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3DSimmon: Good and well timed artical, I was looking into these 3 for video. 5 axis stabilization on the 2 newer models caught my eye, I wonder why it is limited it to video only though?

Aha, thx for pointing that out.

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Good and well timed artical, I was looking into these 3 for video. 5 axis stabilization on the 2 newer models caught my eye, I wonder why it is limited it to video only though?

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Nukunukoo: Another 3-axis stabilizer. Address the Z and you may be on to something. (big yawn)

y axis is up and down in this case because the sensor plane is tilted to an up right position, so z axis would be walking forwards and backwards, something no stabilizer I know of can compensate for.

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jwasturias: Magnets, such an "attractive" solution.

Very true, but one really needs to think about the positive and negative sides of this system.

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Not suprised, great cameras, just over priced.

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SmilerGrogan: The best reason to buy this camera is to preserve your marriage and save your relationships with your kids.
NEVER, EVER take your DSLR or mirrorless on vacation because everyone will get mad when you stop to change lenses or otherwise fiddle with your gear. And the anger will build as the vacation goes on.
Instead, bring this, it completely prevents any resentment from building up. And at $429, it's much, much, much cheaper than divorce or even marriage counseling.
You're welcome.

This is soo true!

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B E: Fail. This is not going to be practical for serious photo editing work. When you spend 8+ hours a day working with a pen, you absolutely need a flat surface to rest your arm on, ie a regular tablet. You also want the screen to be upright, not only for proper ergonomics, but also for reducing reflections and glare (you need it to be dark behind you, ie no light sources that can reflect off the screen), and the screen preferably has to be matt. Hovering your arm over this glossy screen, tilted upwards to reflect the ceiling lights, covered in fingerprints... it is just wrong in every way.

You can still rest your arm when the screen is at 20°

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Looking forward to the 3d and vr update!

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Oli4D: Interesting for sure... but a glossy screen?
No thank you.

How do you know it has a glossy screen?

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Clyde Thomas: I'd like to see a poll that weighs the concern for privacy against those who've actually had their privacy violated by a drone. This thread makes it sound like many here have been violated. How could anyone know if their privacy has been violated? Do people find videos of themselves randomly on YouTube?

Type in your address to Google maps. You will confirm that your home privacy has been violated.

I'm not convinced the world is better when government and corporations can see things that the general public cannot. I'm in favor of greater transparency.

Many people overestimate the level of interest that others have in them. Could this law evolve into preventing all photos in my neighborhood? Yes, your house might be in the background. Does that violate your privacy?

Ok photograph me and my life surroundings all you want. Catch me doing whatever you think I'm doing. It will be an internet sensation for about 0.27 seconds. You soon move on to something else. I am forgotten.

I agree, I think most people are very paranoid. The fov on my P4 is wide enough to make people unrecognizable at more than 5m. I only take pics out in the forest far from people anyway. Glad I live in Norway!

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Maybe, anybody who owns a lens greater than 200mm in focal length should also require a license.

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Wow... so one can potentially film 6k raw at 24p for a good 6 seconds per clip, I am interested!

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On article Kúla Bebe is a 3D lens attachment for your smartphone (13 comments in total)

This is going to be cool!

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Aroart: Awesome. Another drone I will learn to fly so I can teach the people that assume it's easy. Marketing makes them think that. 1st tip, buy a small one you can fly in your house so you have some basic orientation skills. 2nd tip, you will crash. 3rd tip you will crash again. If you want to get the shot on shooting day buy 3 drones. With at least 3-6 batteries. Learn to fly with no GPS. Balance the blades before every flight and replace them after every 10 flights. I've bought tested and owned over 15 types of drones and was flying them 6 years ago when they were called multicopters. They all need maintenance and crash. Hire a pro for your pro shots. Only buy this if you want to learn to fly, know it will take time, effort, patience , mechanical knowledge , flight knowledge .. You might get a few flights with no hiccups and get some cool shots. Trust me, for most people they will wind up as a cool prop in you studio. But no body listens they will buy them and find out the hard way.

Tip 1, do not buy a small drone and learn to fly it indoors, that is stupid.
Tip 2, nobody needs to balance blades before each flight and nobody needs to replace blades after every 10 flights.
I have a phantom 4 and anybody with half a brain can fly that thing, have had it for 1 month so far, never crashed.
Your first flight should be outdoors in a wide open space far from people and buildings. You will learn quickly, and have fun at the same time.

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Portability wins me over on this drone, and I love gopro's tones and colours. I would only hope the lens on the hero5 will produce a straight(ish) horizon line.

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On article ESPN publishes iPhone 7 Plus photos from US Open (341 comments in total)

The shaded area in the arena looks very dark, I wonder how the camera would hold up with a balanced exposure.

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3DSimmon: I think 10 million iphone users just googled 'what is raw?'

Exactly PhotoUniverse, why would raw make anybody care about an iphone7. Had it been in the year 2013, well now, there's another story...

Link | Posted on Sep 11, 2016 at 17:24 UTC

I think 10 million iphone users just googled 'what is raw?'

Link | Posted on Sep 10, 2016 at 19:57 UTC as 177th comment | 4 replies

I guess this artical must only be relevant to existing iphone owners

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entoman: Well, let's hope that if they ever get around to marketing another camera, that they have the common decency to keep it, and its lenses, in production for a few years, instead of abandoning their customers and leaving them with a defunct system, as they did with the NX1 last year!

My theory is that samsung was nudged out of the camera market by another large producer in the industry. Maybe samsung stepped on somebody's copyright toes with their new sensor and settled behind closed doors to save the reputation for both parties. Just my theory.

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