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On article Leica M10 real-world sample gallery (294 comments in total)
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Cameracist: No one complains about luxury sport cars (they are uncomfortable, expensive and difficult to operate and you cannot transport your family with them); the exact opposite is true. Even people who cannot afford them put their pictures on their desktop background.

But when a camera maker does something similar, people on the internet whine all the time.

Totally do not agree with you. When you say luxury sports cars you mean a Ferrari or a Bentley Continental? This is why you have Bentley, Mercedes S coupe, Porsche Panamera and etc...they are super fast and extremely comfortable, you can take your family with you...:-) you can see the actual difference between an S Couple and E class. It will be better in so many things and it will keep the comfort and safety and everything else. When it comes to Leica...there is nothing it will do better than a Canon 5D mkiv ot Nikon d810. It will be slower, it will not allow you to perform all genres of photography, etc

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On article Leica M10 real-world sample gallery (294 comments in total)
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Daft Punk: Getting very bored, very bored indeed, with the constant talk about price.

Unless you live a life of austerity, refusing to own premium brands on a consistent basis, the complaining about the price of a Leica is hypocrisy.

Own a nice watch?

Would choose an Audi over a VW?

Prefer wearing GANT or Hugo Boss over Walmart own brand?

Look at yourself in a mirror and tell me that you dont choose any such thing and yet maybe you are one of these people who gets all steamed up over Leica?

If so, pack it in. It is boring and hypocritical.

Leica is easy to understand. They make unique cameras that work in a unique way. The price, is the price. Get it or don't get it. Its up to you. But no-one is making you buy one.

If people do want one of these unique cameras, then they will pay what is needed to get one. No different to deciding you want to wear a tailor made suit over one off the peg.

So stop bleating about the price and give us all a rest.

Peace. :)

You are making many fair points. But here is another, hopefully fair, point too - nobody can tell anybody which camera to buy. If people enjoy using Leica and buy it for whatever valid or not valid reasons - it is up to them. You are right, the price is what it is and nobody is forcing people to get one. But...when people say that Leica is more expensive because it is superior and can produce better images, this is a huge lies and ignorance. It is years behind most top competitive products and is very limiting (not liberating) when it comes to photography applications.

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On article Leica M10 real-world sample gallery (294 comments in total)

There is an interesting observation about internet discussions overall, especially photography. One can read polarising opinions and be exposed to an encyclopaedic knowledge of forum members. There are hard to refuse facts about pretty much every side of the argument and what surprises me the most is that it is so extremely rarely that one is able to judge the power of the argument by the actual photography of a guy behind the camera. An image is worth a thousand words they say:-) If it is true...put 10 different images side by side and what you will be able to admire is not the camera, but the talent of the operator or the lack of it.

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Super release from Fuji, well done! I still think that X1D is a better lookong and designed camera, but Fuji did produce a super product. Think about it, it is the same price as the new Leica, but it is a so much more capable camera, a different class. I understand it is a crop Medium
Format? Not a real MF?

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On article Fujifilm X100F steps up to 24.3MP, adds AF joystick (31 comments in total)

Man, but why nothing major is updated? Same EVF, same lens. Anyways, I think I am going to get this one as a walk around camera.

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On article Leica announces M10 with new sensor, slimmer design (108 comments in total)
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DotCom Editor: $6595/€6500

Is April Fool's Day here already?

It was always like this

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On article Leica announces M10 with new sensor, slimmer design (108 comments in total)

Leica is an interesting products. If you read specifications, it is at least 5 years behind the top quality cameras. There is no innovation in any shape or form that I can notice. It costs a lot, twice as much as my a lot more capable Canon camera. And yet, there is a real market for it and I have to admit that I would totally love to get the Monochrom version myself. I guess it is not something that you need, because it is by far not the most capable is something people want. Marketing:-)

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How does it compare to Lee Big Stopper?

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Truly anazing shots, simply amazing!

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Still need a dongle to connect it to the new MBP

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Having dongles sticking out everywhere is not cumbersome?

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On article Apple revamps MacBook Pro lineup, adds 'Touch Bar' (870 comments in total)

I am somewhat surprised by recent announcements from Apple. For the first time I do not like their products and direction. Typically, Apple was about simplicity and user experience. I would have never thought that Apple will force users to buy more cables and adapters as it is adding to complexity and harms aesthetics. First was the iPhone without the audio jack and now the MBP. Very unlike Apple, I would say. Also strange that a Pro grade laptop doesn't come with an option of getting 32gb of RAM. I got 16, but would love to get 32 gb. Would you know if my mid 2015 15" MBP can be upgraded in terms of RAM and SSD? I have to say it feels like the last MBP I am getting.

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On article Apple revamps MacBook Pro lineup, adds 'Touch Bar' (870 comments in total)

What happens with Air?

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marcio_napoli: In no way I'm saying Mr. Wong's images here aren't beyond AMAZING. They are, and of course no one is gonna challenge that. (those below saying it doesn't impress are envious or whatever).

But at the same time, I feel I must add a third POV, one that isn't just praise, or being envious.

These images are fabulous work of art, but I can't help saying they work the way they do because of Mr. Wong's target market (which appreciates the style), and because it was done right (from a production value POV - Hawaii, lava flows, enough crew, enough lighting, enough time, etc).

Not in a million years trying to compare my work to his, but once as a beginner (3 years career back then), I did something quite similar on a rocky landscape, querosene , torches, and a model.

That shooting has stayed on my portfolio for many years.

No one cared among all my clients (wrong target market), but results were far from bad.

In fact, they were quite good, given the many limitations we've had that day.

Sorry, trying to understand what are you trying to say?

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Ben, you are truly inspiring are inspiring me! You are not posting a new (same as a ton of other existing inages) image every day on Instagram, but when you share something it is of highest quality. Well done, Ben!

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The camera is 1year old, I think. Tech is developing and changing very fast these days and 1 year from now it will not offer the best capabilities out there and will be beaten fair and square by Fuji and Sony new releases. Strange to only offer a paint job upgrade for 600$ 1 year after the camera is released. 4250$ is not a totally insane price overall if we are talking a camera that will last a decade, but it will not be the case tech wise. I was considering, but it is just too much money for something that will become obsolete very fast.

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Generally, I could afford Leica...but cannkt justify it. Do not get it totally. Maybe one day if I am super rich, I will try...

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ISIS will be upset. It was the most desirable device for them. I am sure they bought all tge stock.

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On article Hands-on and in-depth with the Sony a6500 (554 comments in total)

I am very sorry, folks, not a troll:-) I am a Canon guy...using 5D MKIII. For some reason I think people that bought a6300 would be happy to know that there is the a6500 coming. Is it easy to understand the lineup of Sony and the update/release cycle?

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