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Hi, Just noticed the depth dimension is off by 20 mm, it should be 64 mm.

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This chat has gone on for a good while now and I must say it's a pretty enjoyable read to come back to. Is this what the good folks at DPR wanted - they put out the red meat (no pun intended ..) and then the sharks start gnawing and ripping on the thought that someone might buy this jacket and, shudder, wear it? I'm with the more functional Arcteryx and Peak Design crowd, but we should laugh at ourselves a bit on this one.

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I suspect, like most of you, that this is not really for photojournalists, just quite affluent folks who need an excuse to buy a Canada Goose product. They are supposed to make some great down jackets, but since I don't have one, I'll take that at face value. The good news is you can pick one out on the Canadian website for about $680 US. Enjoy... :) That's 895 Canadian...

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Allison, Thanks for ideas :) Enjoyed them all, maybe not serious for moi, but all good thoughts. And for a few fellow commenters, maybe this season you can practice at leaving your "inner critic" aside sometimes.

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Great storyline DPR. My 2 cents. I think Olympus is leading the way in moving to handheld high res without a tripod, and again helping push smaller size cameras in high-quality packages. i am ready to mothball my Gitzo traveller. My last Olympus was 20 years ago, an OM-4T that at the time i felt was market leading in quality for a modest size body.
The other big trend I'd love to see across all vendors is "lightweight" weather sealing. For Olympus i'd love a Pen F with weather sealing that didn't make it 30% bigger. As an analogy, when Samsung brought out their Galaxy S7 in a water-resistant compact form factor, the die was cast for me and millions of others. There was no going back in future. This is the new normal we need, alongside quality optics, intuitive menus and the like.

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Great article, interesting camera's. I had an XA for hiking trips and loved it. On the SLR side I went from Pentax ME Super, eventually to an OM4T which was super, however the one I remember most fondly was my Yashica T4 with superb Zeiss lens, my favorite film camera due to the combination of size and portability. I've never gone back to 'big' and have recently bought a Sony RX100M4 for similar considerations.

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