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I bought a GH2 and sent it back the a couple of days later. It was terrible. It felt like a disposable plastic camera and was so small it was nearly impossble to shoot comfortably without a wrist /palm strap. My son's Panasonic FZ 150 blew it away in burst speeds and continuous shooting and even had the same LCD pixel density for less than half the price!. For $300.00 less, I got a Sony A65 that shoots 10 FPS with continuous autofocus, full time phase detection autofocusing even in 24, 30, and 60 fps video! The Sony has the fastest and sweetest sounding shudder you will ever hear, like a knife blade thrust into fine sand. Going from the Panny to the Sony was like going from an old Chervolet Vega to a cadillac CTS V!

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