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D800: Poor LiveView interpolation Nikon FX SLR (DF, D1-D5, D600-D850) Talk Oct 27, 2013
Rokinon (Samyang) 24 f/3.5 Tilt-Shift first impressions (with a D600) Nikon SLR Lens Talk Aug 2, 2013
Sigma SD1M + 35mm 1.4 lens Sigma Camera Talk Jul 1, 2013
ISO 100 vs ISO 200 on SD1? Sigma Camera Talk Jun 27, 2013
What We LIKE About Sigma and Foveon... Sigma Camera Talk Jun 27, 2013
Using the DP2 for digitalizing artwork Sigma Camera Talk Jun 20, 2013
The Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception Sigma Camera Talk Jun 19, 2013
Green handling by different camera brands and models... Sigma Camera Talk Jun 17, 2013
DP1M photos in DPReview's comparison widget (see Nikon CoolPix A Review) Sigma Camera Talk Jun 16, 2013
DP3M first time in field: Hartland Quay Sigma Camera Talk Jun 9, 2013
Canon 60mm Macro vs. Sigma 70mm Macro Sigma Camera Talk May 30, 2013
DPM jpegs...? Sigma Camera Talk May 28, 2013
Samyang 24mm TS Nikon SLR Lens Talk May 27, 2013
Canon lense price drop? Canon SLR Lens Talk May 22, 2013
Architecture lenses Nikon SLR Lens Talk May 19, 2013
Hand holding the DP Merrills Sigma Camera Talk May 18, 2013
50mm f1.8 as a walkaround (E-Type Jaguar pics) Canon SLR Lens Talk May 13, 2013
100 2.0 vs 100 2.8 IS for Flowers? Canon SLR Lens Talk May 10, 2013
Fast prime for FF. 35 vs 50 Canon SLR Lens Talk May 9, 2013
Samyang T-S 24 mm f/3.5 ED AS UMC - sample images Nikon SLR Lens Talk May 8, 2013
The BIGGEST problem with my DP2M.... Sigma Camera Talk May 6, 2013
Any updates on when the new Sigma 30mm 1.4 Art will drop? Canon SLR Lens Talk Apr 23, 2013
Studio shoot with DP3m. Sigma Camera Talk Apr 18, 2013
DP2M: Shanghai Lupo Bridge Sigma Camera Talk Apr 14, 2013
Sigma images often look surreal to me Sigma Camera Talk Mar 24, 2013
So much for technical quality... Canon SLR Lens Talk Mar 21, 2013
SD1M w/ 50mm EX DG 2.8 vs DP2M Sigma Camera Talk Mar 21, 2013
Just a car Sigma Camera Talk Mar 19, 2013
Canon 85mm 1.8 Purple Fringing Canon SLR Lens Talk Mar 18, 2013
DP2M Stitch Time Sigma Camera Talk Mar 17, 2013
When Auckland meets DP2M with CPL in a fine day Sigma Camera Talk Mar 11, 2013
DP2M for environmental portraits Sigma Camera Talk Mar 11, 2013
Samyang 24mm f/1.4 Pics and Price Info Third Party Lens Talk Mar 2, 2013
Nikon 50 mm f1.8 wide open.... Nikon FX SLR (DF, D1-D5, D600-D850) Talk Feb 27, 2013
Some new DP3 Merrill +SPP 5.5 samples Sigma Camera Talk Feb 14, 2013
DP3M Poll: Who's interested? Sigma Camera Talk Feb 13, 2013
For David Millier Sigma Camera Talk Feb 8, 2013
Canon 85mm 1.8 CA Canon SLR Lens Talk Jan 17, 2013
How to see "polarization" in a DP1/DP2M Sigma Camera Talk Jan 13, 2013
Tongariro Vegetation - Fine details as seen through SD1M Sigma Camera Talk Jan 9, 2013
Seeing stars!!! Sigma Camera Talk Jan 5, 2013
Very Happy With DP2 Merrill... Sigma Camera Talk Dec 23, 2012
DP2m and D800 and another cam Sigma Camera Talk Dec 21, 2012
DxO Mark and the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Sigma Camera Talk Dec 18, 2012
Questions for you (if you own SD1 and DP2m) Sigma Camera Talk Dec 13, 2012
I see the monitor detail- how about prints? Sigma Camera Talk Dec 7, 2012
DP1M-360-degree-pano of London from St. Pauls Cathedral Sigma Camera Talk Dec 5, 2012
WTF? Polarizer issues. Film & digital. Canon SLR Lens Talk Nov 22, 2012
DP1M tripod required. Sigma Camera Talk Nov 21, 2012
Macro Lens to shoot Jewelry.... Canon SLR Lens Talk Nov 20, 2012