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Paul B Jones: You travel through Asia and the airports look like cathedrals. In the US they look like abandoned shopping malls. If you want to make america great again, start paying some taxes and invest in decent infrastructure.

As a retired U.S. citizen and sixteen year resident of Latvia, I'm OK with NATO in the Baltics. My grandson, a Marine, was recently here and it was wonderful to see him and the other Marines. All are intelligent, well-behaved young men and women who are serving their country. I'm willing to pay for that.

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Thanks for sharing the daily experiences of photographers still working in "newspaper" journalism. I'm curious though, who were the "strikingly similar-looking men" with the high-end video gear "pushing through the crowded room"? Maybe a story there?

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ogl: EU keeps killing Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia, Estonia.

As an American living in Latvia going on 10 years now, these photos are well seen and taken, but do represent just one aspect of life in post-soviet times. We have similar scenes here, but they don't represent the totality of a much richer tapestry of how people live today. It's nice to see some of the other comments which exhibit a fuller understanding of how we live in these places in these times.

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niXer: This is the camera I was waiting for. I wish the grip wasn't so far out but I'll take it.

Commander mode, PSAM dial, that's all I wanted. Even can do wireless connectivity like the D600/D800.

Goodbye P7000.

Thanks Trolls for giving me a laugh-out-loud moment this morning.

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On photo morning rays through the mist in the Pentax K-30 challenge (3 comments in total)

A well-deserved first place finish.

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Hi michelobultra. I watched them for a while before I took this foto and they were laughing and flirting, so the larger context contributed to my description. A foto, of course, is only a moment.

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Shot with the Nikon 85mm 1.8D on the G2

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Very nicely done. The contrast of cold and warmth, a solitary stranger in contemplation, the lovely light, all make this a compelling shot. As a native of that town, I've ridden that ferry so many times I've forgotten. I can hear the low rumbling of the engines, the blast of the breeze you must have felt, and the moment of realization that this was the shot to make. Thanks for posting this thoughtful explication of a scene and a memory which resonates with me.

Riga, Latvia

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Performer at the Riga Blonde Parade.

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