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On article OM System 12-40mm F2.8 PRO II sample gallery (106 comments in total)
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Nicolas Det: Loving the body and design von OM. But the rendering is a bit behind X-Trans. It was hard to choose between OM and Fujifilm.
I took Fujifilm for the classic dials and monitor.. hoping they keep it!

Some samples are mis focused ?

the biggest issue.. no one can get am OM-1 here in Germany, France.. not available. However, the E-M1 III is cheap and available.!

Oops. Didn't mean to comment here (can't delete)

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madecov: I wish these lenses were chipped. I have a pergear 12mm and it is not optically very good. Love the angle of view but optically it is hardly worth it.

I had the samyang 12mm. It's my favorite lens i've ever owned. F2 , very sharp, no comma. Just absurdly good.

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On article Canon EOS R10 initial review (313 comments in total)
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Fred Mueller: swimming upstream against the downstream flood of cellphone tech

this probably for people who like bird photography and want to use high-end EOS optics. Can't exactly do that with the 10x zoom on the Samsung s22 Ultra. The 18-45 lens is terrible though. might as well use your smartphone.

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Katmandude: what F stop is the lens? I've had the WG-1, WG-3 and WG-4 for underwater adventures, while friends have had the olympus TG series and the nikon coolpix. max aperture was 3,5 on the pentax wide open, while the oly was 2 to 4,9 and the nikon 3,9 to 4,8. The only thing which ididn't appreciate was that 3,5 max aperture. Even with the Leds on, trying to shoot tiny marine life, it was hell on earth to get sharp shots with the camera. I would have given a lot for perhaps a lower spec sensor versus better glass on the camera. For the rest, the batt life was better than both the nikon and olympus. The camera was more rugged, the other two brands kept failing physically, to the dismay of the other divers ;p. The battery/card door on the WG was built like a tank. My WG is probably the best pocketable , "survives anything" piece of kit I've had. not the best picture taker per say, but for the rest: dependable, low maintenance, correct little camera.

Was thinking the same. Wonder why they never adjust the aperture number 🤔....

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kayphoto: I have the older Ricoh model and Olympus TG6. Love them all. And people should be appreciative and honor to have these companies still making them instead of crying because of small sensor but line up in the cold for a Samsung or iPhone phones. But it's your right

@mandm "What phone has a real 5x zoom lens, is rugged and waterproof down to 14m": a smartphone (s22 ultra for example) with waterproof housing.

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On article DPReview TV: Sony Alpha cameras - The good and the bad (425 comments in total)

ergonomics on most modern camera/lens combos is terrible. We're all obsessed with corner sharpness, but it comes at a price for weight and size. No point in having a small camera if you don't have appropriately sized lenses.

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On article Why have cameras and lenses become so expensive? (876 comments in total)
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TorsteinH: The big paradox in my view is: The camera's keep getting better, but the photos are not getting better!

Anyway, the pricing feels higher for a simple reason. Every year the super rich gets richer, while the average person gets less.

@davev8 there is a lot of evidence that wages are stagnating and that people today don’t spend more than they did before. These days it’s cheaper to travel to Ibiza than to travel London up to Scotland. Air travel abroad is cheaper than many domestic routes. Also property prices have boomed because of an under supply in many places, contributing to unaffordability.

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On article Why have cameras and lenses become so expensive? (876 comments in total)

A lot of old high end FF DSLRs + lenses sell now for less than new mid-range gear, and still outperform them, especially in low light, and tend to be more durable. May be missing new features "4k 60p" "10fps', but usually has MUCH better shooting experience and low light performance, as well as pro-only features. Canon 5d Mkii, Nikon D800/D610/d750

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I have a dream: I don't trust hard disks.
I still use floppy disks (5 1/4, 3 1/2 are not reliable).

Stone tablets are the way to go.

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I have a dream: I don't trust hard disks.
I still use floppy disks (5 1/4, 3 1/2 are not reliable).

@jer81 nah brah ! That's 5G that makes you radioactive. Not magnetic. Pfff. U Clearly don't know any science.

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an_also: I use a couple of WD My Passport External HDs. Just want to confirm that these are still good to use?

@magpix same story ! Luckily my 4TB passport was within warranty. Was shocked when I actually got a replacement. Shows you what low expectations i have. I thought I was throwing away the 25$ i spent on shipping.

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AbrasiveReducer: Mentioned in passing is that this drive hasn't been "officially supported" since 2015. Now, "officially" supported sounds a lot like "pre-production"; something meant as an all-purpose excuse should the need arise. But with something as important as backups, it may not be feasible for any company that isn't big enough to support the product forever, to sell this type of product.

If a company changes to a different lensmount, customers may be angry but they don't suffer any loss and thus you're not liable. But data storage?

I think our expectation of how long technology should work gets shorter and shorter by the year. We'll be happy if a piece of tech gets supported for more than 5 years. This is such a low bar. Wish people would get courage and push back.

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9/10 alterations were not very creative. None of the typical cloning, light from different angle, discrepancy in while balance, warping to make someone skinny, background change...

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Pitchertaker: #1Probably shot in Venice, California. Other than this, the rest appear to be international images, which will cost you, in addition to the plane flight, the hotel stay, cab or car-rental fee, food, water, payments for models, etc., or roughly $3000 per shot

#6 Likely unobtainium if you don't happen to be Muslim.

Galápagos Archipelago as a destination for the winner? A superior landscape/nature location if lizards, turtles, seagulls and other marine birds turn you on.

I liked #4 most because it creates the illusion that you're the one riding in the cab taking the shot.

For #6 I dont think its quite as unobtainable as you might think. The vast majority of muslims I've know are not reclusive /inaccessible (some religions, groups are), especially i you show genuine curiosity in the culture, that being said language barrier probably a thing, hard to befriend people if both have to make a significant effort to communicate.

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On article Want to remember something? Don't take a photo (169 comments in total)
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Jim: That study sounds like complete nonsense to me. I've never heard of anyone expressing ANY lack of memory of an event due to having a photograph present. If anything, the complete reverse is true. Nonsensical studies like this are a waste of time and money. I just hope it wasn't funded by taxpayers.

As an aside, why is this even posted on this website? Helloooooo.


The bottom line they're trying to get is photography can get in the way of enjoying the actual experience. The phenomenon of using technology as a substitute for memory is pretty apparent in daily life. especially for younger people. I think this formalizes something we already know.

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On photo Chinampas of Xochimilco in the City of Mexico – Mexico challenge (2 comments in total)

awesome. I remember seeing that same boat "viva lupita" . I'm pretty sure all of them have distinct names.

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On photo Robber Fly_01 in the I'm Going (extension) Tubing, He Bellows challenge (13 comments in total)

wow the technical notes are almost as impressive as the actual image: F22, iso200,1/200?? how?extremely bright flash?

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DavidsfotosDotCom: I will buy it when there is an underwater UW 12+ meter housing for it, I don't want a $1,500 UW hs for my 5Dmk2!
Someone guess what the crush depth is in a ziplock bag?
thx, Free diver


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On photo Black Bird Of Death in the Entombed challenge (2 comments in total)

black bird of death you say? you mean pigeon. great photo anyway. congratz

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On photo Tiny frog in a plant in the Waterlife Amphibious challenge (7 comments in total)
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Donglei: Such a cute fairytale! Love it.

yeah except not a very happy ending.. that plant the frog is hiding in is a carnivorous plant. a pitcher plant :)

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