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On photo Cricket flying in the Flying Insects challenge (15 comments in total)

Great tone, movement and composition - well done.

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On article Just posted: Fujifilm X10 in-depth review (145 comments in total)

Thank you DPR - I've had the camera from when it was first released and found the review added to my knowledge.

I would have liked to have seen some comparison shots of Raw processed in camera rather than with an external editor - did I miss this somehere?

Fuji Australia is saying they will replace the sensor if you ahve V1.03 and provide a printed photo showing orbs.



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EssexAsh: so was that in an EXR mode, what about manual or aperture priority? Lets see some regular test images to see what its done to the image in general too?

Really -looks pretty usable to me.

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Albino_BlacMan: Now how does this work? Does everyone get a new camera for free? Can you send you camera in to have the sensor swapped for free? Or are the "beta testers" SOL and forced to pay for the new sensor?

This has been discussed widely in the forums. All current owners can have the sensor replaced for free starting in early March.

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(unknown member): Where are the orbs in question? All I see is diminished left/right reflections of the light in the centre of the ball. I'm not sure I would even have noticed that if I had not been searching for it!

Is that what this is all about or is this photo just a bad illustration?

Are you serious or just trying to stir things up?

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Base ISO 100 and no orbs - well done Fuji

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Well done Fuji. I think this is a good result for us early X10 owners.

My X10 will be returned to the Australian service centre for the fix and I look forward to being able to shoot indoor architectual shots at clean ISO's without blooming.

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lowkl: Yikes! The sheer emotional response in this thread is amazing!

I am (still) seriously considering getting this camera, even with the acknowledged orb issue. To all those who scream 'this camera is beyond c*rp, Fujifilm should be publicly stoned to death for coming out with it, and anyone who says it's OK/good is an obvious shill and/or doesn't know photography from a hole in the ground!', please suggest anything currently available that has an equivalent:
- price
- fast lens
- large dynamic range
- optical viewfinder (or at least a viewfinder that can doesn't require holding the camera at arm's length)
- decent higher-ISO performance

I think I read a dXo report that showed a good dynamic range for this camera but how can that be when it handle (specular) highlights so poorly. Is it that the dynamic range extends into the shadows at the expense of the highlights? I'd be interested in hearing from the experts on this.

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nakeddork: Seriously, why does dpreview insist on beating this dead horse?

If Fuji themselves find the issue serious enough to make public statements that they intend to fix the problem why do you say it is silly? I own the camera and have occaasional problems with this issue.

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nakeddork: Seriously, why does dpreview insist on beating this dead horse?

Perhaps your view on this issue is not the view of others and perhaps other peoples view on this has some intrinsic value?

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If this solution includes Australian customers then well done Fujifilm.

Added: Of course the solution may only be definitive for sales going forward not retrospectively - I really hope not.

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Jostian: Fujifilm's silence is deafening... if only they knew the damage this is doing to their image (besides the orbs), with 5 review sites now getting orbs let's see Fuji laugh the issue off as they tried to do when X10 owners started raising the issue a few months ago!... unethical and dishonest!

So right yet so wrong - so true.

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HowaboutRAW: Since my last post went up to the character limit:

NB: I’d like to know if those seeing orbs in their photos are shooting exclusively jpeg or only RAW, or does the problem occur with both file types?

I've wondered why the X10 does not produce orbs in video as well. I would like to hear from someone on the technical aspects of this. My summary of the X10 is a camera with great build quality, lovely jpeg color, fantastic macro/super macro performance but an obviously flawed sensor that does produce orbs regardless of what any one says to the contrary.

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Scann3r: My answer from Fuji Sweden (Before fw 1.03 update)

My X10 is sold now so the headache is gone. Unfortunately the pill cost me €150.
This was my first Fuji camera and my last one also, no more Fuji for me.


Your comment on a serious issue is as inappropriate as the response from Fujifilm. You say you are absolutely with Fuji on this issue - I say with an attitude like yours you should work for them.

Link | Posted on Feb 18, 2012 at 09:56 UTC

I am disappointed with the brand Fujifilm. I think most of the disappointment stems not from the obvious problem with the sensor but from their condescending attitude, particularly that of the marketing manager who was recently interviewed about this issue. It's one thing to rush a product to market it is an entirely different thing to then criticize your customers when they discover the problem you didn't fix.

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