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And not to forget the brilliant an small Yashica T4/T5 with Zeiss Tessar from the early '90ies. I remember I was torn between the Mju (also called Mju in Europe) and the T4. I finally choosed the T4 and later upgraded to T5 (T4 Super) that had a built in vertical finder in addition to the std horisontal finder

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Dvlee: I'm finally getting rid of my olf XP machine now that Microsoft, Google and others have ended support for the ole XP platform. Of course the new computer I buy will be running Windows 10.

With regards to NIK, I'll be going from an old platform that this current version isn't comapatable with, to a brand new state of the art platform that this new version isn't compatable with!

It doesn't make sense to not make this compatable with Windows 10.

Time to take another look at Topaz.

Works brilliantly on my old (2008) pc with Core2Duo E8500 cpu and Win10 installed.
Win10 also works like a charm on this old setup :)

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God jul from Norway🎅🎄

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ruhell: And still no optic module for Samyang 14 f2.8 for Canon, nor Nokia Lumia 1520

That's right, there is no lens info in the EXIF since there is no chip on the Canon version. It's too bad that one can not manually apply a lens profile to pictures, at least to get the distortions corrected. The profiles are there for Nikon cameras so I downloaded D750 (the module has to be in connection to a camera)with the Samyang 14 profile, but no way to apply it to a picture with a different EXIF info - bummer. Not the most clever or forward thinking design of a piece of software.
So I just bought PT Lens to do my Samyang 14 correction. Interesting how a small softwarecompany easily does something a fairly large company can't do...

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And still no optic module for Samyang 14 f2.8 for Canon, nor Nokia Lumia 1520

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ozturert: Why do people spend so much to get weird bokeh and/or imaqe quality? Paying 1700$ for a 150$ lens (well, 50$ actually) makes you happy?

What is bad, pleasing, ugly, smooth or booring bokeh? Different subjects might need different types of bokeh to be interesting. Luckily we all have different taste, otherwise it would be booring.

Still, 1700$ seems very steep for a simple lens...

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Roland Karlsson: For around $300 you can get a 100 mm F2.8 trioplan on eBay. It has Exakta mount though, or maybe (but I am not sure) an M42 mount. The latter is rare, if it really exists. For much less than $1400 I assume you can fix an adapter for Exakta somehow.

In light of this - it seems like $500 might be a reasonable price.

M42 exist, I have it, but It's more expensive than the exacta mount

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HowaboutRAW: Okay, lots of layer work.

But except the fact that I've never been to Iceland what's really special about this photo, except the cold dry feet?

And if there's a choice and one is shooting colour, why on earth use a Sony A7R? Not a great high ISO body, so one can't push the f-stop slower and still maintain decent shutter speeds, likely compressed raws, so not the best available colour. Albeit right, this may have been the body on hand. And maybe the image was destined to be a big poster.

In some ways the Lorenzo Riva image is more interesting. Sure seems more real and alive. I wonder how much post processing Riva did?

And not to forget Ole Salomonsen with his powerful Aurora pictures, mostly from the northern parts of Norway

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and it feels like the highlight recovery has improved a lot :)

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