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  • Have you tried their Denoiser?
  • I like to use NBP ColourmapX for those tasks of Style / Color Transfer: (1) Loaded the above image into Photoshop (Reference Image). (2) Analyzed ...
  • Hi, Found really nice review on FStoppers - Fstoppers Reviews the NBP Colourmap X Version 1.1 Plugin: The Best Color Extraction Plugin on the Market . Thoughts?
  • Halos is a problem of many classic sharpeners. There are some tools which are more advanced and can reduce it greatly. Namely you can push for higher sharpening level yet still no noticeable artifact.
  • Replied in Lumist 2?
    I think you're wrong. Ansel's system has 11 zones - Zone 0 through Zone 10. You may have a look at Wikipedia - Zone System .
  • Replied in Lumist 2?
    I like the 11 Zones approach. But I think there tools doing it simpler and more effective on the market. Have a look on NBP Lumizone:
  • While the HDR term is abused in practice, when one talks about HDR within the photography community he usually means the following: (1) Fuse differently exposed images into one image with extended ...
  • I really like the crazy creative Plug In - NBP ColourmapX. This is addicting how fun it is to color grade photos using it - Move the style from one image to another. Just have a look on this: Also ...
  • I think all of those are very advanced tools while in 90% of the cases you need something much simpler. Have a look on NBP Lumizone.
  • Photoshop's Smart Sharpen is a Deconvolution operation (Very limited and based on classic algorithm which isn't state of the art even 20 years ago). Deconvolution tries to be the inverse of ...
  • I import from ACR in 16 Bit Mode. I usually use more modern methods to sharpen which are called Multi Scale Sharpening (Imagine USM with multiple Radii). There are great and much better sharpeners ...
  • I'm not sure about it. I think all of them use R-L / Wiener Filter. Speed is about the quality of implementation and Adobe has invested a lot in LR in that department. For instance many of the ...
  • Since the run time is pretty fast I am pretty sure they don't do Blind Deconvolution. When you do a Deconvolution you need to assume a model of the degradation filter. My assumption they use model ...
  • Deconvolution is basically the inverse operation of Convolution. Without going into Math, let's say there are many operations which can be applied using Convolution. Any operation which can be ...
  • I saw the video of Greg you referred us to. If we want to be technically accurate we need to understand what's the difference between Unsharp Mask (Or any High Pass Filter for that matter) and ...
  • Replied in Color grading
    Color Grading is operation based only on the value of the input pixel hence it is entirely can be represented by LUT (3D LUT: Mapping from 3D Value [RGB] to 3D Value [RGB]). The second most ...
  • The logic behind what I wrote is that the Quantization Error given a bit depths is higher as the range of values needed to be covered is larger. This is a mathematical fact. It doesn't mean the ...
  • I like doing the Merge process in ACR / Photoshop but the Detail Enhancement and Tone Curve using Curves + Davide Barranca's ALCE . I simply keep the output in 32 Bit, use curves and ALCE and then ...
  • You're correct. When using larger space, as Adobe RGB, with the same number of samples (8 Bit) means the quantization error is bigger (Which in this case means "Banding").
  • Easy, have a look at: (1) Ex top Mozilla dev to Windows users: Ditch all antivirus except Microsoft's Defender .
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