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Menneisyys: I've just returned from the MWC, having done MANY resolution comparison shots. Will publish my article in about half an hour - stay tuned!

In a word: the camera rocks and the lens + sensor combo is indeed able to make use of the 36/38/41 Mpixel resolution.

And that is with a unfinished camera tuning. The images are better now as three weeks more work has been done.

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KuroKam: By the way is there a comparison of high MP & binning vs. low MP with larger photosites leading to same final MP image anywhere? What produces better results? My guess the binning is favourable at the cost of additional processing.

Note that the device on show at MWC is a prototype - the camera tuning is not yet complete. Noise reduction hasn't been finished and there are also issue with vignetting. Three weeks more work has since been done and the images are even better.

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