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I own enough gear and don't need to buy more. If I did, there's enough excellent used gear at a ok prices. I see the bottom falling out of the lenses market soon as well as the camera market. I own older Zeiss lenses and Contax cameras, they work fine for me, not to mention older Nikon cameras and lenses. I need nothing.
Be Safe
Roger J.

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Mark-B: Interesting to see how things progress. I've had an account with them since 2007. The top level account has doubled in price. Unlimited storage has been removed from all account levels. I'm tempted to do a free trial on one of these new plans just to compare the look/feel of the back end to what I have now. It looks a lot different in the documentation, but nothing I'd pay double for.

I'm with you Mark-B I've been with Zenfolio since August 2005 and I'm grandfathered in, and I see no reason to upgrade. I wish they'd do an enlarge image mood like Flickr. I wish Flickr would get rid of Photostream and add a blog. So I looking around

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doctor digi: The latest incarnation of eFilm. Remember them?

I'm 110% with you

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doctor digi: The latest incarnation of eFilm. Remember them?

I do. I wonder who bought up eFilm to keep it off the market? I wonder if it really worked? Wouldn't that be cool, if there was a finished product like efilm or the Leica R9 that could change your film camera into digital and back again, for around $400 to $700 USD
Roger J.

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On article Nikon Z fc Review (2132 comments in total)

Here's one of the issues as I see it, I can't use my D lenses on the body, ok, one more it has an AA filter, the Z50 doesn't. Ok,ok, last one it has a fully articulating screen I just like tilt. As for Retro look, oh ya, they did a great job. I'm not sure Fuji has a retro look, they do look like a Leica but not the ST 605
Have enjoy
Roger J.

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tbcass: It doesn't matter because I think people have all kinds of USB chargers lying around in drawers these days. At least it includes an external charger, unlike Sony which didn't include a charger with 4 of my cameras.

I know I do. Way to many.

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Anastigmat: Minolta never marketed a professional camera like the Nikon F4 and it never had a mirror box that can give the camera 10 frames per second. The pellicle mirror is attempt to improve the frame rate of its cameras but it did not appeal to pros who use Canon and Nikon cameras for sports photography. Sony finally decided to dump the mirror altogether. Without the mirror, Sony can finally offer a camera with frame rates that the DSLR camera cannot equal. The logical next step for Sony is to put the Minolta A mount into retirement.

Minolta built the Maxxum 9000 second AF camera and the only AF camera to have a manual film advance lever or a MD. The 9xi matched the F4s then Minolta built the Maxxum 9 Nikon even bought a few to reverse engineer to see how some things done, yes that's fact.
Oh well past history
Roger J.

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Archer66: Nikon DX line is next.

I believe your correct. You can't really use the D lenses on the new Z bodies. They fit, but don't really work.
Roger J.

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Seconds2go: It was always about making more money on new lenses. There are thousands of a-mount lens still available on the used market. Sony needed a way to sell more of their lenses so the e-mount was invented to eventually replace the a-mount and that is exactly what has happened here.
I enjoy my A77ii and all the a-mount lenses and accessories I have acquired over the last 30+ years. They all work great and are not obsolete. I, like many others, will continue to use our a-mount cameras for many years to come as the expense of restarting in e-mount simply doesn't make sense when you already have all the a-mount gear.
Sony cameras are exceptional in many aspects. It's extremely hard for most to switch to another brand or mount when you have invested many thousands of dollars in a system that works great. Why would I rid myself of all my long acquired gear for another mount if I'm happy with what I have? Answer: I won't.
If your are just starting in photography you had better do your research.

Your spot on. There's no reason to buy more when what I have works great.
Roger J

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The blue mode looks a lot like Ektachrome. Makes the snow/winter scenes look colder. I've been a Sigma fan sense, the 1970's when I'd used some of their lenses on a few assignments, but I still want a FF Foveon or a 1.3 crop, or a 1.2 crop (if that's possible) Foveon in a FP style body. I still prefer the Foveon for digital. It has its drawbacks, but the pros outweigh the cons in my opinion. I own other Bayer cameras, and they all look the same to me. There are to many Bayer cameras on the market already. I wish for a FP with a FF Foveon, or 1.3 crop, or 1.2 crop?? tilt screen, not a rotating screen, just tilt, and a EVF.
Can I get that to go, Please? ASAP???
Be safe but Enjoy
Roger J.

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On photo Vulture in Flight in the A long lens (but not ultra long) challenge (17 comments in total)

Very nice

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BackToNature1: Maybe this is the real issue, I really don't know for certain. Sony Semiconductor Solutions, the company would have to respect the property patents of Sony the Camera division just as they would any other company. So that, in my eyes would mean Nikon couldn't just request the whatever when they come to Sony Semiconductor Solutions, the separate company.

