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On article Taking it easy: Canon EOS 80D shooting experience (294 comments in total)

It is ok for the small niche they are marketing it for. For pros like us who want it for photography and video, I find it not worth it. We use the 70D for gimbal work and that is wonderful except in low light.

But the deliberate crippling of it with no HDMI clean PRORES & audio out for external recording is a deal breaker for us.

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I think it is worth saying, write to Google, tell them there IS A MARKET for this product both for professionals and amateur photographers. These products are amazing. And they could easily be made to work for people with less knowledge, they are that easy to learn and work with. Seriously!

And for professionals, if they kept innovating with these sky is the limit we feel. 25 years as professionals we find they not only are indispensable but help us to grow creatively!

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Glen Barrington: I downloaded the NIK tools last night. I hadn't used them before and was surprised at how unmoved by them, I was. I was expecting to be blown away, I guess I'm a victim of the hype. The NIK tools have taken on this cult like status ever since Google bought them, but I'm not sure they are any better than similar Topaz or OnOne toolsets.

And frankly, many of the native tools found in the ACDSee toolset make more sense and offer a much better editing/development experience than the NIK tools. For instance, I would hate to give up Pixel targeting and Light EQ in favor of Viveza. I also found them slow compared to Topaz plugins (which aren't exactly speed demons themselves)

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they're free, and I won't uninstall them, its better to have tools you don't need than to need tools you don't have. On the whole, It was a nice gesture on Google's part. Clearly they don't see much of a future for NIK. but I think compared to other toolsets, NIK is showing its age a bit.

Glenn, yes at first they look unimpressive. We are professional art, wedding, and portrait photographers for over 25 years and found that after learning more about NIK they are beyond belief in innovative quality and blazingly fast to use. Head and shoulders above other products even though not updated for awhile now.
You see NIK was developed by crazy imaginative engineers and professional photographers who created the most imaginative ways to integrate their film background into digital photography. Do yourself a favor and learn more about them and trust us they are not hyped. We still find them invaluable and they open our eyes and minds to constantly growing in our creativity.

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I say I get decent wonderful results with my iPhone 6s and my Moondog anamorphic nuff said. 4K stabilized pay attention to good lighting and composition and proper highlight shadow exposure. Don't find the need for 6000 dollar lens

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OK so Canon has deliberately crippled yet another camera with no HDMI clean out! We have both a professional photography and videography business and have used Canon exclusively for over 25 years. NO MORE DONE.

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Not to beat t dead Canon, I mean horse, but does it have or not clean HDMI out? likely not, but if Dpreview knows or anyone for sure please post. 70D is crippled.

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Is it cripple or not folks I cannot tell. Does it have Clean HDMI out, i.e., 422 8 bit with audio or only 420 or nothing like the 70D

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On article Newly enthused: hands on with the Canon EOS 80D (689 comments in total)

So is it Crippled or NOT? HDMI CLEAN 422 8 bit out? or less or nothing? with audio or not? only highly compressed 420 H.264 I and A? what is the story

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S.O.N.Y. Soon Only Newest Yes to everything wonderful in the world of both photography and videography. They are just crushing it. Vertical integration, innovation, nose close to the customer, fix mistakes and improve. They have learned to listen unlike the others. And they are just getting started it seems. This is yet another indication of another area of innovation that can integrate with how people are using cameras. Soon they will have 9 miniature lenses like this on your smartphone all computer integrated to make a low light high resolution high dynamic range image that will just blow us away. I see it coming. Look out Sony is really in there 130%

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On article X-Factor: Canon's EOS-1D X Mark II examined in-depth (617 comments in total)

OMG HDMI out is limited to 1080P are they kidding! Wow! Holy lets change to Sony Batman. We are life long Canon folks. Hello Sony. Both for photography and videography they integrate everything and make it all possible. Not Canon. I simply am disgusted by this deliberate handicapping of the DSLR to separate them from the cinema line. Awful! 422 8 bit 1080P only good grief. GH4 at 1600$ has 10 bit 422 4K out.

