affected-by-diffraction image at a higher frequency.
The phenomenon of of diffraction is independent of the resolution of the sensor.

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Mariano Pacifico: 1/1.7" ? That is the same size of Canon S110 sensor !!! And this is only for the next-gen smartphone .... I wonder what sensor size would be for top end smartsphones And to think this has 40mp !

Can't wait for the future

Actually the "f8 and be there" is attributed to New York photographer Weegee.
He used a Graflex Speed Graphic, format: 2.25''x3.25'', so roughly f/3.5 or so on 35mm film.
For historical accuracy. But it says something about photography too.

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