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    I want it as a pure Mask Generator. No adjustment to the image.
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    It is certainly not a Luminosity Mask. It has to do wit Hue and Saturation as well. Those Luminosity Masks automates Photoshop hence they are limited to the calculations within Photoshop. U Point ...
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    I wish I could buy only Viveza and generate Masks using it. Has anyone managed to replicate how it works?
  • Look for solutions from Know-How Transfer, Topz Detail (Not the AI), Fixel Algorithms.
  • Those which use modern Edge Preserving kernels (It doesn't exist in Photoshop, you need Plug In's). Look for Edge Preserving Multi Scale sharpeners. It is a day and night difference. There are at ...
  • Well, most classic sharpeners aim to amplify High Frequencies to begin with. The problem is the data has lower energy in High Frequency, hence the ratio between how much data we have relative to ...
  • Well, the problem is most users apply Frequency Separation (Or better have it Image Decomposition) using the same tools used for Sharpening - Gaussian Blur. Those are very limited approaches. The ...
  • This is the exact issue - Gaussian Blur. This tool isn't good enough for a good image decomposition.
  • There are 2 main factors here: (1) The quality of the data you start from. (2) The accuracy of the manipulations you use are implemented.
  • Hi, Can't you build the Sync with adding a dedicated Sync software? For instance with latest versions of MS OneDrive you can get good sync and the ability to pull a file by demand.
  • I have been an happy use of Dell for more than a decade. I think they have great products - reliable and high quality. Their Ultrasharp line is something like the old IBM, no one has ever got fired ...
  • You may find some resources on NBP Ultrasharp Sharpening Plug In at: (1) Fstoppers Reviews the NBP Ultrasharp Plugin . Review of the Sharpening Plug In by the Fstoppers web site.
  • What do you think about the Lumi32 Plug In?
  • What did you use for Edge Sharpening?
  • Great resources. I would something more technical - Multi Scale, Edge Preserving & Halos Free Sharpening . Nice to learn about the Edge Preserving properties of new age sharpeners.
  • Have a look on some of Nino Batista's tutorials. He has some great tools and techniques for skin retouching.
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    Some videos about Lumi32 :
  • Well, I always think it is better to have all information in one place :-). I looked for KPT to learn what it is, then encountered this thread and thought to share what I saw.
  • If you want something that runs on modern Photoshop try Know How Transfer - WOW Frequency Equalizer . It is even (Much) better than what we used to have with KPT.
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