If the Nikon R&D department can design it within property patents , Sony Semiconductor Solutions will build it. But they can't just build anything outside of that concerning any other companies unless there is some agreement allowing such.

Sony Semiconductor Solutions cannot sell/build away and make the designs of any company over any other without those companies agreeing to do so. They will build anything you come up with Specs Wise within property patents Law.

I wish Nikon would make their own sensor again.

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Victory Camera: Digital photography on dedicated cameras is dying a slow death but film photography is thriving. Camera prices are up and I am seeing more enthusiasm than I have seen in years.

In my mind, the problem with the camera industry now is that the cameras are no fun. Shooting with a classic Leica or Nikon is exciting (to me anyway). Digital cameras? Not so much. To me, the most compelling digital cameras are the Leica M models, but hardly anyone can afford them.

I would like to see Nikon introduce a new film camera, not a re-issue, but an actual new model, maybe a re-designed SP with modern metering and an M mount. That would create more buzz than any of their recent offerings.

Maybe the camera could be offered in two versions; film and digital. Now that would be something worthwhile.

Your right. Digital is no fun. If you can PP you can change what ever you want without really knowing. I'm thinking film takes more talent than digital or I know it does. With digital you can close your eyes and say sh*t and shoot thousand of shots where the law of averages says you'll get something, so you really don't have to know much just spend more money. I shoot digital too, what does that say about me? But I'm returning more and more to film, I don't need 2 thousands shot of my dog or cat or ????? what ever. Film slows me down and I have a cell phone for digital.

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Well what to do?? I use to get the $299.99 for free. So if I upgrade do I get a camera strap that say I'm a "Pro"??? Sony just offered me a "Pro" plan for $99 they also know I'm a Nikon user/"Pro" What is a "Pro" now days anyway?????
Stay safe but have fun
Roger J.

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weisman: I've been an NPS member since 1994, and I've gotten the 20% discount on repairs ever since. I presume that will end unless I pony up $150 which is a bit tough in this economic environment. I guess it was only a matter of time before Nikon monetized this program, but the timing sucks.

I agree. I've been on the NPS program sense the 1980's . That was when you had to show your work/portfolio. What their offering now for $299.99 a year I use to get for free. Maybe they send you a camera strap that say your a pro??? Like sony??? LOL

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I'm making the move back to film for a few reason
1. I shoot less junk/garbage shots. Let's face it, how many PP pics of animals, trees, mountains, kids ect. can one person take??? To much over load junk, it gets boring. I get boring
2. I have a record of the image, of the real thing, if it were to get PP by someone I can say no, that's my work, and here's the slide to prove it.
3. It's cheaper, I use the same scanner, computer, camera and lenses I used for years, no need to buy, buy, buy more.
4. If I want a different look I buy a different film
5. Easier to store. I do not need 5 HD or 20 SD cards
I can scan the slide if I want digital. Then PP if I choose too.
I'm done buying. I'll use what I have, and I still have a complete darkroom.
Have fun
Roger J.

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Where's the adapter that lets my older F, AF lenses, and my D lenses, AF on the Z bodies? You know the lenses with the screwdriver in them. Where's that adapter? Sony has one for the A mount.

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catlyn: RIP, pre-JIP Olympus!

Now it will be interesting to see where the photo industry is heading to.

Some say the upcoming Panasonic GH6 will be the last Panasonic MFT camera.

Some say the upcoming Canon EOS M model will be the last, and that there will be RF-cameras (though the EOS M line sells very well -- especially the 4k-capable and good AF, latest two camera models, if I'm correct).

Some say the Nikon D860 will be among the last DSLRs. No word about upcoming Canon DSLRs (5d Mk V?).

Pentax doesn't want to go mirrorless.

And it's not clear what JIP will do about Olympus.

Ricoh is dropping the Pentax name. It's just Ricoh like in the Film days but I think Ricoh is smart for not going mirrorless.

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I knew there was a reason we got our butt shot off in Vietnam, remember the police action the USA did. Oh well we'll see where this goes or how long before it goes south. I still have my Black M1, 24, 50, 135 lenses they works great.

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Sign me up. I'm done with digital except for snap shots of flower, trees, mountains, dogs, cat, and birds. I've to many digital cameras and lens. My film cameras still work, after forty years as a working photojournalist. I process my own B&W and from there I can scan (digital) or print in the darkroom. Darkroom prints sell better. Although I will say that I can now convert my important digital files to Translucent Film which can be printed on an inkjet printer or printed in the darkroom, although film print still have a better quality.
I'm glad to see Tetenal is back and with tablets, this is great.
Roger J.

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