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On article Adobe leaks 'Lightroom Mobile' app (209 comments in total)
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JordanAT: Solution: lose the iPad and go get a Windows tablet and a free dropbox account for the library. Load LR on the tablet, work in the full version (with a real digitizer on some tablets!) when on the road using DB. When you get back home/to the office, just fire up the tablet and use lightroom to move the images to their final storage location on you server or external drive.

Real Lightroom, no importing/exporting catalogs for every outing, and no additional cost.

Finally Windows is starting to make sense. Up until now I've struggled to fathom Win8 and Surface.

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On article Integrating the Apple MacBook Air into a pro workflow (346 comments in total)

I must say, I never found the Air to be deficient in performance. Mine is an ancient first/second gen machine, ran a core 2 processor when everyone else had centrinos, so it could munch through Lightroom and CS3 (yeah that's how old it is) without trouble. Still running it today, though the single USB port issue (solved on later models) is a pain in the behind.

This is hardly a great demonstration of what the Air can do though, some of the other responders have highlighted it's real capabilities in the mobile office setup, as opposed fast turnaround in the article where EyeFi cards and app based post pro will streamline the process.

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On article Ten items you should have in your camera bag (288 comments in total)

Not sure if this applies to every camera bag. It's more of a walkaround kit. I'm sure I wouldn't be needing a CPL, cable release, a poncho or a piddly flashgun at an indoor event.

You've also missed off a penknife, which is the equivalent of a smartphone in the 1990's and still very useful.

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Now if only we could get the doctors to pay attention to this...would save so much money in already overstretched healthcare systems.

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Canon's affordable full frame cameras have made the whole project redundant. Since the original EOS 5D was launched, it has opened the door for all kinds of adapted lenses running on their original format, a bonus is that Canon's EF system allows for metering and function without a detected lens. Most of the major systems can mount to Canon EF with no optical modification, including Nikon F, Olympus OM, Pentax K, Leica R, M42, Contax/Yashica, and Rollei mounts. So you can faithfully reproduce the optical quirks that these various vintage lenses posess, without having to use the lens on it's native system.

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Perhaps this is a contentious issue, but I feel that for DP Review, this is going somewhat beyond it's traditional remit. I find that this goes beyond the traditional documentary content here, where photography has been used to record rather than create, nothing against the work itself, but I feel that it doesn't quite belong here. DPR should keep it's focus on strong documentary work as it always has done, acting as a beacon for a field which is perhaps under represented and considered somewhat throwaway.

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micahmedia: I've tried this with the D700. It greatly reduces the mirror slap, but it's not silent. Not quiet enough for a quiet set or quiet performance. I think the issue is the soft cushioning. The Nikon bodies resonate at a low frequency. Perhaps stiffer foam would mitigate this. I never got around to more experimenting, but the basic idea is good. Not perfect, but useful.

Using the standard foam may also not be ideal. There are special application foams, called acourstic or soundproofing foam for the exact purpose which may prove to offer better performance.

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ciao_chao: This is no surprise, for breaking news as it happens the staff photographer is always going to come in second place, in this age of high speed mobile telecomunications. Short of a teleportation device, this isn't going to change.

Photojournalism needs to change and adapt to the landscape, and concede that getting news as it happens is always going to be one step ahead. There is still great potential on the features side of the trade, and that's where the big battle ground will be.

Written media does not need to be of a first hand account.

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This is no surprise, for breaking news as it happens the staff photographer is always going to come in second place, in this age of high speed mobile telecomunications. Short of a teleportation device, this isn't going to change.

Photojournalism needs to change and adapt to the landscape, and concede that getting news as it happens is always going to be one step ahead. There is still great potential on the features side of the trade, and that's where the big battle ground will be.

