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The lingering question for me is "Will Nikon produce a mirrorless low-light monster like the D5/D6 or will the Z9 represent the top of the company's sports-oriented camera hierarchy?" So far what I see here is a compromise in the MILC world between the 850 and D5/D6, which means the Z9 will be fabulous, but may miss the mark for some professionals.

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barrystet: It will be interesting to see if it can come close to the high ISO performance of the D5 on the photonstophotos site charts.

If you are correct concerning expected performance I wonder how many pro sports photographers shooting in challenging lighting will be ditching their D5/D6 for this. And also wonder if Nikon will be coming out in the future with an MILC tailored more for their needs - sports journalists don't need to send huge jpgs to meet a deadline.

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It will be interesting to see if it can come close to the high ISO performance of the D5 on the photonstophotos site charts.

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rhlpetrus: Photography is alive and well, more pictures are taken today than ever before. Enthusiast photography has always been a niche market. Until the advent of smartphones, photo companies grew because people needed dedicated cameras to take photos, now they don’t. Pro photography is a small market as well, but will always demand good quality equipment. How many camera makers can survive in a , say, 5 million ILC per year market. 1, 2, 3? At most. Better positioned are those part of a large conglomerate which sees it as relevant. I think Sony, given a possible integration with video, is there, Canon likely, then, well, possibly Nikon, but it starts to get muddy. Of course some very niche makers may stay, like Leica and Hassy. We’ll see in a few years. Or maybe, unexpectedly, ILC market starts to rise again, always possible. 10 million units market would already be exceptional.

Your history ignorance index is astoundingly high. All the present camera companies and more were surviving quite happily less than two decades ago on the volumes you mentioned. They simply need to terminate more employees and cut out capacity. They will. The leaders at Olympus didn't have the nerve to prune heavily so they passed the job to someone else.

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BobYIL: RAW @ISO 25600 to 51200, i.e. the upper range pros use frequently, the D780 seems to be superior to them all..

we haven't seen the D6, it will be ready for the 2021 Olympics

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Nicolas Alexander Otto: Sad that it does not have IBIS. Otherwise I would have pre-ordered one. Still very solid, looks like what most people wanted out of Nikon for an update.

Bean counting. They'll put IBIS on the high profit margin D6, but not the D750. They're forced to add it to Z6, Z7 to compete. Nikon is going to nickel and dime themselves into a less than 15% market share.

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Modest improvements. I'll get my broken Mark2 fixed and wait for the Mark4 or simply remain happy with what I already have.

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I use DXO 11 for raw conversion and some global adjustments and ON1 Photo Raw 2017 for local adjustments and style creation. I plan on upgrading to ON1 2020 since I am assuming the improvements made over the past 3 years will be worthwhile. I don't plan to upgrade DXO until purchasing a newer camera, which may not happen for 3-5 years.

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The camera companies will survive. The Japanese rarely snuff out firms completely. There's still a lot of margin out there - just lower volume. The firms will slash their work forces, eliminate the low end, and dramatically increase the intervals between product introductions/upgrades. The folks who are actually quaking with fear are all the youtubers, bloggers, commenters, and sites that depend on clicking who will have to find something else to do with their time when the steady stream of new gizmos is reduced to a trickle.

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glokenpop: Is it just me or did the phone make Fallon seem really insincere? :P

it's his normal demeanor

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abe4652: If I want good video, I'll get a Panasonic, since they focused on video after the success of the GH2.

If I want good stills, I'll get an Em1- Mark 2.

If I want extremely good stills, I'll get a Sony megapixel beast.

What I will not do, just to photograph trains and planes, is pay for a camera that is twice the size of an Em1, twice the price of an Em1, much more weight than an Em1, same still quality as an Em, and about the same video quality of an Em1.


@kodacolor200 -Go for it dude. I'm sure you and those other 3 dozen buyers are going to get your money's worth.

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gianstam: It seems that Nikon and Canon believe that the lenses are the main selling point for a SYSTEM

@Clayton1985 if you looked past your hyper-reflexive nose zits you could see he's talking about the long term.

