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Mike FL: Stylus-1 + CLA-13 + CLA-14 + WCON-08X + TCON-17X
$700+$40 + $40 + @200 +$200 =
over $1100 for a 1/1.7" P&S 22.4-510mm equiv zoom

Good business.

You do get a very fast constant aperture lens F2.8(for a point and shoot anyways.)

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HeyItsJoel: Yeah, but how much?!

Meh a Lot of u M4.3 people use M43 because of the smaller size of the cameras AND the lenses. My EM-1 with the 12-40 2.8 lens weighs less than most full flame 24-70 2.8 lenses alone. I think Olympus and Panasonic will continue to have a market for micro four thirds. This sony willdefinately take the market away from Canon/Nikon who no longer have an excuse for not having a mirror less camera in the market.

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nerd2: MF only, is equivalent to 85mm f2.4 on FF, and priced similar to 85mm 1.8.
And the focus ring looks terribly cramped (only 1/4 turn from 0.7m to infinity)

a 1.2 lens on Micro 4/3 is still a 1.2 lens. The Depth of field is equivalent to 2.4. In terms of light collection (aperture + shutter speed) this is still a 1.2 lens.

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ddtwenty: 12MP is too little pixels for nowadays cameras..

May be 20MP with 4/3 size ,it should undoubtedly outperform sony rx100 mark3 sensor (In term of resolution and Image Quality)

Do you really want to get into a Megapixel battle on a Photography website. If your benchmark is megapixels then the new Canon must be a useless camera since it only has 20Megapixels compared to 36 for the Nikon.

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