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MikeFairbanks: While I would never mock the death of anyone, I'm surprised people are using the word "tragedy" in the comments section. A little toddler who doesn't understand heights and accidentally falls from a window is a tragedy.

This was just a stunt gone wrong. I hope nobody on the ground saw the result of this. THAT would be a tragedy.

Well, I read somewhere else that he "only" fell 15meters, down to a roof and was found sometime later

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Upgraded from DxO Optic Elite v10 till Photolab1 right now (69Euro), definately the best DxO version I've had for my 6D. Local adjustments are great, but needs some getting used to. Looks kind of like Viveza, but not quite
Happy so far :)

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And Samsung S7 & S8, how do they score?

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MattWPBS: Needs more SnapSeed.

Jepp. Snapseed i brilliant for phone editing and may also correct skewed buildings

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Great if You're using iOS

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barrym1966: Will stick with my Asus zenphone max, yes the camera isn't great but I didn't buy a phone to use it as a camera..

Sorry, but there is basically no delay on my S7 when pressing the shutterelease. Of course if the flash is on there might be 0.5sec or so delay, otherwise none

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I got the Dimage 2300 as my fist digital camera.
Luckily I keept shooting with my Canon F1n, EOS-50e and the brilliant small and compact Yashica T4-Super 'cause the Dimage pictures vere pure crap with basically "no" dynamic range. I kept slides (Velvia) in the F1, and negatives in the two others. In retrospect I'd wish I used the Yashica instead of the Minolta. The filmscans on cd some labs gave in addition to the papercopies absolutely outperformed the Dimage pictures. Then again it was nice to have an immediate look at how the picture I just took turned out.
Today I'm all digital with some unused rolls of severely expired Velvia in the freezer :)

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AstroStan: I wonder if they have finally addressed the issue of clogged ink lines that has affected their printers from the $50 all-in-one to the top-of-the-line photo printers. If an Epson is not used for a few weeks then I find it is necessary to waste time and ink running out the lines. My Canon photo printer can sit idle for months without any such problem.

As far as I remember Epson touted that the 4900 had a new coating that should 'eliminate' clogs. If You search the web the 4900 comes up as the ultimate clog machine, as is mine. I guess half my ink goes into the maintenance tank for cleaning. If You print daily/weekly in a humid climate You're probably fine

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Indohydra: Not clear what the difference is between this 17"printer and the P800 other than a different set of inks, and 10 rather than 8 colors. Significant discounts on the older printers.
Has anyone experienced significant problems with the older printers?

Clogged nozzles !!!!

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pieranti: stunning video, congratulations DPreview !

From some days ago...

Congrats to Imaging Resource too..

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Canon AE-1, 1982

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Stollen1234: its sad to watch how the quality and artistic quality of the photos is declining..
the winner is not my choice ..i hope next year to see some better shots

Maybe You should participate next year? ;)

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Mostly amazing photos, and the starling - brilliant :)

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Julian: In Sweden we have a law that means that you cannot have a CCTV camera out in public for security reasons without signs clearly indicating this, or without getting consent, and the court in this case appears to have decided that a drone is equivalent to a fixed CCTV, which is truly bizzarre.
The permit isnt just any old permit, it must mean that you have permission from the individuals you will film to film them... Welcome to Sweden!

He said CCTV camera, not a normal camera...

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FLruckas: I'd rather not see this image on DPR or anywhere.
It is too disturbing.
I've seen it too many times.
The absolute despair and horror detected here is really just too much.
I don't need to see it 100 times to be motivated to make a difference in the world.

As a sidenote. Aftenposten didn't start this, they just brought FB sensorship public.
A Norwegian journalist, Tom Egeland, posted this picture together with several other disturbing war pictures to start a debate about this type of pictures. The morning after the posting only this picture was removed by nude sensitive FB.

The one with a vietnamese police officer (?) public killing of a man with a headshot the moment the trigger was pulled was obviously ok, as was a dead boy on a Mediterrainian beach, a bloody grenade shoocked Syrian boy in a chair was ok as well, as was a hungry black boy with a vulture behind.

None should have been sensored in the first place

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dash2k8: Is that first photo of the killer whale for real!?!

Check out his other fantastic pictures at his site

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I got my first digital in the early 2000's. A Minolta Dimage 2300, completely crap. Luckily I used my old film cameras alongside so at least I have some sharp pictures from that time with gradations and dynamic range. Then in 2004 a Fuji F810 (broke the lens when it extended in my pocket due to the stupid placement of the pwr switch), next Fuji F10 (still work), Canon G9.....

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On1 Photo deserve a place on this list

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Catalin Stavaru: Too bad the review does not mention the atrocious vignetting due to using a sensor with DSLR long flange distance oriented microlenses in a mirrorless camera. Look at the EF-M 15-45 lens review of photozone [dot] de for a mention on this. They also say the sensor has a real problem with this.

I had the M3 and sold it because of the very heavy vignetting, which appears with the 18-55mm lens from 18 until like 25mm, and with the 22mm lens also.

If you look at the pictures in this review, especially the wider angle ones, the sky is green in the corners instead of being blue, due to this effect. And overall the color rendition is very poor, probably due to trying to compensate for the mismatched sensor optics for the short flange distance.

Basically I consider this a camera with a very serious hardware flaw.

Yes, is a very good place for reviews of optics

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