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On article Looking back: Canon's eye-controlled focus (232 comments in total)

I once used one for a friends wedding. All the pictures came back with the attractive girls in group shots as the focussed point - it guessed where I was looking exactly!

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Lovely to see Lok on DPreview!

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Photoman: What about the security loop hole where you can hold a photo of the phone's owner and it unlocks it?

I have mine set to 'wink' it only unlocks when the identified face moves!

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cosinaphile: selfies are a indicator of our mindless self absorption and the general decay of the human psyche , mind , intelligence, ego,and purpose , these drones are an airborne extension of that disease

america has a love affair with itself and admires self absorbed a s s h a t s with egos that have a pathological overabundance ...... actually recognized as a disease .....Narcissistic personality disorder .... its so common i wouldn't be surprised if america elected one of these ....ummmm....., wastes of a baseball cap , to its highest office one day...

I've ordered 10. Check out my snap/insta/twitter/fb/wechat profiles! #notalent

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On article Throwback Thursday: the Nikon D80 (251 comments in total)

I upgraded my first camera (an EOS300D - I've never owned a film camera) to a D80 and several lenses. Awesome piece of kit built like a tank - I cracked a rib when I landed on it skiing but it was unmarked!

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Terry Breedlove: My granddaughter just asked for her own camera she is age 7. I have an iphone 5s that I don't use anymore I wonder of this fits that.

Terry - just give her the phone and maybe a tough case for any drops. She doesn't need it to look like an old camera that her dad/granddad use! I think this idea is trying to force youngsters into what the designer thinks a camera should look like, not a millennial!

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samfan: That's pretty cool I think. If it gets at least one kid to be interested in regular cameras, then it's worthwhile I think.

I mean kids growing up these days often don't have any contact with cameras whatsoever. At least you can show them - see, you can also use machines like these. Then maybe explain why they're better.

What I'm confused about is how does the front side look. Probably not like a DSLR with a large fake center lens since that could interfere with phone lenses which are all over the place.

It would also be nice to have a version with functioning dials to change settings and such, but that would be a lot more complicated obviously.

'kids don't have any contact with cameras' !!!!???? Seriously, my 5 year old and her friends have plenty of contact with cameras, they are constantly filming and taking pictures on various devices (I've installed safe apps etc). Oh, you meant they don't use 2kg heavy DSLRs and spend hours playing with micro focus adjust, checking for lens variation, complaining about sensor resolution.......

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On article Meet two nomadic photographers who travel full-time (152 comments in total)

So what address do they put on their country entry forms on arrival, address when booking tickets/cars etc? No one is going to rent out cars to people with no traceability.

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primeshooter: Fair enough for VLC, they are just providing support. But who is responsible for the stupid idea of 360 video? Eh, you know like that's the reason a director chooses a lens, chooses a perspective, chooses what you see and what you don't.

Why the hate? If they had invented 360 video first and then said, how about we make it a crop view only? Would you be for or against that?

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On article Bentley creates a 53 billion pixel car commercial (187 comments in total)

I think Simon Stock is a genius. He's convinced Bentley to pay him for months of work and has given them a basic landscape photo with a car rendered in the one area you can zoom in on and convinced them it's a 53 billion pixel image!!!!

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I fear it's more Lytro Vapourware. Sounds awesome but I'll believe it when I see the first movie shot with it.

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On article How to: iFixit disassembles the Fujifilm X100T (102 comments in total)
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Buhl213: How can the spring save energy? Isn't the spared energy in the returning direction spent by the extra effort to also push the coil back?

Yes. My thoughts too. Maybe the spring is used to reduce gear backlash (or take up any tolerance to stop the parts moving when they aren't meant too)

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I'd hate to eject with D800 and 24-120 strapped round my neck!

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On article Tracking Hurricane Sandy on Instagram (15 comments in total)

Come on, we all know from the forums that a picture cannot be considered good, unless it has been taken on a professional DSLR (not a small sensor or plastic bodied one of course) using a lens with a gold or red stripe.

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On article Just Posted: Sony NEX-7 Hands-on Video Preview (82 comments in total)

Really good to see the focus system in action - something that many reviews often miss. I hope this becomes standard on your video reviews. I look forward to the V1 video.

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On article Mountain bike photography technique (42 comments in total)
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Matteo Ganora: I can't believe... fake panning also here, in a tutorial!!!
The second and third shot are the same shot, one with a blur effect on photoshop...

It's a shame!

No they aren't - look at rear of red jacket and front position on track.

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On article Mountain bike photography technique (42 comments in total)

Good tips but careful on the flash. Maybe pros aren't bothered by flash but as an amateur bike racer it could be a shock (eg accident) to go over a jump and get hit by a load of SB900s going off wirelessly from an over keen photographer!

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TheGuyBehindTheCamera: forumware?

It's a new feature - allows you to update from the camera in real time just how soft/noisy/poorly focussed your camera is (rather than actually spend time taking pictures....)

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