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The point of the post, as I see it, is the effectiveness of the A.I.
The photo may or not be liked as such but that is down to the tastes of the viewer.
Much the same for colourising or not.
It appears to me that the A.I. can deal quite well with sharpening facial features and might be useful for that purpose. The random nature of hair is unlikely to be solved by A.I. because there is nowhere to start in sharpening haphazard detail.
As a hobby, I am recreating scenes of old photos by combining components of one shot with another. It will be fiction although there is no reason why an identical shot might not have been taken at the time and has been lost for ever. If the A.I could sharpen the detail of a ship, for example, that would save me a great deal of work.

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Looking back at the early videos produced by experts around 2016 when I got my Phantom 3 pro, they were truly impressive. I wonder if the Mavic 3 is worth the money?
There is a huge gap in photographic splendor between photographers with true ability and those who have money to burn and desire the best spec that their cash can buy.
I suspect most enthusiasts with real creative ability will still churn out great imagery with cheaper drones.
Although I have never lost a drone, many have. Can you imagine the feelings of someone who loses a £5 grand bird?

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ovatab: people of DPR! relax!
the software is not yet a threat to photography.
rolling back Nvidia drivers after uninstalling Canvas.
the 1GB piece of AI does not generate anything close to pictures from the promotional video.

While what you say is true, I don't think this software was intended to replace photography as a creative process.
Imagine a person creating a book cover. They can scan in a pirate ship for example and convert it to a sketch. After adding other sketch elements to the cover design, the software might produce an acceptable result.
No photographer is likely to get the opportunity to photograph such a scene and photoshopping is very time consuming.

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Although this comment is about the Note S20 Ultra, the focussing issue with the phone has been address, otherwise, it is practically the same beast.
As with all phone cameras, the ability to take a snap and end up with a perfectly viewable photo is easy.
The setting for the 108mp function wasn't as obvious as JPG+RAW and of course, the image proportions are fixed at 4:3 and the HEIC image format is a very mixed blessing or curse. Even I thought the processing of images was overdone. I have the mindset that ignores whatever the photo was taken on and judge it solely by its looks.
There is the current difficulty in post processing the image in HEIC format. So far, I have had to convert them to JPG, so what a lash-up!
I also don't care a jot about sensor size, pixel density, cross-talk etc. Just the end result counts.
Overall, the 108mp is a convenient way of zooming in without a mechanical lens system and avoids the early pixilation you get with just 12mp using digital zoom.

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