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It was always about making more money on new lenses. There are thousands of a-mount lens still available on the used market. Sony needed a way to sell more of their lenses so the e-mount was invented to eventually replace the a-mount and that is exactly what has happened here.
I enjoy my A77ii and all the a-mount lenses and accessories I have acquired over the last 30+ years. They all work great and are not obsolete. I, like many others, will continue to use our a-mount cameras for many years to come as the expense of restarting in e-mount simply doesn't make sense when you already have all the a-mount gear.
Sony cameras are exceptional in many aspects. It's extremely hard for most to switch to another brand or mount when you have invested many thousands of dollars in a system that works great. Why would I rid myself of all my long acquired gear for another mount if I'm happy with what I have? Answer: I won't.
If your are just starting in photography you had better do your research.

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Goodbye old friend... though I'll still be using you for many more years to come as these large hands simply don't fit the e-mounts well... R.I.P.

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I've been shooting Minolta (Sony) for over 40 years. It's always amused me watching my Canon and other buddies try and explain why they overpaid for each and every IS lens they purchased when I've had in-body IS for many years and saved tens of thousands of dollars in the process. Mostly though, they look down their nose stating that "Professionals don't shoot Sony" as a way of justifying their brand and the extra cost of each lens. It's nice to see you boys finally catching up with what has been a well known secret for many years: Minolta (Sony) has been leading the pack from behind... :)

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