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On article Key features explained: Canon EOS-1D X Mark II (97 comments in total)

Totally saddened by dumbing down of this camera by 8 bit 422 out and no log. Very sad.

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On article Key features explained: Canon EOS-1D X Mark II (97 comments in total)
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solarsky: Is the video 10-bit 4K MJPEG with C-Log OR WHAT?!

nope 8 bit 422 only no log and cinestyle or neutral settings are not the equivalent of actual log settings

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On article X-Factor: Canon's EOS-1D X Mark II examined in-depth (617 comments in total)

ONLY 8 BIT 422 HDMI out folks and no LOG! wow! For me Canon shoots themselves in the foot with separating their DSLR cameras from their cinema line this way. We are BOTH high end professional photographers and videographers. We will NOT buy this camera for this reason. We absolutely love the dual pixel focusing and many aspects of Canon image quality but this is a show stopper for us with this camera. We await the 5D Mark IV and see how limited that one is. It may be time to move to Sony for us. We are seriously considering it.

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If I may, I read further and saw that they are only claiming a hardness factor. This may explain the test type. A test that has the ring supported by the edge of the filter and not the center may fail easily if the material is only harder but not elastic.

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I am a research methodologist. There is a problem with the validity of the test. The glass is supported by a very narrow circular steel hollow rod beneath the filter. Yes, this produced the result seen. However, the test should have been done with the outside filter ring being supported NOT the center of the glass. This would represent real life validity of impact to filters not the test dynamics. The results might be similar, however, this is speculation only. Impact resistance has many variables including deformity, elasticity, and so on. Sigma may know this, and this is why they did not show us such a test. I find myself healthily wary of this test and its results and its generalizability to real world ability. Why did they not choose the test that would have been obvious, i.e., support of the filter by the circumference of the filter? If I am wrong, I will be glad to consider buying one.

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LED vary MARKEDLY in their uniformity of wavelength. Unlike blackbody light, such as the sun and tungsten lights, they can have large inconsistencies, gaps, and color casts. And to make matters worse, there are now several types of Led lights which if combined can make it impossible to correct skin color and background in post. CRI does NOT measure all the factors that are needed to examine color rendition and uniformity of wavelength of an LED. It would be very useful if DP gave us in their reviews a examination of each LED product offered not only its CRI but its actual wavelength uniformity so we could judge its usefulness for videography.

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On article FAA officially launches drone registration system (173 comments in total)

Regards wedding videographers would be need permit from venue AND proof of INSURANCE now? Does anyone sell insurance for drones? How astronomically expensive might it be?

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On article Behind the camera: Beauty photographer Lindsay Adler (30 comments in total)

Lindsey is an amazingly talented artist first rate educator and brilliant business person. This is a rare combination! In addition she is a down to earth wonderful person that I have known and followed from her start. She has taught me a great deal personally and professionally. Take a class from her or better yet have her shoot your portrait. She is brilliant

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On article Video Field Test: Theron Humphrey and the Sony A7R II (188 comments in total)

Congrats DPR and your photographer dog pair true believers in the creative process as am I. He has it right, we are the camera and the camera is our assistant. Wonderful. And the dog is essential, the pair bond teaches us to be in the moment something that is so pure and so pristinely important.

And yes, I think this camera is a true ground breaker. I has flaws as do all cameras, but a major break thru. Very innovative and in the next year as they improve and refine it, look out Sony is truly moving forward. Their new FS5 coming out is simply amazing looking for example.

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On article Sony Alpha 7R II Review (2159 comments in total)

Why is there no mention of reported problems with overheating with the internal recording of 4K Video after a short time, making the camera useless for weddings and other events, i.e., unreliable? Has this problem been overstated? Was it never a real problem? Has it been corrected?

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