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  • Just that funny: Reinstated the following fix, which was introduced with firmware version 1.3 but omitted from versions 1.4 and later. (1) - Fixed an issue in which pictures shot using Continuous H or ...
  • Replied in FastStone
    Not sure what you are sending to Faststone possibly a tif file , FS by itself has very limited capability to decod raw files no profiles ,no white balance, no lens correction so I am using ...
  • Replied in RAW vs JPG
    Yes I started years ago with Nikon Software  but my understanding is they are using about the same algorithms as inside their cameras so not surprising you can not  reach much better result until ...
  • Replied in RAW vs JPG
    Perfectly agree , for me  in any case even at 100 ISO we can see great benefit to process the P950 or P1000 RAW with the best state of the art softwares Of course with lower ISO , good light and ...
  • Created discussion thread Korean squirrel
    Nice meeting with special light  in a forest close to home. Unfortunately this is an invasive fauna and dangerous as transmitting the Lyme disease. Due to the light only a global processing was ...
  • To process panasonic RAW there was a version of Silkypix delivered with Pana Cameras or I suggest another free ART (Another RAW THERAPY) a simpler version of RAWTHERAPY For me familiar with small ...
  • No never ,not usefull because most of the time we need to adjust manually after auto tu ing
  • What details they looked smear by the burning light ?
  • Mainly you can see the effect of my usual workflow with two step denoising dxo deepprime follow by on1 nonoise ai,
  • global processing DXO + ON1 DXO+ON1
  • I compare your gigapixel version and my version starting with your original jpg processed with ON1 resize AI and NoNoise AI Personally I prefer my on1 version ,this is a Zoom by 500% but with any ...
  • What is the default  you used the Standart or the Faithfull ? Not sure about that remember the  GIGO principle Garbage In Garbage out I think it' s better to provide at the input the cleanest image ...
  • Did you started from the SOOC jpg ? so you lost many details , depends how important they are for you , if it's to display as a vignette or  if only the colors interest you  it's all right of course .
  • Created discussion thread Shorebirds
    Great time for the shorebirds I am lucky to stay close to a unique spot in Paris area where many shorebirds in migration do a stop Processed as usual sooc and processed
  • So no surprise the SOOC jpg is smearing a lot of details that no processing can recover Probably you have some settings to process the sooc inside the camera (NR ....) mine and sooc jpg sooc jpg ...
  • I am doubtful that may never exist I am perfectly happy with ON1 sharpening algorhytms efficient and controllable even as included with NoNoise AI and Resize AI
  • And what is your appréciation on that?
  • And what is your appréciation on that?
  • Thanks for this nice test I far prefer your Edit 2 , I see in Edit 1 typical colors artifacts from Topaz stuff that for some reasons I cannot see in your in Edit 2 ? I apply my current favorite ...
  • Depends what you intend to do and about your workflow . Resize AI has much more features specially to control the sharpening and printing . Concerning strictly resizing it looks from what I see and ...
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