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  • Well, It might be relevant because only Plug Ins' can (Yet not necessarily) can offer things which can be achieved using Photoshop. So maybe those plug in's can offer things beyond the others which ...
  • Have you tried all the Extensions and Plug In's out there? Some of them should be able to make a focused selection. Plug In's: (1) MASK Equalizer . (2) TK Infinity Mask .
  • All of those are Extensions, not Plug In's. The only Luminosity Masks related Plug In's out there are - TK Infinity Mask and MASK Equalizer .
  • Sharing is a breeze in OneDrive. You can get sharing link straight from Windows Explorer.
  • I really like Microsoft OneDrive. for 10$ per month you'll get 1TB of storage and Microsoft Office. The integration with Windows is great and their servers are very fast. I'd surely give them a try.
  • Hi Jeff, I didn't understand how you created the estimated Depth Map. You link to a post but I couldn't get it from there. Thank You.
  • Hi, From a Math perspective there are much better ways to do Multi Scale Sharpening than what you suggested. I'd go for those who make the proper math, you can't do it in Photoshop.
  • Well, FS for sharpening with 1 layer is really, basically, Unsharp Mask. I still think (And Mathematically it is) the concept of multi scale sharpening is the best. You can find it as a Multi ...
  • Hi, Lovely shot of a sweet child. Worked with ACR (Defaults) + Fixel Detailizer 2 PS (Detail Enhancement, used few scales) + Fixel Contrastica 2 PS (Contrast) + Color Efex 4 (Cross Processing). Before:
  • Hi, It seems you're using the classic workflow. The main issue I see is using Unsharp Mask which is very ancient sharpening method. I prefer Multi Scale approach (Single Scale would be Frequency ...
  • Hi, You can get at least 2 of them for good price at PhotWhoa. Though I think it better buy them at AE Scripts because you get discount for the next version.
  • Replied in Glamour action
    Today most people use Frequency Separation. The problem is it is limited to one Frequency / Scale. Though I use ti for something else, you could use Wow! Tonal Equalizer . It is like having multi ...
  • Lovely photos. They are full of details and with little noise. Wanted to try extract more details using Fixel Bundle (Fixel Contrastica 2 PS, Fixel Detailizer 2 PS, Fixel EdgeHancer 2 PS). Image ...
  • Hi Lui, I think is you read my answer I wrote that Spatially Invariance of the PSF is too brutal assumption to make. It even has nothing to do with the lens imperfections, even perfect lenses (Not ...
  • Hi, Again, the assumptions behind LR and Wiener Filter (They are tools targeted the same task, only different assumption on the distribution of the noise) are too brutal for real life images ...
  • Wonderful image. Many many details. I like the Wow! Tonal Equalizer Plug In. Used it on the image. Before: Original Image After: Wow! Tonal Equalizer Great Image.
  • Hi, Could you show an example? Thank You.
  • Hi, I wouldn't say RL is a good method. You can get much better results using Regularized LS methods and such. RL is just so simple that many software guys implemented it as a Plug In. There are ...
  • Does Piccure+ still uses the simple methods? In the last years there has been a real progress in the field. Yet what usually stops this progress to happen for the average user is the computation time.
  • Hi, I'm not sure it will have the same quality and speed. Scripts are limited to Photoshop's Filters which aren't State of The Art. Actually, the nice thing is that Wow! Tonal Equalizer is script ...
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