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It all started in the 1970s when my parents bought me a Boots Instamatic film camera. I can remember doing what most children do when first getting their hands on a camera, they walk around the house photographing just about anything, from a wall socket to the floor. Things took a turn for the better when I won the annual photographic competition at my school 2 years in a row - using same Boots camera!

Later, grandparents gave me a (faulty, double exposed sometimes) Konica range finder before I bought a Minolta X-700 SLR. My father would scold me every time I pressed the shutter with "Alexander! That's 40p!" Was so happy when it all went digital and I could blow raspberries to that!

Being a UX person in my day job, I believe handling and responsiveness to be the most important aspect of a camera, and no one has got it right yet, although Fuji, Olympus, Pentax and Panasonic come closest to 'getting it' when it comes to position of controls and dials, the tactile feel and the way it all comes together. (I would put Pentax at the top for ergonomics in general.)

Although I do once every year or so get paid to shoot photos or video by clients of my business if we become involved in their web presence, photography and video is mainly a hobby. My focus is 'recording' our family in a fly on the wall manner (I often leave camera on tripod recording over a meal or during Christmas present unwrapping) and also making a historical record of my business and the development of it's technical innovations.

I believe (and Panasonic are executing on this) that video is the future of photography - no matter how some purists may react. As I type this on January 10 2016, having just been on a photographic walkabout in Savernake Forest, and shot some 4K video using my new GX8 plus Olympus 12-40 f2.8 M.Zuiko Pro, and then viewed it on my Dell 27" 4K monitor, the evidence is in: Hit Pause on the keyboard during playback (or grab a frame from a video editor) and the IQ of the still image (from 4K video) is now equal to that of a high end prosumer camera or mid level DSLR of not long ago.

Of course, we will ALWAYS shoot stills (only way to get creative per shot), but for events, quote me on this, a few strategically placed Panasonic GH6's will capture the event in glorious 8K, and then later, the 'videophotographer' will pick frames from the various feeds, or even allow the client to do this.
(Samsung's amazing T1 and T3 pocket SSDs now make it practical to 'carry' high def video with you.)

And no doubt, VR will become part of the capture process too, although I have concerns about the technology's impact on society. (A topic beyond the scope of this DPreview bio!)

Anyway, back to the bio bit, I may considering releasing for sale some of my more creative photos.

Dear reader may be interested to know that I never do any post processing. I either don't have time or prefer things left as they are.. Only exception is to get creative or fix a photo that is priceless but needs tweaking, perhaps when underexposed or corrupted.

Update: April 20 2017 - I no longer have a camera, by choice. I sold the GX8 and now have a Samsung Galaxy Note5, that includes a Pro mode for manual exposure control. For video, even the Note 4 could shoot footage that in good light was hard to discern from that shot on my prosumer cameras. As they say, the best camera is the one you have on you. Exactly.
(I know, no viewfinder, and the lack of tactile controls makes phones a casual tool, but I no longer have the time to 'manage' a real camera. The only one I'm thinking I would consider is the multi lens LIGHT camera that looks like it will be as pocketable as a phone, making pro level images more practical - assuming it lives up to it's hype and can shoot DSLR quality. I worry it may become another Lytro though.)

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