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daciangroza: I've been using a Wacom tablet for everything for years. It has completely replaced my mouse. But the industry desperately needs competition in this sector. I've never spent more time on a hardware forum trying to fix bugs as I've spent on Wacom's.
There's people on there complaining about the same stuff for years.
Their products are buggy as hell, with every new OS version and Adobe update there's a slew of problems. And with the next update where new problems are fixed, the previous ones from a few months back show up again. It's crazy. The Wacom drivers absolutely suck. Right now I'm dealing with a half crippled tablet where some functions work in Lightroom and not in Photoshop and others vice-versa.
Wacom will never care about this unless a competing company comes along in this market.

Sounds like a nightmare. Thanks for the valuable comment helping folks to avoid a deathtrap.

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On article First lens adapters for Nikon Z already appearing (255 comments in total)

I wonder if there will be a market for FTE adaptors reverse-engineered for AF and eye recognition for all those too impatient to wait for Nikon to catch up to Sony once someone gets their hands on the FTZs and breaks them down?

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This release is even more disappointing and puzzling than Nikon's Z. Nikon temporarily limited the features on the Z bodies to preserve DSLR volume, but at least with Nikon you can see they are scheming to use their new mount to drive future growth. Their future Z lenses won't work with adapters on other mounts, the future lenses will outperform existing lenses having the same maximum aperture, lenses from other mounts will work with (some future 3rd party) adapters on the Z bodies. All this would drive lenses revenue (assuming their lenses will be superior) which is where the real money is made. And people who want the Nikon lenses would be forced to buy the Z bodies.

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Producing a new mount is not a brave act. Trying to implement F-Mount on mirrorless would have been brave and foolish. Nikon is acting out of desperation and it's old culture is still dominating the decision-making. Look at the lens roadmap. No bravery there, no stretching in proposed specs to take advantage of their mount decision. Look at the overall specs of the Zs - strictly copycat with just enough added to pass what Nikon believed was their competitors benchmark and just enough left out to try and guard the DSLRs. There is no bravery at Nikon. Unfortunately for them the world is moving so fast their cowardly changes still leave them behind. And Nikon will only open the lens black box when the fast moving competitors threaten to crush the Nikon lens market.

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I am a mostly happy D600 user. I use an E-M5II when I want to carry a significantly lighter/smaller ILC. The only reason I would consider a FF MILC over the D600 (or replacing it with a used D750 to get better autofocus) is for the WYSIWYG, IBIS, and Focus Peaking when using legacy manual focus lenses. FF ILC with autofocus is not small. I'm not seeing anything in this Nikon introduction to divert me from my intention of buying a used Nikon or Sony FF MILC in the distant future to occasionally use the MILC features mentioned above. The factor affecting the timing and selection is the evaluating the impact of trading off the combination of getting autofocus F-Mount utility with the intentional omission of the dual card clot on a used Z in the future versus immediately getting a used Sony with the dual slots and no autofocus.

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If Canon and Nikon simply replicated the features and performance of their 1DX/D5, 5D/D850, and 6D/D750 cameras while changing the mounts and providing excellent adapters, adding IBIS/focus peaking, and excellent EVFs then they would find themselves occupying the #1 and #2 positions in the FF MILC market within 18 months. There is no need to stretch beyond those goals, the pent up demand is enormous.

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Nikon's near-sighted bean counters are on the cusp of moving the firm into third place market share and fourth place could be on the horizon if an aggressive competitor starts taking bold moves.

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TomCodyPleasedToMeetYa: One way to improve Flickr would be to get rid of the horrible gifs and images in the comments sections below photos. They are horrible. Updating the camera finder tool would be a good idea too.

You can configure your account and images and select the Flickr groups you wish to join to avoid having items posted to your images you dislike. You might even know this. Yet, like many elites you choose to vent about items a large number of Flickr users actually enjoy in an effort to force your values on everyone.

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