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Martin ChroustMasin: I was hopping that the newly proposed workflow for working with out of focus photos would be part of CS6, but I see they did not included in this version. I wonder why, since they already have it working. I saw demonstration on it and it was awesome result.

"The ability to refocus out of focus images"- theres an interesting marketing pitch. In order to do that you would need the exact construction of the lens - not just which type lens it was but the exact lens used to take the image , the exact distance to the subject to a fraction of a millimetre and the exact place the lens was actually focused and the computing power of a small country and a great deal of time. I would settle for the mac version of CS6 to put the colour variations feature back in which has just been a blank in the menu since it went 64bit.

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Mr Fartleberry: You'd think Adobe would try to encourage more licensed seats rather than drive people away, eh Grumpy?

Again Ive bought every version from v2.5. Personally as a mac user I think Adobe really dropped the ball with CS5. Photoshop has always been the photographer professional tool but they added silly features like the puppet warp and all the 3d options that are far better addressed in purpose built 3d packages and removed the variations tool from the mac version because they didn't have time to code a 64bit version. Plus they added a third party shareware program to handle the check for upgrades. It just felt thrown together to meet the deadline. No better than CS4. CS4 to CS5 was a retrograde step on the mac platform.

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