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  • I think you'll be very happy. I upgraded from a G3 to a G4 Plus and although it took some adjustment to get used to the larger size, I love it - camera, battery, display all superior. The G5 Plus...

  • Disagree, but of course this might vary depending on what phone and p+s you're comparing.

    I'd say certainly the JPG output on my Moto G4 Plus phone is equivalent or better than my Panasonic LX7...

  • Mostly agree, with the sentiment of your post.

    That said, in low light, the Nikon 1 with 18.5/1.8 is faster than the RX100s, which are roughly a full stop slower at medium-range focal lengths.

  • Replied in V3 vs J5
    John, can you elaborate? Do you mean the autofocus doesn't lock as quickly? Or it locks onto the wrong target? Or do you mean you have to futz more to get your exposure settings configured on the J5? ...
  • Commented on article Nikon D5600 sample gallery

    @calxoddity Same boat. I do love my D5100, though! I don't see any reason to upgrade the body either, given what I shoot and my workflow and print size needs.

  • Commented on article Nikon D5600 sample gallery

    DSLRs are pretty mature at this point, like laptops or iPads or TVs or cars. Most people probably don't depend on one enough to benefit substantially from upgrading to a new one except every 4-7...

  • Commented on article Nikon D5600 sample gallery

    @Terry Yes, they've got you covered. It's the D7xxx or D500. As you already know.

    You just want a pro body at a consumer price. Can't blame you. Can't really blame Nikon either for forcing you...

  • Commented on article Nikon D5600 sample gallery

    You're probably right.

    But as a happy D5100, and as someone who's never used a pentaprism/big bright OVF that covers 100% of the frame, and doesn't shoot that often in such low light that I can't...

  • I'll miss your continued contributions here, but hope to see you on other forums (perhaps a DL one?) in the future. Cheers!
  • I see your point but respectfully disagree. I saw this as a fun change of pace "opinion" style piece that I thought nicely captured the enthusiasm of the author for this genre of photography and...

  • YMMV depending upon your tastes, of course, but thank you for listening and sharing as well. You've been very generous with your advice here over the years, and your shooting tips with N1 series ...
  • Jon, have you tried different camera color profiles in Lightroom? I don't know if they're available in LR 4.4, but I'm using LR 6.x for developing my J5 (and D5100 RAWs) and have recently ...
  • As someone who's been around a bit, I thoroughly enjoyed the sarcasm. Cheers! 😁

  • I've had the Moto G3, G4, and G4 Plus. Just got back from a ski trip and shot a bit with the G4 Plus. One thing I learned is that the G4 Plus didn't mind the cold temperature, while my wife's ...
  • There is a rotary dial on the back of the J5 that controls aperture. The top dial controls shutter speed. You don't need to use the touch screen.
  • Gorgeous shots! Makes me want to take the family on a Disney vacation again. :-)
  • Richard, I agree with your general sentiment, but it's not really a new phenomenon with the iPhone 7. iPhones, along with the Galaxy S series and LG G line, have been eating smaller camera sales ...
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    I wouldn't count on the J5 JPEGs delivering the fine detail you seem to be looking for in your landscapes. I'm mostly a RAW shooter but have shot JPEG-only on occasions (like when I'm traveling, ...
  • I read them. I care.

    Current 2015 Moto G owner

  • One note: I'm well aware that some of the images in this collection are really poor quality and/or poorly composed/crops. Totally true, and fair. I included these bad images simply because I think ...
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