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... waiting for PETA to elect the monkey to Chairman of the Board.

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Reversed castings to dodge copyrights?

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On article This is the world's first variable graduated ND filter (150 comments in total)

People! It's a half variable ND filter.

A graduated filter looks like this:

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As always, it's important to be able to distinguish between cost and worth.

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Especially fitting if your nickname is Lumpy.

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thetoolman: I used to roll my own film in a film loader and probably took more rolls of film in my day than a full day's run of the biggest Kodak film plant back in the day. To me this new Yashica camera is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Only someone who has no clue why people love photography would come up with such a ludicrous product.

Oh, you did not.

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Still, there's the potential for a manufacturer to run with this concept: something along the lines of an interchangeable/ updateable image processor.

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How about a cartridge with the features of a basic digital camera? Maybe an add-on later. Gadget creep.

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Sure glad he's feeling better.

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(unknown member): I wonder why there's so many new films emerging when clearly nobody is using it any longer

Daniel's tongue was lodged rather firmly in his cheek, Dale.

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Saying "whatever" is so cliche, but, whatever.

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What I'd prefer is an image true to how it actually appeared to the eye.

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Guessed "yes" on two that were not manipulated.
Guessed "no" on one that was manipulated.

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CaMeRa QuEsT: There is one very important reason why I dislike fixed lens big sensor cameras: when their sensors get dirty, and they do get dirty from the lens pumping air in and out whenever it's focusing or extending/retracting when turned on/off, the only way to clean that sensor is disassembling the camera, and that's something usually beyond what the photog can do himself/herself: it needs to be worked on by a technician, and that costs money.

For the most pocketable APS-C sensor camera with a fixed prime lens, I'll consider a Canon M10 with the 22mm: I had the M2 with that same lens and boy was it small, the M10 is about the same size, does selfies, has a built-in flash and is lighter, just not as well built (M10 is all plastic, M2 was all metal).

Prime lens, yes. Fixed lens, no.

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barrym1966: Interesting I just scored a destination wedding in Italy. I am in the UK does this mean I won't be able to take my camera gear? I sure as h3ll will not be checking it in as backache and have it kicked broken and lost by the incompetent baggage staff that every airport seems to employ

Did you see Italy on the list?

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I can see a lot of dropped lenses using the Beacon design.

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What's the story on the scratch showing on the X-T2 "prism" hump?

Paint wasn't dry?

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No. That's a purse.

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