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On article UK's Focus on Imaging photo trade show to close (19 comments in total)
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Sad Joe: A shame that its closing but having attended for a number of years I did feel that the show had either to change (become far more interactive) or close and did not plan to attend the 2014 show (if it had gone ahead) and second that this reflects (again) the changes taking place across all of photography. I strongly feel that our hobby using (real) cameras and lenses is on borrowed time now with fewer and fewer (younger) people seeing any reason why they should not just just their phones... one day Canon & Nikon (etc) will simply be APPS on another smart device ... don't believe me ? Watch this space - it's coming.

There is a growing culture in education where the concept of being "wrong" has been crushed. Today a child is never told they are wrong because of the potential negativity associated with it, and as a result we have a generation of somewhat arrogant people who are blind to criticism and advice. The tragedy is that the culture of positivity has actually harmed the maverics and virtuosos who cannot stand out beyond a grey sea of correctness.

Youngsters are not unintelligent as such, they're just not encouraged to put their intelligence to good use any longer.

Photography isn't dead, and it can survive. However along with a great deal of other things it's survival is dependant on making unpopular changes, and quickly.

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I felt that it wasn't finalised before rollout, lots of little bugs which admittedly much has been solved recently, but still shows an ignorance to compatibility. A bit embarrasing really.

The thing is they've fixed everything that isn't faulty with Flickr and continued to ignore some serious problems, namely the limited nature of group administration.

It doesn't really matter since nobody ever listens.

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As a principle this is a great idea, unfortunately Manfrotto probably isn't the best firm to excecute this concept, granted the Diva range looks reasonable, but the others look worse than the conventional nonsense.

A solution I discovered was to buy an insert which could be fitted to any bag (messenger, tote, or rucksack), and a larger model can easily accomodate a 1D/D3/4 type body with 70-200mm f2.8, and 24-70 lenses, two primes and a flashgun, plus the bag itself usually has additional pockets for filters, triggers, light mods etc.

With this insert, your beloved Birkin, or LV can become a real stylish camera bag. I'll post a photo when I've got time.

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On article Equinox modular and Leica X3 concept cameras (41 comments in total)

This is all well and good, but when it comes down to it the most successful designs have always been those where form has followed function. Nikon probably has one of the best track records when it comes to industrial design, but going out of the camera world, one should look at the likes of Jonathan Ive and James Dyson.

It's a good bit of fun, but this reminds be of the Samsung/B&O Serene, beautiful but not all that practical, but if you want to make a camera-cum-fashion accessory maybe ask a fashion designer?

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If we valued cameras as purely as tools, then I wonder whether cameras could've progressed beyond the basic large format view camera. Perhaps form has come as a by-product of improving a camera's function, however it does come hand in hand with the appreciation of design.

Nikon would not have commissioned Giorgetto Guigaro to create their F-series cameras if they hadn't deemed form a critical element of a cameras function.

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I wondered when this would happen. Jacobs going down should've been a clear warning to evolve. I think most of us photographers have enough business nouse to recognise that.

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On article Canon creates on-screen user-guides for EOS-1D X (48 comments in total)

I see the 1D X/1D C as a great departure from the 1D/1Ds lines. Those of us who shoot 1-series already will be used to the old 45-point AF system, and slightly quirky ergonomics (different to the 5/7). While fundamentally the camera is the same to operate at a basic level, I think the transition up to the X brings a lot of new functionality. I can see the point of having a reminder on how to operate the new functions.

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BTWilliam04: It seems that the ruling was weighted heavily by the fact that these two had been in court before. In my opinion, both pictures are pretty boring anyway so who cares.

The problem I see is that, because this judgement has been made that it can potentially be used as case law in future cases.

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On article Fujifilm releases X-S1 premium EXR 26X superzoom (383 comments in total)
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Mtsuoka: those who criticize this camera for having a small sensor are missing the point of the camera.

Go get yourself a Rebel/D5100 and live with your kit lens

Not totally true. You can find high performance bargain lenses for full framers. Paid £7 for a 400mm to go on a 5D...

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