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  • And the point is? Being argumentative? I get it that you like the result of silky water. Please understand that I do not. Any other arguments are moot.
  • You can download PS Elements from Adobe website and use serial number on your DVD box to activate it.
  • I think it is safe to say that OP simply likes the effect of silky waterfall. Many agree with him. But, it is also safe to say that many do not like it. I am in that group. Having said that, any ...
  • I almost went Pentax K1 II way last year. Had it all lined up but then decided not to because of re-learning the ergonomics of a new camera. I've been on Canon since the first Rebel, through 40D, ...
  • Thank You. So simple, not sure why I did not come up with that.
  • How did I get that smiley by the post title? Not my doing, can someone go in and change my title?
  • Replied in I agree
    Exactly. That's what I said from the beginning. It may , and will, be attractive to astronomers. Some math formulas are a thing of a beauty to mathematicians, to many, they are boring.
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    A real beauty. I see that your opinion trumps others. Good for you.
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    That's pretty rich. You know nothing about my attitude, except for what I think about astrophotography. Again, it is my opinion, and clearly many disagree. I consider astrophotography unique in the ...
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    Yes, close to it. I watch Tour de France every year. There are thousands of spectators lining the roads, many, if not most of them, holding a phone and watching live peloton going by on their tiny ...
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    On the other hand, trying to find out why what's not interesting to you is interesting to others can get you in trouble.
  • My First Canon Rebel, the one that came out first, had North American warranty, not sure how long ago was that, but pretty long. Before then, I can't tell.
  • I absolutely agree that many are fascinated by it, I somehow am not. My closest friend is a fan of science fiction, I have no interest in science fiction, never have. Not sure whether you will ...
  • You may be thinking Nikon. Canon Canada has honoured North America warranties for as long as I can remember. I had my BH Photo purchased 6dMKII serviced by Canon Canada recently, under a warranty.
  • Use "freeze frame" Couldn't resist.
  • If you have a 100% viewfinder that is.. It is surprising how things appear on the sides when a viewfinder is 96 - 97 % and not 100%. In addition, with rangefinders, or Fuji X100, unless you use ...
  • Vistek in Mississauga has some beautiful and beautifully framed photos by the entrance. They have custom proportions, not your regular paper size. I could not figure out the size and asked. So, ...
  • Replied in You? Nothing.
    I agree, not sarcastically, not with irony, I simply agree.
  • Well, I did not say that, you did. Where is this thread going anyway? Pretty sad.
  • I never used the vocabulary you imply I had. I said I find astrophotography unattractive, which I do. Secondly, Am I allowed to have a point of view? Is this not tolerated? Is the fact that I do ...
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