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I just got back from Idaho. I have friends that live in Northern Idaho and they'd like to move back to California, but can't afford to. When they moved they never wanted to return to California but after 5 years and low paying jobs and interesting people they are ready to bail. I live in Oregon now and still owe a house in the Sierra's of California. Idaho didn't show me a thing that I couldn't find in California or Oregon. That's the same for my photography. Maybe Michael should shoot some of the people in the rural area's of Idaho if he wants a new and exciting experience, hope you can run fast.

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Coming from a protype they look good, and I don't even use Pentax

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beavertown: This ugly looking camera represents 2015? Really?

Maybe the one I was looking at was the 2001 FF protoype?

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beavertown: This ugly looking camera represents 2015? Really?

Looks like the MZ-S film camera with a grip?? Doesn't it??

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yslee1: Ok, Olympus, Panasonic, and Fujifilm, it's your turn!

Olympus has pro support. Or they did.

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Very nice but I have a F3, F2as with 15 lenses and they all work first time every time.
They even work on my D4 D800E

Have fun playing with your new lenses

roger J.

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It's only six lenses that can be converted. Why doesn't Sigma offer to change the mounts on the SD cameras? As for the 4 year warranty the EX DG lenses had that. As for any new SD camera coming out, well......a new Sigma DSLR........well this may be Sigma's way of saying no to DSLR's and going forward with the DP line. I mean if you own one of theses new lenses and want to switch, ok do it. It would be nice if Sigma had parts to fix some of my 9 year old lenses and 8 year old camera bodies. Oh well what ever.

Roger J.

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How about a digital back for all the old film cameras. So you don't have to buy, buy, buy, a new camera every year or two? You know where you buy a digital back for your film camera, maybe even two, three, or four with different sensors. No new cameras just a back Leica did it they just charged to much. Your good old film camera and lenses with a new back. All of my old film were able to change screens, prisms, and backs.

Something to think about.

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