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jannefoo: All the phone operating systems at this point are just a gigantic data mining operations. It's a shame really, the end user doesn't have any say in their operating system or software anymore.

It won't hurt you,
It's just to kill the plants !

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I wonder if they are 'irregulars' or specially made for outlet, Some stuffe is especially made for outlet and not the same quality. I dunno and time will tell.

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jaykumarr: I was not able to understand 50% it first. After looking at diagrams, I understood them all !! thanks for graphic dpreview. Hope USDA will certify it Organic too.

So, should I wait for FZ-1000 successor with this sensor? how long will it take for this invention to reach sales?

No, only kale !

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Don Diafragma: WOW! Another Sony Story....

DPR says they are independent press, but sometimes I unfortunately get the feeling they are an extension of the Sony PR machine.

As we say here in Texas, "Some folks would complain if they were gonna be hung with a new rope."

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This photograph is a two dimensional representation of a three dimensional object. It isn't 'real', it is a representation of reality. What's the big deal ?

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On article Preview: Canon PowerShot G1 X large sensor zoom compact (775 comments in total)

And still no GPS . Thats a real deal breaker for travelers like me.

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Hey Officer Krupkey, Krup You !

Leonard Bernstein, West Side Story

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